Horse Riding in Cappadocia

Horseback safari is one of the best activities to do in Cappadocia. It doesn’t matter what your experience level is. Firstly we teach you the basic rules of riding, after that you can start exploring Cappadocia.

  • Well trained horses and experienced local horse ride guides
  • Explore the valleys on horseback
  • Choose the time, sunset or sunrise
  • Ride horse between unique fairy chimneys
  • Escape from the crowds of tourst by horse riding in Cappadocia.

Suggested times: Early morning, late afternoon, sunset.

Duration: 2 Hours
Tour Type: Regular
Departure Days: Eveyday
Starting Place: Anytime
Ending Place: Anytime
Transportation: Bus


Our staff will come to your hotel according to availability. They will pick you up and transfer to the riding area. (Riding areas are mostly Red or Rose Valleys.)

Our teachers will give you a quick lesson about how to ride a hose. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or professional rider. After the lesson, you will able to ride the horse.

We suggest you join this tour in the early morning or late afternoon or sunset times. Please let us know about the period you want to join. You can book 2-hours horseback riding on this page but, if you want to join four or seven hours riding program, please let us know.

Do not forget the send us which riding level are you. Please note that riding area is changeable according to weather conditions or your riding experience.


  • Hotel pick up and drop off in Goreme
  • Transportation
  • Horse riding
  • Personal Expenses


15 reviews for Cappadocia Horseback Riding Safari
  1. Jennifer

    Fun horse riding safari tour, highly recommend in Cappadocia. I did a horse safari tour in the Cappadocia region. All the horses of the company were all in good condition, and that’s a fun way to get around the valleys to various lookouts. Recep was a really good leader. We felt very safe throughout them, knowing that he was looking over his shoulder constantly, and he took some amazing photos of us on the horse.

  2. Barbara

    The highlight of an amazing trip!!! If you go to Cappadocia at a time in your life, you have to experience horseback riding through the valley. Once in a lifetime type of amazing views! A real highlight to an already fabulous trip. We went on at the end of our daily tour and found it the perfect way to end the day. The activity instructors were helpful and encouraging of everyone. Being a complete beginner and it being the first time horse riding a horse, we felt so comfortable due to the instructors. Definitely recommend this horseback riding in Capadokia.

  3. Sean

    A trip to wonderland in Turkey. My experience was absolutely spectacular! It was snowing a little bit in Cappadocia which made the ride even more special and Hanifi was just an amazing guide.

  4. Charles

    A wonderful experience. Must do while in Cappadocia town. Very well organized tour with pick up and drop off. Also, the staff is amazing. We had a magical afternoon riding through areas of the valleys. The views of the area are breathtaking, especially late in the afternoon. The staff riding with our group took very good care of our group and made the experience even more memorable. If you want to do something different and special while in Cappadocia town, hire this company. You won’t regret it.

  5. Austin

    It was a wonderful experience riding the horse here. My girlfriend and I went in Feb and were quite nervous that it will be too cold for the horses or for us, however, the day was a beautiful and sunny day, so it was actually quite warm during the tour. We started at 12 am and did a 2 hours tour. We have read some reviews about how some people felt the 2 hour tours were too long or scary, our local tour leader was very proficient in guiding us and keeping us safe. We never once felt like we were in danger. As you know that the horses usually have better instincts than humans and will place their footing securely. My horse was rather mischievous and sometimes lazy on the way. He’d stop mid-walk and nibble on some grass or just not move at all, that was actually quite funny and endearing for me. During the trip, the tour leader also brought along two dogs, probably to scare off any animals that might spook the horses and kept us all very safe. This is a small ranch, but we totally enjoyed ourselves. Thank you so much!

  6. Isanella

    The sunset horseback riding was amazing! Going into the valley and seeing all of the old cave houses and churches was amazing in Cappadocia. The views are unreal like dream and it was a great experience. It’s a 10 to 10 experience.

  7. Matthew

    Amazing a horse riding through the Capadokia national park. Definitely worth it. I really enjoyed the horseback ride and amazing sites. The horse was really easy to ride and not temperamental. The Tource’s agent Mr. Tuna confirmed all bookings and times via whatsapp which made communication easy.

  8. Paul

    Wonderful 2 hours with horseback riding tour in a lovely country. it was a wonderful experience for us! Riding horse 2 hours around Cappadocia and the sunset view in Cappadocia is just beautiful! Unforgettable excursion for us.

  9. Charmay

    Lovely little horse ranch in Cappadocia. We had a really good time on the horse riding tour, from pick up from hotel to drop off, no problem at any point. The horses were very nice and calm, guides very friendly and open to conversation. Definitely, something to recommend as a must-do to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Cappadocia.

  10. Isabelle

    Well-organized and highly enjoyable! The whole excursion activity from pick-up to drop off was well-organized. Cappadocia is lovely to experience on horseback and the guides were patient to teach first-time horseback riders. The whole activity takes 2-hour but with ample time for rest and photos. Highly recommended!

  11. Hriti

    Sunset horseback riding tour through the valleys of Cappadocia is a great excursion!! Great ride through the valley and sunset was stunning. The trail was steep at times and it was also a little dusty. Strongly suggested wearing a mask, bandana, or other face covering. Also, it is a sunset ride. We went in late fall. It gets cold quickly when the sunsets. Dress well for that! The local guides were amazing. They helped everyone the entire horse ride! Also, note that during some of the steep parts of the ride your horses may go fast without warning. I had enough experience to rein because had joined the horse ride in Kusadasi before.

  12. Kyung & Young

    Best sunset horseback riding tour. This is an awesome route with breathtaking views. We wish we’d have got some info about the area and had some more time to take proper photos of the sunset. But super recommend that the path is really amazing.

  13. Carilla

    The highlight of an amazing trip… if you travel to Cappadocia, you have to experience horseback riding through the valley. Once a lifetime type of view a real highlight to an already amazing tour. We went on the last day of our trip and found it the perfect way to end the tour. The instructors were helpful and encouraging of everyone on the trip. Being a complete beginner and it being the first time riding a horse, I felt very comfortable due to the instructor. Definitely recommend that.

  14. Mitchell

    An experience not to miss in the Cappadocia region. The horse ride was so much fun, for beginner riders, the right safety measures were well kept. The tour was very busy and all the horses were full of our travel date. We had two leaders, one ahead and one behind us to make sure everyone is in line and safe. The view was mind-blowing. The services were perfect, we booked online as a part of our 3 days Cappadocia tour package, picked us up from the hotels, and dropped us back. The horses were good so it all went well.

  15. Chew

    One of the best experiences in life… An amazing and a bit scary at the same time. The horses were very gentle. The scary part was you are climbing up to very high parts of the mountains. It is breathtaking. Knowing how to ride, I felted safe. But my friend will never ride a horse up a mountain or through a valley again 🙂 Because she was not knowing how to ride. I will never forget this experience!!! It’s a must to do! Loved it.

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