Byzantine Gates

There are two Byzantine Gates in Hierapolis Ancient City. These are Southern and Northern Byzantine Gates.

Southern Byzantine Gate

Southern Byzantine Gate built the 4th century in Hierapolis Ancient City. Travertine blocks were made with reclamation material in marble. Like the northern gate, it is beyond two quadrangular towers and is shaped by a relieving arch located on the monolith architrave. The place where the door is located is lower than the other door.

Southern Byzantine Gate / Hierapolis

Northern Byzantine Gate

The Northern Byzantine Gate of Pamukkale Hierapolis Ancient City which is a part of the Northern Gate built in the city of Hierapolis is dated to the end of 4th century. The North Gate symmetrically to the South Gate forms the monumental entryway of the city during the Byzantine Period. The gate built with spoila materials was supported by two square towers. The elegant arch on the architrave at the door is garnished with a cross motif. Other Christian symbols accessorized to the architrave’s front.

Northern Byzantine Gate / Hierapolis Ancient City - Pamukkale

On either side of the entry, to protect the ancient city from bad influences, four monuments, apostolically standing lions, panthers, carving gorgoes, possibly used in an older building, reached the present day.

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