New Year Party at Gar Restaurant

New Year Party at Gar Music Hall Restaurant

Gar Casinos which was opened in 1965 has become a favorite place of Turkey’s famous artists took the stage. The Casino is an essential place for nightlife and offers unique activities. It is a place where the best soloists sing, and it is known as one of the most famous places in Turkey.

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Duration: 5 Hours
Tour Type: Regular
Departure Days: NYE
Start: 21:00
End: 02:00


  • Party Program
  • 3 different oriental show
  • 4 folk group
  • 2 Anatolian folk dancers
  • 1 caucasian folk dancer
  • 1 Ashuk and Mashuk show
  • Dj and entertainment atmosphere
  • Dinner Menu
  • 10 Type Cold Mezes
  • 4 types of intermediate hot meal
  • Season salad
  • Roast Stuffed turkey with chestnuts
  • Mixed fruit plate

New Year’s party in Turkey will be waiting for you at Gar Casinos with entertaining moments. Friendly waiters will make you feel comfortable in the place. After having been greeted at the door of the casino, the people who lead you to your tables are the indicators that they are representative of quality service from the first minute.

Gar Restaurant on the Map

You will never feel alone in the atmosphere that is specially prepared for the New Year’s Eve. The seats close to the stage are really great. Here you can see famous people closely, and you will get excited thanks to DJ performances.

There are many activities in this place such as belly dancers and folk dance show. You can get excited and have more fun with their unique style.

On the stage where oriental figures are performed, there are candles and fire shows that will surprise you. These activities, which are just a few of the many activities organized for New Year’s Eve, will give you a great visual feast. Singing in different languages will make you feel like you are in your own home. You will be able to dance with your loved ones. The fact that you will have free time to dance with your loved one and over-enthusiastically performances of DJs towards the end of the night will allow you to witness the minutes that will not be forgotten.

Gar Casino with great shows is very affordable. The food and drink menu for New Year’s Eve is prepared to live the last minutes of the year in a special way. In short, years of experience has made it a perfect place for New Year’s Eve.

Traditional Music & Dance evening – Istanbul

You may want to end the last night of the year in a perfect place after visiting the beauties, historical buildings and shopping areas of Istanbul all day long. The visit of the majestic buildings during the day will attract you with the lighting system of these buildings at night. You will feel that ending the New Year in Istanbul will be a tradition. The evening meal in one of Turkey’s most essential venues, while continuing to enjoy the live music you will be happy. You can leave behind the old year with professional dance groups, Belly Dancers and Musicians in Gar Music Hall Restaurant New Year Party. If you want to witness unforgettable moments on the night of December 31, Gar Casino is the best choice.

New Year Party in Istanbul & Turkish Night Show

It is good to end the night with the dishes presented by the master chefs who make traditional dishes of Turkish cuisine. Especially if it will be added to the music and dance show, the moment turns into an indispensable place. The oriental group dancing with visual feasts will excite you and you will be in love with this place by seeing the Anatolian traditions thanks to the party that has become a joy with Turkish musical instruments. As we mentioned above, Gar Casinos has gathered the experiences of years, and become the favorite place on the last night of the year.

Briefly, Gar Casino; have years of experience, professional dance team, delicious dishes, traditional Turkish instruments, and quality services with care to their customers. You can go up to the top of the party at the party organized specially for New Year’s Eve.


  • Dinner
  • Unlimited local alcoholic and soft drinks
  • DJ Music
  • Belly Dancers' Show
  • Folk Dances
  • Import Drinks
  • Tips (not necessary)
  • Pick up and Drop off (self come)


There are no pick up service for the restaurant. If you want to book a private transfer, please feel free to contact us.


  1. J.S Phunfung

    It was our last night in Istanbul and it turned out to be a wonderful evening for us. The atmosphere of the place was very nice, the performance was superb, the food was very delicious. We mostly mostly enjoyed the belly dance show and one of our friends tried dancing with her as well ;). It was so entertaining. I recommend everyone to have this experience at least once when they are in Turkey.

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