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Çavuşin Village

This beautiful village is one of the oldest villages that take place in Cappadocia. On the Göreme-Avanos road 2 km away from Göreme you can see Çavuşin. For tourists coming to visit this vicinity, there are tours being organized. Between Göreme and Çavusin Villages, on the valleys shaped by winds, you can join joyful walking trips organized by pro agents. These tours usually take a full day. On the side of walking tours, there are other tours for adrenaline lovers. Some of the examples of these tours are horseback riding, ATV motors, and hot air balloon tours. One of the most beloved ones, the hot air balloon usually takes place in the mornings, so you can enjoy a glass of wine while watching the sunrise.

Cavusin Village in Cappadocia

To mention the accommodation means in Cappadocia, we could say there are tons of options for you to choose from. Although you could find different hotels with various pricing options, there are plenty of options for adventurers too. Some of these options are a tent, caravan, and some hotels taking place in the caves.

Information About Çavuşin Village

While going to Göreme you can understand that you are close to Çavuşin when you see the ruins. At the time Christian santons used to live in this city. On the road of Zelve and Ürgüp Paşabağ District, which is Priests Valley by its old name, presents you one of the most beautiful views.

Çavuşin is managed to continue its existence until the modern days. In the Roman era, that santons trying to spread Christianity used Çavuşin as a shelter from the Roman soldiers. And thus the settlements started in the village. Even though the folk tried to provide for themselves by farming, they couldn’t get enough efficiency. So as a solution to their problem, they carved little pigeon shelters to the entrance of their houses and use pigeon feces as fertilizers.

Cavusin Village in Cappadocia
In the Byzantine era, people started to express their Christianity any fear. The population was mostly formed by Christians. After the Seljuk Turks winning 1071 Malazgirt Battle and setting foot on Anatolia, Turks settled and lived in harmony with the Christians. On one side the caravansaries, mosques, shrines were being built, while on the other side the prayers in monasteries and churches kept going in peace.
Managing to keep its history to this day, Çavuşin is one of the must-see places in Cappadocia. You can almost say that this village is a heaven of churches. The churches you can visit are Vaftizci Yahya church; Çavuşin church, Three Crossed Church, Saint Jean Church, Cross Church, Saint Mary Church, Columned Church, Cemalların Church, Üzümlü Church, Saklı Church Gıdıların Church and Saint Paul Church. There are also lots of chapels and monasteries taking place in the vicinity. We recommend seeing Çavuşin Church since it still protects its fascinating painting on the walls and ravishing frescos.

Çavuşin Church

Cavusin Church SignThere are two stairs from the sides at the entrance of the church. You can reach the church are from the stairs on the right. Çavuşin is a church with three abscissas and one dome. There are sitting areas on the side. Baptism stones can be found in front of the right and the left abscissas. Church’s walls are filled with scenes that are the important events in the Christian history and with depictions of important individuals. As far as it known there are three different techniques used in the painting of the interior. Since this church is painted with an older technique there are some destructions on some areas that are worn off. Especially on the abscissa in the middle, there are almost no motives left; however, the church is overly protected from human destruction and the most of the paintings can be seen in vivid colors.

Cavusin Church in Cappadocia
Cavusin Church in Cappadocia

Like the other churches in the vicinity, taking photos with the flash on is restricted due to the tenderness of the interior. Also, the church owns a higher dome than the other ones in the city. In the paintings on the wall, you can see the imprisonment of Jesus, the crucification, and the death of him. In some places, there are paid portraying the journey of Jesus to Jerusalem too. This church is even older than the Muhammad Prophet himself.

Cavusin Church Cappadocia

The most of the churches contain a graveyard. Cavuşin Church is no different. The most of the people lying beneath the church’s floor are the important ones in the city. By following the narrow stairs, you can reach to the graveyard and the tombs. These rooms are designed for visitors to pray comfortably. These rooms are designed for visitors for praying more comfortable.

By participating in the guided tours of the church, you can listen to the stories of the paintings on the wall from a consultant.

Other Churches in Çavuşin

One of the most important churches built in Cappadocia is Vaftizci Yahya Church. This church is also the first church of its vicinity and followed by many more. This place is used as a monastery church at the old ages. It is a church with square planning and one abscissa. It is a church worth seeing with its little but enchanting look.

Vaftizci Yahya Church in Cavusin / Cappadocia

Another church you need to see is the Three Crossed Church. You can easily reach to this church by walking. This church is thought to be made in the 10th or 11th century. You can see lots of frescos on the walls of this church, which most of them containing the depictions of god.

Three Crossed Church in Cavusin Village / Cappadocia

In the third row, there is Saint Jean Church. Saint Jean Church is taking place just at the entrance of the Gülşehir and can be seen with its two-floored architecture. On the floor beneath the surface is the graveyard, the wine cellar, the water canals and also the rooms for attendants. On the upper floor, you can see colorful paintings which are the scenes taken from the Bible. The frescos decorating the church creates an authentic atmosphere in the building.

Saint Jean Church in Cavusin / Cappadocia

Another church taking place in the city is the Crossed Church which is built between the 6th and the 7th centuries and had some add-ons between the 10th and the 11th centuries. The church is formed by a tetragon planned nave and one major room. There is a cross in the middle of the major room with palm tree portrays decorating its surrounding.

Ceramics and Potteries in Çavuşin

Çavuşin village may be known with its churches, but the ceramics the folk makes are worth seeing. There are lots of pottery studios existing in the area. While you can buy potteries from some of them, you can try doing one yourself in the others. There is a museum to exhibit the potteries made in the center of Avanos close to Çavuşin Village. Güray Ceramics Museum is also carved with hands and turned into a museum from a cave. It is a must see if you have time.

Ceramics Cavusin Village


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