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Cappadocia is a region which has a very important historical value. Due to its location in Anatolia, the region has become an area of cultural values and activities of Anatolia. Therefore, the visit to Cappadocia also means a visit to Anatolia. Perhaps one of the most authentic events in Cappadocia is Whirling Dervishes. This activity is a ceremony that performs a religious ritual that reflects the Muslim Sufism.

Available hours (between): 18:00 in the winter season. 21:00 in the summer season.

Cappadocia Whirling Dervishes Ceremony
  • 1 Hour
  • Regular
  • Eveyday
  • 21:00
  • 22:00
  • Bus

Whirling Dervishes in Cappadocia

We will pick you up from your hotels around 20:00 (for the summer season). You will be transferred to the restaurant. At the end of the program (21:00), you will be transferred back to your hotels.

Thanks to our Whirling Dervishes in Cappadocia organization, you will get a unique experience by easily participating in the most comprehensive and cultural Whirling Dervishes in Cappadocia.

  • Whirling Dervishes activities in Cappadocia, Turkey is carried out continuously in various regions. If you visit Cappadocia in the summer, you can take part in the event from 6 pm. In winter, such events begin at 9 o’clock in the evening.
  • According to our own schedule, we will pick you up at around 8 pm to take you to Whirling Dervishes in Cappadocia, which takes place between 9 and 10 am. You don’t have to pay any fees for this.
  • The realization of this event in the evening will give you the opportunity to evaluate your day and evening for a full holiday.
  • The total charge for the entire event is EUR 40. The fee may vary depending on the period you prefer.
  • The Whirling Dervishes in Cappadocia events are highly cultural. When you’re experiencing this activity, you’ll have a chance to discover a special drink. This drink, defined as sherbet (şerbet), is a special drink consumed in such cultural rituals. It will be served to you during the event.
  • The districts covering the transportation service are Göreme, Ürgüp, and Uchisar.

  • Hotel pick up and drop off in Goreme
  • Transportation
  • Whirling Dervishes Ceremony
  • Şerbet drink (traditional)
  • Personal Expenses

How do I pay for the tour?
If you accept the tour that you would like to join and ready to book you can use our online booking form on the mentioned page. You can click on (Book Now Pay Online) You can pay either deposit or full amount with your Visa or Master Card.
Do we have to pay the full amount?
Generally, we charge a minimum %30 deposit or some small amount according to tour content. The deposit may change according to the tour package you that you chose and it is shown on the website how much deposit we charge. If you pay only deposit the rest has to paid in CASH once.
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Of course, we have a discount for children. You will see the discounts for children when you start the booking online.
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Our tours depart every day (unless otherwise stated)! You need to pick your date from the booking form and complete it then we will arrange your tour according to the chosen starting date.
What kind of vehicles do you use for your day tours?
We use fully air-conditioned non-smoking new-model touristic vehicles for our tours, like Mercedes, Wolksvagen, Isuzu, Otokar) – so that you can enjoying touring in comfort. Some of our tour Packages include local buses for conneting from one city to others. We use a good bus companies for your locla bus travel from one city to others.
Do your tours stop in shopping stores?
Our regular group tours stopping in some shopping places. But there is no obligation to buy. Mostly we stop unique goods shops belong to Turkey such as carpet store, leather store or jewelry stores. Once we stop here also you will get a lecture about the goods. Our private tours do not stop any shops unless you required.
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If you booked your own hotel and start the one of our tour from your hotel, one of our staff/driver will come to your hotel at given time that will be written on your confirmation voucher and take you the meeting point to meet with other tour participants and tour guide.
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Group size changes day by day. We are not able to give you an exact number of the group but generally, group size is between 8 and 25 people.
Are tour guides licensed and speak English?
All of our tour guides are licensed by the Turkish Tourism & Cultural Ministry and all are educated and well experienced.
If I am Vegetarian, am I able to find any Vegetarian food during Turkey Trip?
Yes, It is very easy to find vegetarian food in Turkey. But please let us know your food preference at the time of booking.
What happen if I forget any valuables/any staff in the tours?
We are not responsable for any forgeten valuables/staff on our tour. But if you let us know immediately we will try to do our best to find it and deliver it to you according to the possibility.
When I pay by credit card, is it safe to use your online booking?
It is secured by SSL 128-256 bit and we do not see any credit card details. When you insert your credit card details the payment charged directly by our bank.
Do you pick up and drop off from/to hotels for the day tours?
Yes, we do pick up and drop off from Central Hotels like Sultanahmet, Laleli, Aksaray, Taksim, Fındıkzade, Karakoy, Beyoglu, Sirkeci. If the hotel that you booked is out of these areas, where you need to come by yourself to our meeting point or there will be an additional cost for pick up and drop off according to the possibility.
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Yes, we are able to transfer you the airport at the end of the tour with an additional cost. The price change according to the airport. Please let us know which airport at the time of booking.
If I have stopped over in Istanbul for a limited time, can I join the day tours?
According to your flight arrival and departure time, you are able to join. But there will be an additional cost for pick up and drop off the airport.
What is the arrival airpot in Cappadocia?
There are to the airport used to reach to Cappadocia. The one is Kayseri Erkilet Airport (ASR), is about 1,15 munites drive to Cappadocia. The other one is Nevsehir (Kapadokya) Airport (NAV), is about 45 munites / 1 hour. There is several nonstop (direct) flight in a day departing from Istanbul.
How do I get from Cappadocia to Pamukkale?
Pamukkale is about 530 km (330 miles) away from Cappadocia. Travel from Cappadocia to Pamukkale can be by local bus or flight via Istanbul.
There is a local bus from Cappadocia departing at 20:00 at duration is about 10 hours. Also, the flight can be used but there is no direct flight from Cappadocia to Pamukkale. We have to use the connected flight via Istanbul.
How far is Istanbul to Cappadocia?
Cappadocia is about 750 km by road. There are local buses departing from Istanbul to Cappadocia. Local bus drive takes are around 11 hours and they are mostly overnight.
How far is Kayseri from Cappadocia?
Kayseri Airport is 75 km away from Cappadocia. Driving takes about 1 hour. There is a shuttle bus from Kayseri Airport to Cappadocia or you can hire a private car or take a taxi to reach from Kayseri Airport to Cappadocia.
Which airline company do you use?
We use all Turkish Companies such as Turkis Airlines, Anadolujet, Pegasus Airlines, Atlas Global, Onur Airlines and Sunexpress according to availability.
What we should wear while on the tours?
First of all, you must wear comfortable shoes. In the summertime, you should wear a hat or an umbrella because the weather will be hot and take your suncream with you. In winter time the weather will be cold and snowy. You should wear warm clothes.

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