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Each place has a lot of privileges on Turkey’s tourism has a different beauty. The coastal beaches are becoming an important center with their sun and natural wonder. It has a colorful background because it hosts many cultures over the years. When it comes to religion, Biblical Tourism is one of the most attractive places. There are important places where Christians visit historical structures which stated in the old holy books and visit for performing the pilgrimage. The fact that the leading names of Christianity are born within these borders and lived within these lands makes this place more important.

For Christians and people who are interested in Christian history and tradition, the western sides of Turkey are significantly important. Turkey, known as Asia Minor, has taken part in important roles for Christians throughout history. St Paul, who has a church in Mersin, has traveled to the Aegean region many times throughout his life.   Also, the House of Virgin Mary, once considered the house where Mary lived last moments of her life, is located in this region. In general, structures in Ephesus and around has important meanings for Christians. With Biblical tours, you can stroll through these important sights and learn the lives of important people who have lived before.

Biblical Tours can be organized almost every year. Some of these are handled in the day and some may extend to more days. In fact, these tours are generally shaped according to your time. 1-day tour in the western part of Turkey you can visit important sites for Christianity in Ephesus and its around. If you want to visit the places in western Turkey for about 2 or more days, then the ancient city of Pergamon, Laodicea, Pamukkale – Hierapolis will be your places. These tours are shaped according to your time allows you to see various places in Turkey with Biblical Tours Package.

The attraction for visitors with little time to visit the western part of Turkey will be the best-preserved sites. There are many companies that organize tours to Selçuk and Kuşadası. In the tour, you will find a professional tour guide. You will explore nature with guides who know the history of the region very well.

Not only western Turkey, but there are also works of the early Christian period in many points. You can see important buildings from the Marmara Region to Eastern Anatolia Region. Even if you visit the buildings in Istanbul, it will be enough for you to have very pleasant moments. Visiting places in the Bible and listening to them from professional tour guides will allow you to experience spiritual feelings throughout the Biblical Tour. Step by step to explore and ask questions to guide, you can have almost all the information you wonder.