Troy Ancient City

Troy (Troya or Toria) is mentioned in Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey epics. And today, one of the most important cities in the history is located near Tevfikiye Village in Çanakkale. Troy Ancient City The ancient city of Troy can be considered as nine historical stages. It has been destroyed by natural disasters nine times during its existence. For this reason, …

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Chunuk Bair

Chunuk Bair / Gallipoli

The article contains places the Chunuk Bair Monuments and Chunuk Bair Battlefields, watchtower of Atatürk and the place where Atatürk was shot from his watch. We have compiled the situation and importance of Chunuk Bair in this post during the Battle of Gallipoli. The name of the hill where is located on the western coast of the Gallipoli Peninsula, between …

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Anzac Cove

Anzac Cove / Gallipoli

The allied armada, which was defeated on March 18, caused a great shock to its allied forces. Because they so ensure that they would take the strait. When the English secretary of the navy Winston Churchill heard the news of a few Turkish bastions were destroyed as a result of the attacks of the allied armadas before the March 18th …

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Assos Ancient City

Assos Ancient City The history of the Assos Ancient City was based on the 6th century BC. Once upon a time, the city turned its face to the sea and descended to the sea with terraces. After the settlement of the Ottomans developed in the opposite direction and Behramkale Village showed up. The city was set on a volcanic hill, …

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