Belisırma Village – Güzelyurt


Breakfast in Belisırma Village / Cappadocia
Breakfast in Belisırma Village / Cappadocia




Belisırma Village

It’s time to get to know another most visited destination in Cappadocia! Belisırma Village is one of the most beautiful regions in Cappadocia. Belisırma is a village where Cappadocia’s unique landforms and greenery meet, and it also hosts very important historical buildings. Belisırma Village is located in the Guzelyurt region of Cappadocia. You can use public services or private vehicles to get there. In addition, if you contact us to join our tours, we can transfer you to the region in the safest way.

What We Have in Belisırma Village?

Greeks generally live in the region. The cosmopolitan structure of Cappadocia has also affected this area. The unique view of the village and the churches that are valued within each village cause thousands of visitors to come here every year. We have made a short list of the churches found here for you. You can review:

  1. Direkli Church
  2. Bahattin Hayloft Church
  3. Kırkdamaltı Church
  4. Batkın Church
  5. Ala Church
  6. Bezirhane Church
  7. Karagedik Church

The most important feature of the churches here is that they have higher ceilings than others. Other churches in Cappadocia are often low – ceiling churches carved into stone. The size of the churches in this valley and the visuals inside the church have a very impressive aura. Therefore, you must come here and see this place.

Belisırma Restaurant – Dining in Belisırma Village

Belisırma Village is located on the passage way of Melendiz Stream. Therefore, it is possible to say that there is a very green habitat here. There are many trees especially around the water. A restaurant located here is quite famous. Thanks to the small seating areas built on the water, you will feel as if you are on a ship. What’s more, enjoying local tastes here will give you an unforgettable experience. When you spend time in Cappadocia, we recommend you to taste the local dishes made especially in pottery. It will also be great for you to drink a few glasses of wine with the sound of the water.

How To Go To Belisırma Village?

To come Belisırma Village, you can set the area where the Ihlara Valley is located as your starting point. Ihlara Valley has two booths. Belisırma Village is located 7 kilometers away from the first toll booth and 4 kilometers away from the second toll booth.

Direkli Church in Belisırma Village / Cappadocia

Bahattin Hayloft Church in Belisırma Village/ Cappadocia

Kırkdamaltı Church in Belisırma Village / Cappadocia


Bezirhane Church in Belisırma Village / Cappadocia


Karagedik Church in Belisırma Village / Cappadocia

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