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Devrent Valley

Devrent Valley is one of the most enchanting places in Cappadocia with its endless roads and myths. If we say you explore this valley by dreaming, not walking, it wouldn’t be a lie, because the other name of this valley is the “Imaginary Valley” You won’t see any churches, Roman graves or carved settlements; however, like we told you at the beginning, you will create your own stories with your own heroes in this valley.

Imaginary Valley: Devrent

50 million years ago from now, Cappadocia was a huge sea. With the effects of the bursting volcanoes around, the sea dried out and left its place to the soft rocks which are shaped by the lava. Over some time, the harsh winds flowing transformed these lavas into fairy chimneys with various shapes. Devrent Valley benefited from the history of Cappadocia and created a fabulous portrait. Since every single fairy chimney in the valley looks like it was once alive and became a stone afterward, it is called as the ‘Hayal Vadisi (Imaginary Valley)’ or ‘Pembe Vadi (Pink Valley)’ thanks to the color it takes at the sunset.

Cappadocia / Devrent Valley

Devrent Valley was once a home and background to a beloved TV show in Turkey called Asmalı Konak. Fairy chimney shaped like a camel is one of the faces of the advertisements of Cappadocia, and also identified with the city thanks to the TV show. Being the first place to see by most of the visitors are surrounded with protection to avoid any destruction. There are lots of fairy chimneys evoking an animal like this one in the valley. You can both see sculptures of nature like horses, birds, rabbits, and seals; or Mary the Virgin, baby Jesus and people wearing Napoleon’s hat in the area. Actually, everything is left to your imagination in the Imaginary Valley.

Even though the valley’s name means deep hollow or cliff, it is contrarily crowded like a fabular plateau, silent for watching the moonrise in the midnight, enchanting like another world. The valley shaped like a ‘U’ has two ends reaching out to Devrent and Kızılçukur. In the middle part, Paşabağı and Zelve take place. Contrarily to Zelve Valley Devrent Valley wasn’t built as a settlement. Unlike the valleys in the Cappadocia region, there are pedestrians that can be compared to thousands of different objects.

Devrent Valley / Cappadocia

Devrent Valley does not have any entrances and exits like the other valleys, it is not a valley where you can advance by taking a route from the map. Opposite the valley entrance are souvenir shops and if you come by car there are free parking spaces. When you enter the valley, you meet the camel-like fairy chimney and you complete your path walk in as little as half an hour. When you look at the high spots of the valley, you come across a spectacular view. There is Zelve Valley behind the opposite hill you will see. Cappadocia tour buses usually stop at the point where the valley is at and let you take pictures.

Devrent Valley Cappadocia

Legend of Devrent Valley

The different rock formations in the valley were also the subject of the mysterious legends of Cappadocia. One of the myths told is that the fairy chimneys in the Devrent Valley were people once punished by people praying and became stones. In this fairy valley used to be a shrine and around the shrine there was a “Godfather”, who so mighty when he hits his staff to the ground he could exact water. Once a gang called “Infidels Army” came to valley. Their goal was to destruct the shrine and to kill the folk, including the “Godfather”. Praying to God, “Godfather” said, “God, let me turn the enemies into stones and birds.” Accepting the prayers, God turned the enemies and their animals into stones just like in the fairy chimneys. Paşabağı and Three Sacred Christian Stone are subject to the stories similar to this one.

Devrent Valley in Cappadocia

Where is Devrent Valley, How to go There?

As an answer to your question, we should indicate you can take one of the two routes available. The first and the most chosen one is Avanos – Ürgüp road. When you use this road, you can see Devrent Valley from the top and take a bird’s-eye view. If you ask for the other road, you can follow Paşabağı –Zelve route. When you come from this road, you reach by taking Ürgün road from Aktepe between Avanos – Çavuşin. The distance between Aktepe Village and the valley is 2.6 km.
Devrent Valley is 6.6 km from Avanos and 5.7 km from Ürgüp. Goreme Open Air Museum is 12 km away.

Camel Rock in Devrent Valley / Cappadocia

Places to See Close to Devrent Valley

One of the places where you can see the fairy chimneys the most intensely identified with Cappadocia is the Paşabağı. In order to reach Paşabağı with its mushroom hatted and 14 meters high fairy chimneys, it is necessary to take the road from Avanos – Goreme road to Zelve. The name of the valley, known as the place where the first Christian monks drowned out of the world work, is the Priests Valley.

Devrent Valley in Spring Season
Zelve Valley is about 1 km from Paşabağı. which is one of the oldest settlements in Cappadocia. As it is told, the Christianity first began to spread from here. When visiting the valley you will encounter many churches, monasteries and settlement caves.
Known with its potteries, and even so having the rule where the men who don’t know to make potteries cannot marry women and the women who don’t know knitting carpets cannot marry men, it is one of the places where Kızılırmak treat the most generous. When you come to see the pottery making in Avanos, try making one yourself.

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