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Additional Information About Pamukkale and Top Places to See There

The main attractions of Pamukkale are the healing thermal waters and the terraces and white watersheds like Snow, called travertine formed by the springs. You’ll see at the resort area includes 17 hot springs that differ in temperature and mineral composition. Now, the unique natural attractions, which are several thousand years old, are well known around the world and annually attract the attention of thousands of curious travelers.

Although there are no outstanding historical sites and cultural centers in the resort, this territory cannot be called boring in terms of tourist visits. Just a couple of minutes by car, it separates Pamukkale from notable historical sites and archaeological discoveries that will certainly be of interest to Pamukkale daily tour enthusiasts. The most interested attraction in Pamukkale is the ancient city of Hierapolis. The place were established more than 4,000 years ago.

It is possible to see travertines Pamukkale 100 meters high on the banks of the river Menderes from many points of Denizli. Pamukkale consists of spring waters and travertine Hills on terraces. The terraces of the masterpiece of nature, which has been serving the spa for a thousand years, consist of precipitated carbonate minerals from the spa water.


Archeological sights

Extensive archaeological research was initiated in the ancient city in the second half of the 19th century, and scientists have been working continuously here ever since. They have found many unique artifacts and restored several ancient architectural monuments that everyone can see now. During the Pamukkale daily tour, you can observe more closely the largest necropolis in the territory, a miraculous amphitheater, and several ancient temples.

apollon temple pamukkaleOne of the most interesting constructions is Hierapolis Amphitheatre. According to historical data, it was built in the III century. The sand has about 300 steps and the height of the building is 100 m. And there is also of great interest in terms of architecture and history. It is a fortune trove of exceptional structures and landmarks, antiquated tombs and stone caskets. Precisely a decent variety of Constructions has made these spots appealing for future research.

The ancient Apollo Temple is also a very interesting place. According to scientists, it was built several thousand years ago on land with high seismological activity. One of the historical monuments of the last period is St. Philip’s Church, which is more than 1.5 thousand years old. There are lots of interesting legends are connected with this religious attraction. For example; the Apostle spent the last minutes of his life exactly in this place. The church was named after his tomb builded of the saint, but researchers have not yet found a sacred burial site.

The discoveries of priceless archaeologists made in these places are presented in the local museum which can also be visited by the guests of Pamukkale. Here, you can see beautiful ancient sculptures and bas-reliefs, ancient sarcophagi, a collection of unique coins and jewels that local residents presented to the strict gods for thousands of years. You can see our Pamukkale tour packages for having unforgettable experiences there.

Places of interest

Roughly one hour venture isolates the vacationer territory and the archeological site of Laodicea. It is named after the old city that was established on this site until the third century BC. The city was one of the biggest around there, however various tremors annihilated it and drove individuals away from this district. It took years of careful work to restore some ancient temples, a large stadium, and Hot Springs. Today, the archeological site is totally open to guests, so vacationers can stroll among lovely stone segments and feel the interesting air of the old world.


The Pamukkale Museum is open directly at the resort, so tourists don’t need to go anywhere. The entrance fee is paid, but the fee is symbolic. This museum exhibits precious archaeological finds, so you can admire ancient sculptures and clay pots, whose antiquity is several thousand years old, and other precious finds from local archaeological sites. Not a long way from the museum, there are famous trinket shops that offer significant endowments very much made in the national style. Alluring cowhide things made by neighborhood experts and onyx gems are especially well known classes of things. Females generally like cotton garments and extravagant earthenware production.

Other attractions in Pamukkale

In the immediate vicinity of the travertines are the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis, forming with them a single security complex (Hierapolis) with a common entrance ticket. It is from this point that most paid excursions begin, although there are exceptions. This is due to a large number of interesting objects that attract lovers of history and reconstruction. Even in the framework of a day trip, it is recommended to find time and energy to visit:

The largest necropolis in Asia Minor since Hellenism, Rome and early Christianity. On its territory, there are a variety of graves, including “hero’s Grave”, built in the form of a house.

Basilica and grave of the Apostle Philip, executed by the Romans about 2000 years ago. This place has a sacred significance for adherents of the Christian faith, the discovery of the chapel-tomb allowed to unite many disparate details and confirmed some of the revelations of other saints.

Plutonium-a religious building, after the construction of which the ancient Greeks began to associate Hierapolis with the entrance to the Kingdom of the dead. Modern archaeology has proved the deliberate laying of the crustal fracture sites to intimidate believers, as the rising gases killed not only birds but also larger animals without touching the knife.


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