Troy Day Trip From Istanbul

Troy Day Tour From Istanbul

Troy Day Trip From Istanbul is the name of the tour we have prepared for you to visit Troy Ancient City in detail. Our tour, which will start from Istanbul, ends with our return to Istanbul.

Çanakkale, Turkey is one of the most valuable cities in our county with respect to its historic character. The city has witnessed important events both during the First World War and since the ancient times of history. Therefore, we offer a large number of architectural and natural works that will enable us to examine various events.

One of the most important features of Çanakkale is that there are many ancient cities in the region. We prepared a tour package for you to visit one of these ancient cities freely and in detail.

Duration: Full Day
Tour Type: Regular
Departure Days: Everyday
Start: 06:00
End: 21:00


06:00 am – 07:00 am ─ You will be picked up from your hotels in Istanbul. (The exact time will be given before the tour day.) You will be transferred to the Çanakkale.
12:30 ─ You will have a delicious lunch at a local restaurant when we arrive in Eceabat.
13:00 ─ We will drive to Troy Ancient City and the tour starts.

  • The first starting point of our tour is the city center of Çanakkale. Here you will have a great time to explore the Trojan Horse. The Trojan horse is still standing there as a symbol of years of wars in the region. Of course, the horse you will see here is not a horse itself, but a replica. However, this replication has been quite successful. (The one which used in the movie of Troy.)
  • Our next destination will be Sacrificial Altars. This region has been built for the gods since the past and is used to bless the gods. You will learn about the religious beliefs of the past civilizations by visiting here.
  • Another destination was The 3700-year-old city walls. The importance of protecting a city from the antiquity and defending the city against the enemies was enormous. Today, these are made with firearms. In the past, wrapping around the city was a very popular method by building real huge walls. These walls are also very strong, 3700-year-old walls surrounding this ancient city.
  • Houses of Troy I, 3000 B.C. – 2500 B.C was designated as another destination. These houses are ancient houses built with a roof and still quite intact. In the past, we get the most important information about how people have a lifestyle.
  • The Agora was one of the most important places for the socialization of the ancient city. The commercial life of the city took place in Agora. Merchants used to sell their products here and customers would take their needs in these markets. In order to understand the nature of the products traded in the past, it may be very useful to see the market closely.
  • At the end of the Troy tour, you will be transferred back to your hotels with our private buses and you will be carrying out an antique trip.

16:00 ─ The Troy tour from Istanbul will be ended.
You will be transferred to Istanbul.
23:00 ─ You will arrive at your hotel in Istanbul.
End of the service.


  • Pick up and drop off from hotels
  • Transportation on the tour
  • English Speaking Licenced Tour guide
  • Entrance Fee to the mentioned sights
  • Lunch
  • All necessary land transportation by A/C Touristical Vehicles
  • Local Taxes
  • Personal Expenses
  • Drinks on the lunch


  1. Roberta

    Yes, much more than just the wooden horse… To be honest, initially, we did not have much expectation but we were pleasantly surprised that it is quite a big historical site with nine old ancient cities built on top of each other. Troia is a pretty interesting ancient city! A tour not to be missed in the Marmara region. If you are in Istanbul just save a day for Troia.

  2. Alexander

    Most people think there isn’t much to see in Troia (Troy) but if you get the feel of the place and the various levels of Troia it really is special. Read up the Troia legend of Paris and Helen, stand by the ancient stone roadway where hector rode down to meet Achillis. Lookout at the land that was once water and imagines those 1,000 ships. The Iliada talks of this windy place with such poetry that when you stand at Troia you are with Homer and his words. Loved, loved the place.

  3. Ashley

    Troia itself is quite interesting if you are interested in archeology/history. Unfortunately, the tour is only 2h. I am going to visit here for a long time with a local guide on my next trip. The bus journey from/to Istanbul was 8 hours. It is going to be a long day tour from Istanbul.

  4. Michael

    Really long daily tour passing the coast by bus than on the ferry to the Strait of the Dardanelles and finally by car. the menu of the restaurant is fine. the visit to Troia good idea from Istanbul. the tour guide was the best. he is helpful and nice. pickup and drop off prepared well-organized a day trip.

  5. Melanie

    The long but comfortable daily trip, it was very punctual. The highly educated tour guide with perfect English. If you like history, it is a very sobering daily trip.

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