Big Island

Big Island

Big Island, used as a location of exile in the time of the Byzantine Empire, is in modern times referred to as a holiday vacation spot desired each for weekend escapes and for long vacations. You will locate all the places that will allow you to spend your holiday days in the paradise of Istanbul, which has a unique cultural accumulation and mind-blowing beaches that will make your travelers enjoyable moments.

Big Island

Big Island

Places to Visit in Big Island

You can travel to Big Island by means of the boats from Kabatas, Bostanci, Kadikoy or the surrounding areas like Yalova and Izmit and the sea bus. You will arrive after a nice sea voyage. Since motorized automobiles are prohibited on the island, you can use phaetons (phaetons will be prohibited on the island because of the animal rights, you will able to travel in the island via electrical engined vehicles) or bicycles for transportation. While vacationing in Big Island, I endorse you to style the ice cream bought at shops between the sweet pier dock and the Clock Tower. You can also pick out eating places on the shore when you are hungry. In the meantime, established records about lodging in Big Island and the place are the inn suggestions in Big Island? you can read in our article titled.

Aya Yorgi Church and Monastery

Thanks to its location, you can encompass the Aya Yorgi Church and Monastery, one of the most important icons of the settlement, offering a special view of the bay. The monastery was once built in 1751 and the church was once constructed in 1905 with a cut stone made in 1905 and opened in 1909. Many religions visit on April twenty third and September 24th, especially on April twenty third and September 24th, making faith that you will attain by using hiking from a rim surrounded via trees, with relaxation areas on it.

Aya Yorgi Church - Big Island

Greek Orphanage

The Greek Orphanage, which is one of the most beautiful places of the island and surrounded by pine trees at Hristos Hill, was built as a hotel between 1898 and 1899 under the supervision of architect Alexandre Vallaury; but II. Abdülhamit not given the necessary permissions because of the sale. On top of this, the historical building was purchased by Elini Zarifi and donated to the Greek Patriarchate. One of the world’s oldest and largest wooden monoblock structures is the most important feature of the historic building where the Kuleli Military High School was built during World War I.

Greek Orphanage - Big Island

Islands Museum

Opened in 2010 as the first modern-day city museum in Istanbul, the Islands Museum is located in Aya Nikola, the oldest residential area of the region. Apart from this area where permanent exhibitions are displayed, open-air corporations are prepared in Çınar Museum Area. Thanks to the donations of the neighborhood people, the museum’s collection, which conveys the island’s culture and history in a fairly proper way, has a collection of 20 archives and 6,000 pics and several objects.

Big Island Museum

Virgin Mary Church

The Virgin Mary Church, named “Arabacılar” by the Muslims and “Panayia” through the Orthodox, is positioned between Balıkçılar Street and Arabacılar Square. The spiritual structure internal the oldest cemetery region of the island is committed to the death of Mother Mary. When you enter the backyard you will see the stays of the temples in the place that used to be in the indoors of the historic church and the bell tower has a splendor that will amaze those who see it in terms of architecture.

Virgin Mary Church - Big Island

Muslim Cemetery

You can add the Muslim Cemetery in Tepeköy to your favorite places on Big Island due to the fact of the stunning surroundings that will take you back to the previous of the region. Here are the tombs of many Muslim figures who have essential places in the records of the island. Ahmed Refik Altinay, Aliye Berger, Şakir Pasha, Ibrahim Necmi Dilmen, Tahsin Nahid, Abdullah Pasha, Ahmed Fehim, Mahmut Emin Koral and Dogan Avcioglu are some of these figures.

Hamidiye Mosque

The Hamidiye Mosque, built on the order of Abdülhamit, was opened in 1895. In the construction of the religious building which has a quite aesthetic appearance in terms of architecture, cutting küfeki stones are preferred. Exterior architecture the interior of the interior of the glass, which is different from many others built during the Ottoman era, has been enhanced with pencil work and China. The minaret is the only honorable historical building on the ceiling of the site of the last congregation was decorated with crescent motifs in the eight-pointed star.

Hamidiye Mosque - Big Island


The Adakule on the Hizir Ilyas Hill, the highest point of the island’s sea level, is a frequent destination for experienced travelers due to its impressive view. The 202-meter-high structure, built as a fire tower, was restored by the General Directorate of Forestry in 2006 and has been made available for meetings and wedding organizations. Ideal for taking pictures of the peaceful environment of the yacht before you can go out to the Lunapark Gazinos with a phaeton and then walk about 700 meters.

Adakule - Big Island

Greek Orthodox Cemetery

The Greek Orthodox Cemetery, which also includes a part belonging to the Armenians, is placed on the top part of the avenue the place the Monastery of Aya Nico is located. It is one of the places where you can research about the cultures of the Greek Cypriot Lefter Küçükandonyadis and Kostas Kasapoğlu as well as the cemetery the place Empress Irene and the Patriarch Hrisantos are buried and the Greek Cypriots who lived in the region. During you go to the Cemetery, you can also take time away from the Profitis Ilias Church, constructed in 1878 the usage of timber materials.

Greek Orthodox Cemetery - Big Island

Island Streets

I endorse you encompass the Island Streets which I believe that you will wake up to the listener locations that you have created to see the valuable things from every other, with the super splendor atmosphere. You can without difficulty stroll around the streets of Adan, many of which stretch between historical homes with remarkable gardens, by means of phaeton or bike riding. Especially if you spend time on these streets in spring and autumn, the place both nature is full of beauty and much less interesting, you can catch unique squares to photograph.

Big Island Streets

Historic Mansions

Historical mansions, some of which have been changed into hotels, make the continue to be a special experience. Another price well worth journeying Big Island in the eyes of travelers. Many of the mansions constructed in the closing quarter of the 19th century and early 1900s are worth seeing thanks to their dependent architectural features. The Sabuncakis Pavilion in the Greek style, the Fabiato Pavilion in Tuscan aesthetics and now being used as a Culture House, the Hacopoulos Pavilion, which hosts the Government House, and the Con Pasha Pavilion, the place the specific patterns are synthesized.

Historic Mansions - Big Island

Dilburnu Picnic Area

Dilburnu Picnic Area in the nature park status gives its friends the possibility to relax and enjoy themselves in the herbal beauties of the island. The picnic region the place Mill Cove is in the north and Yoruk Ali Cove is in the south is protected with pine forests. It has 500 meters in length and one hundred meters in width. With the playgrounds separated through the children, you can purchase ready-made barbecue units offered by means of the operator, or you can just pay the entrance rate and consume wholesome ingredients organized on your picnic tables.

Dilburnu Picnic Area - Big Island

Aya Dimitri Church

The Aya Dimitri Church in eclectic fashion was once constructed by means of Fistikas in 1856. The non-secular structure, which used to be designed as a basilical graph and placed in a courtyard, was once taken from St. Dimitrios, whose identify is the guardian of the island. The historical building, which was used as the Metropolitan Island of Adalar for the reason that 1924, suffered terrific harm in the Gölcük Earthquake that took place in 1999. The church, restored and re-opened in 2010, consists of 3 naves with columns connected to each other. One of the most fascinating non-public rooms in worship is the ones that have been standing due to the fact that 17th century.

Princes’ Beach

If you favor walking, Princess Beach, which you can attain thru Lovers Road, is the most famous among the rare locations of Big Island. The seaside where the seaside the place you can enjoy the sun and the sea can be enjoyed. On weekdays and at weekends there is a choice of lodging preferences as nicely as food and drinks on the seashore where extraordinary rate tariffs apply.

Princes Beach - Big Island

Nakibey Beach

Another location that you can add to your list of places to visit is Nakibey Beach, a family-run hotel with an attentive carrier coverage considering 1984. The beach is shallow and the depth is sandy ample to attain the average person’s height, the place all types of safety precautions are considered for the alleviation of the families. The restaurant of the facility where the 6 bungalows are positioned and the menus of the buffet are designed to appeal to each and every taste.

Nakibey Beach - Big Island

Where can I stay in Big Island?

If you choose to spend at least 1 night on Big Island, there are many pleasant picks for accommodation there. There are pretty a lot of boutique lodges in the region. If you prefer to experience the island, you can stay away from the turmoil of Istanbul, mainly on weekends through staying overnight on Friday and Saturday nights.



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