Hot Air Balloon Tour in Pamukkale

Hot Air Balloon Flights in Pamukkale

Pamukkale is a touristic area located in Turkey, Denizli. The region has many historical and natural beauties. It is known that many local and foreign tourists visit the region every year.

One of the most enjoyable activities in Pamukkale is the balloon trip. Balloon trips provide a bird’s-eye view of the whole area. It also gives you a unique flight experience in the sky. With the name of Pamukkale hot air balloon flight, we have prepared a safe and enjoyable balloon tour organization.

Duration: 1 Hour
Tour Type: Regular
Departure Days: Everyday
Start: 05:00
End: 07:00
Transportation: Bus


04:30 am ─ ToursCE travel team will come to your hotel.
You will be transferred to the flight area.
 Preparation of the balloons takes about 15-20 minutes. When the balloon ready, your flight starts with the getting the basket.
 You will have one hour in the air. You can watch the beautiful landscape of Pamukkale. Don’t forget to take pictures!
After 1 hour flight, you will be transferred to your hotels.

  • Pamukkale is an heir of natural beauty. For example, the structures known as Pamukkale Traventines, are considered as a reflection of the history of nature. There are also many historical sites in the region. For example, the ancient city of Herakleia and the ancient city of Laodikeia are some of these areas.
  • Thanks to its natural and historical beauties, Pamukkale has a very fascinating view. By participating in our hot air balloon tour, you will be able to watch this whole area in a bird’s eye view.
  • You will not need to pay an extra fee for your trip to the area where the balloon tour will be held.
  • The balloon tour lasts approximately 1 hour. You can enjoy the views of Pamukkale from the balloons of approximately 10 to 28 people for an hour. Don’t forget to take pictures!
  • The balloon tour is generally carried out in the early hours. In this way, you have a great activity without having to split your day and you will have the chance to watch the sunrise from the balloon.

However, whatever the purpose, you can purchase the standard balloon flight package and you can benefit from this service with high quality and campaign prices. Passenger numbers in the basket are reduced numbers so that our customers can move easily.

Standard balloon flights use 20 + 1, 24 + 1, 28 + 1 person baskets. This flight will have a maximum of 21, 25, 29 people with the pilot. Depending on the number of passengers for standard flights, if we have the chance to fly with small baskets, you can also fly with fewer people in small baskets. It is according to daily reservations and the reservations are changing every second. Because the balloons are full of high demand. Our advice is to make your reservation early. Standard flights in the Pamukkale region are generally made with large baskets. You can buy a package for a standard hot air balloon flight in Pamukkale and taste this unique experience with your loved ones.


  • Pick up and drop off From/To Hotel in Pamukkale.
  • 1 Hour Balloon flight in the air.
  • Champagne service after the flight
  • Commemorative flight certificate, your name is written on.
  • Full passenger insurance.
  • Service charge & government taxes.
  • Personal Expenses
  • Meal


  • Please note that given times are changeable according to your hotel location or weather conditions. According to the wind, rising location can be changed.
  • Children aged 0-6 are not permitted to fly. Because the flight lasts an hour, children will not be able to fly their children due to dangerous movements that will disrupt the flight in the air, which will disturb the passengers in the vicinity, and sudden winds that may occur during the final landing.
  • If the flight is cancelled due to bad weather conditions, and you have already paid, we will either refund you in full, or we will book you for the following day provided you have the time and we have the availability.
  • Pregnant women definitely can’t fly. It does not allow agents, company officials and pilots to fly because it is considered dangerous during boarding and landing, and considering the possibility of sudden air changes resulting in hard landings.
  • You are kindly requested to present your self at the pickup point 15 minutes prior to the pre-advised pickup time.


  1. Joseph

    We recently had the pleasure of taking a hot air balloon tour in Pamukkale, and it was an experience that I will never forget. From start to finish, the entire experience was well-organized, professional, and simply magical. The adventure began early in the morning when we were picked up from our hotel and transported to the launch site. The team was friendly and professional, and they made us feel completely at ease before we set off. As we rose into the sky, the view of the stunning terraced hot springs and beautiful travertine formations spread out beneath us was nothing short of breathtaking. The pilot expertly navigated the balloon, giving us a smooth and gentle ride that allowed us to take in the stunning views in complete comfort. As we soared above the unique landscape of Pamukkale, the sunrise painted the sky with vibrant colors, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. The flight lasted around an hour, and as we landed, we were greeted with a traditional champagne toast and a certificate to commemorate our experience. The entire experience was truly unforgettable, and I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Pamukkale. Overall, the hot air balloon tour in Pamukkale was an incredible experience that I will always remember. From the stunning views to the professional crew, everything was perfect, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you are ever in Pamukkale, this is an experience not to be missed.

  2. Braxton

    We met Tuna online. He is an experienced travel agent, who helped us to organize the paragliding and balloon tours. I strongly recommend his company as the best in Turkey to book activities and excursions. Thank you a lot!

  3. Tony

    Just do it! Worth each penny. Amazing view of Pamukkale and it’s unique and amazing to see the park from the sky.

  4. Lee

    Amazing experience with the balloon ride in the Pamukkale region. The Pamukkale view was incredible and a unique feeling. Erkan was very prestative and helped us with the balloon ride experience and visit the Pammukale & Hierapolis. That was a great trip! I certainly recommend the company.

  5. Donna

    Amazing hot air balloon flight in Pamukkale. We did the gorgeous excursions around the Aegean coast/advice Pamukkale balloon ride and we would highly recommend it. We were torn between wanting to watch the hot air balloons rise in the sky from land and take a ride but it was 100% worth that. Friendly ground crew and air balloon pilot, amazing views, safe, and an unforgettable experience. We know the initial cost is a lot but make sure to always bring little cash to tip the ground crew, they work really hard to keep you safe and having a good time in Pamukkale.

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