Hot Air Balloon Tour in Cappadocia

Look at the usual world from the sky, or say “Can I touch it?” over the clouds? With our deluxe hot air balloon flight, you will feel Cappadocia in deep.

  • 16 person basket.
  • Transfer from/to hotel for taking off point.
  • Small basket for your comfort.
  • Stay longer on air to see more.
  • Enjoy watching how balloons are prepared for the ride.
  • Get a chance to closely look at the incredible rock formations.
  • Get a flight certificate to remember your Deluxe Balloon trip.
  • Celebrate the balloon ride in Cappadocia with a nonalcoholic toast after the ride.
Duration: 1 Hour
Tour Type: Regular
Departure Days: Everyday
Start: 05:00
End: 08:00
Transportation: Bus


The Cappadocia balloon tour will be one of the most beautiful adventures you will ever experience. You will listen to the fairy tale of the land of beautiful horses from the wind. If you want to celebrate a special day or a romantic marriage proposal, or if you want to feel a special moment to feel very special in Cappadocia, a balloon tour is waiting for you, the freedom in Cappadocia.

04:30 am – 06:00 am: You will be picked up from your hotels in Cappadocia.
You will be transferred to the flight point of the hot air balloon tour.
You will have a 1-hour flight.
When the flight is over, you will be transferred back to your hotels in Cappadocia around 08:00 am.

Hot Air Balloon Flight

Let us remind you that those who want to see the unique texture of Cappadocia from the sky need to set the hours before the sunrise. Because the balloons are hot air balloons and the tour cannot be made as the air gets warmer. In Cappadocia, the balloon companies offer breakfast before taking their flight to their guests from where they were staying early in the morning. The balloon is slowly inflated and ready for flight while the breakfast is going on. Pilots provide information on the flight for safety. Then you’re getting into the gondola of the balloon and rising into the sky!
Steering wheel, wheelless imagination vehicles, the wind is listening to the words of the route is determined. So every flight is different from the other, each route is independent of the other because of the wind. “Do not compare to aeroplanes, compare with the wind”. The heights range from 1000 to 1500 feet. In other words, balloons can rise up to 900 meters. For an average of one and a half hours, the valleys welcome the sun’s rays, the separation of the rays of the wave, the camel-like fairy chimney, Three Beauties, the stone houses spread over the slopes will increase the rhythm of the heart, but in the best part of your mind, you take a picture of your memory.

Perhaps at the end of your Cappadocia balloon tour, you never want to end, you will usually be expecting a celebration. It can be a bottle of champagne made from the region’s grapes or a medal, or a flight certificate.


  • Pick up and drop off From/To Hotel in Cappadocia
  • Light breakfast before the flight.
  • 1.5 Hour Balloon flight time in the air.
  • Upon landing champagne toast service.
  • Commemorative flight certificate, your name is written on.
  • Full passenger insurance.
  • Service charge & government taxes.
  • Personal Expenses


Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Flight
Cappadocia hot air balloon flight is the best activity to do in Cappadocia. Book a hot air balloon flight with the best price guarantee.


  • Please note that given times are changeable according to your hotel location or weather conditions. According to the wind, the rising location can be changed.
  • Children aged 0-6 are not permitted to fly. Because the flight lasts an hour, children will not be able to fly their children due to dangerous movements that will disrupt the flight in the air, which will disturb the passengers in the vicinity, and sudden winds that may occur during the final landing.
  • If the flight is cancelled due to bad weather conditions, and you have already paid, we will either refund you in full, or we will book you for the following day provided you have the time and we have the availability.
  • Pregnant women definitely can’t fly. It does not allow agents, company officials and pilots to fly because it is considered dangerous during boarding and landing, and considering the possibility of sudden air changes resulting in hard landings.
  • You are kindly requested to present yourself at the pickup point 15 minutes prior to the pre-advised pickup time.


  1. Philip

    That was whimsical because I’ve always been scared of heights. Mustering all my courage to go on the hot air balloon ride was one of the best decisions. You feel like a kid again mesmerized by all those colorful air balloons around, above, and below you. The best way to see the almost magical landscape of the Cappadocia region.

  2. Salwana

    Our first hot air balloon ride was in the Cappadocia region, Turkey. We were up early for this hot air balloon and after our orientation, we watched our balloons filled for our journey. Awesome Cappadocia view from the air. Lots of fun with lots of balloons.

  3. Samaneh

    Discover the beauty of the Cappadocia area by hot air balloons. I and my family had a really great experience with a hot air balloon ride. We had an amazing air balloon pilot, find out that, when they tell you to get on the air balloon basket, be the last ones to get in, cause you will get the best view. If you are planning to go to Cappadocia the hot air balloon trip is definitely the best show of all, amazing!!. You can book the balloon tour with travel team and they can add it as a part of your tour program. Do not forget to ask it.

  4. Bedya

    The most incredible experience of Cappadocia, stunning views of mother nature’s power. It has been a long-held wish of mine to visit the awe-inspiring Cappadocia area. I was certainly not disappointed it was mind-blowing to see how mother nature had designed these wonderful sights. The hot air balloon ride was the best experience ever. Joined with hundreds of balloons in the sky, creating the most magical sunrise experience. The gentle pilot landing of the balloon perfectly on the back of a trailer was an amazing feat of pilot skill. We were so lucky that the weather was so good on that day, the following few days the wind was not favorable and all air balloon rides were canceled making the experience for us even more of wonderful memory and blessing. It is the greatest activity in our life. Highly recommend.

  5. Peter

    Amazing experience… We got picked up from our hotel by the Toursce balloon team at 445 am a super early start but with the chance of catching the sunrise, well worth to do it. The driver picked us up right outside the hotel and we made our way around a few other hotels in the hotel town to collect other passengers in a very clean, very nice vehicle. Once we arrived at the office had around 30 mins to get some light breakfast. Initially, we were told we would make our way at 530 am but due to the weather conditions we got delayed by an hour. we missed the sunrise in the balloon but there are very strict aviation rules for all the balloons so completely understandable. We made our way to the air balloon where we met our pilot, who had 18 years of experience, and we pilled into the basket. We flew around catching some once in a lifetime breathtaking views for around 1 hour 05 mins. After the balloon flight, we had a relatively soft landing then we toasted with some champagne before being collected and dropped off back at our hotel. Great service by all involved and truly something you must-do if you are visiting the Cappadocia. This would have been 10 stars but we felt the price was quite high, although we felt the company was extremely professional and very well organized that was definitely an indulgence with how much it cost. if you’re in Turkey and plan to go to Cappadocia and can afford it I would highly recommend booking with ToursCE hot air balloons and booking the sunrise balloon flight. Truly amazing.

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