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Göbeklitepe day tour from Istanbul
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Göbeklitepe the oldest known monumental temple of the world which was built in 12.000 years ago. It is 7.500 years older than pyramids in Egypt and 7.000 years than Stonehenge. It will make you think again the history of humanity, change your knowledge about religions, reconsider about resident life. The simplest words, it is one of the first locations that humanity began.

Göbeklitepe is considered as one of the biggest archaeological discovery in the world.

Gobeklitepe Tours

04:00 am ─ Our staff will come to your hotel in Istanbul for transfer you to the airport. (Pick-up time is changeable according to the availability.)
You will be transferred to the airport.
07:35 am ─ Fly from Istanbul to Şanlıurfa Gap Airport. (Flight time is changeable)
09:35 am ─ Arrival at Şanlıurfa Gap Airport.
Upon your arrival at the airport, you will be transferred to Göbeklitepe. Then, the Göbeklitepe tour starts.

  1. Göbeklitepe: Archaeologically, categorised as a site of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic A Period (BC 9.600–7.300). There are totally 20 temples (6 of them are uncovered for now, still counting). It shows us, it is the first temple in the world. It has been perfectly preserved to date.
  2. Şanlıurfa Archaeology and Mosaic Museum is the biggest museum in Turkey. There are more than 5.000 pieces from the land where humanity born. And also, the first statue in the world “Urfa Man” exhibits in the museum.
  3. The pool of Abraham is 150 meters long and 30 meters wide. There are carp fishes inside of the pool and they are not eaten by the local people. According to the legends, Nemrut’s daughter Zeliha jumped to the fire when prophet Abraham was thrown. And the area turned to the lake.

17:00 pm ─ Our Göbeklitepe tour from Istanbul is ended.
You will be transferred to the airport in Şanlıurfa.
20:00 pm ─ Flying to Istanbul from Şanlıurfa. (Flight time is changeable)
22:15 pm ─ Arrival at the airport in Istanbul.
Upon your arrival at the airport, you will be welcomed by your name sign and transfer to your hotel in Istanbul.

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3 reviews for Göbeklitepe Day Tour from Istanbul
  1. Emma

    it was very nice to visit the Gobeklitepe which are the world’s first temple and the agricultural establishment 10,000 BC and 12,000 years before today. The museum is great, the short films and location are very informative. An important archaeological site. The Gobeklitepe site is very well organized with a boardwalk and other travelers’ facilities. The actual archaeological site is very good presented with protective roofing and a boardwalk that allows visitors to walk all around. Intriguing and great place, this is where life began after the big floods and agriculture spread the planet from here. if you are in Turkey and if you have the time it is a must-see. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable about Gobelitepe and around Sanliurfa. Thank you very much.

  2. Kevin

    I was always curious about Gobeklitepe. But I could not find a company that made a tour here. I am very lucky to have found you on the advice of my friend. This daily tour my highlight of Turkey vacation. Gobeklitepe is the location of an over 12000 years old gathering place of humans which has changed the entire concept of what and why human beings did what we know back then. The museum buildings and the audiovisual effects within those buildings are very well done and the actual site of the digs is even more fascinating and the view from atop the small hills is beautiful in Sanliurfa. I will come and stay longer in Sanliurfa and explore around Gobeklitepe, Sanliurfa city, and Harran. Don’t leave without a visit to Gobeklitepe when in Turkey. Thank you guys for organizing the best tour for me.

  3. Soyune

    Best tour to Gobeklitepe from Istanbul. We have traveled to Sanliurfa in South-Eastern Turkey with ToursCE tourism to visiting the Gobeklitepe. We have been on our tailor-made tour program organized by Zehra. The program covered what we need in a short time for 2 days and 1 night. We had the opportunity to understand the historical and cultural heritage dating back to 10,000 BC from two expert archaeologist-guides, interact with the locals, taste the delicious local food, and shop authentic products. Beehive houses of Harran are so unique for us. Every detail of the trip was very well arranged and professional. we have returned with great memories. Thank you ToursCE Travel!

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