Bouleuterion and Prytaneion

Bouleuterion is one of the best-protected buildings in the city. It creates a building block with Prytaneion which is next to Bouleuterion. Bouleuterion is in a form, close to the square with sizes of 20x21m. There is an altar in the middle, and there are 3 tiers for parallel seating.

Bouleuterion / Pergamon

On the north side, there are 16 stairs, and on the west side, there are 10 stairs. It is said that the total capacity is 640 people. The roof of the structure is covered with woods. The Prytans, who creates the Prytabeion, are the executive council of Bouleuterion. Prytaneion was also a place where the state was governed.

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