Frontinius Gate

Frontinus Gate in Pamukkale – Hierapolis Ancient City was the monumental gate of the city during the Roman Period. It is located at the beginning of the main street of 14 meters wide. It is located on the opposite edge of the South Gate and the main road to Laodikeia and Colossae. The door was built from flat traverse blocks. The three arched entrance is decorated with a simple cornice. In addition, round-shaped towers are reflected reminiscent of the door tradition of the Hellenistic Period.

Frontinius Gate / Pamukkale

On the north side, there are well-preserved, three rooms and two round towers. In the frieze of the door is an inscription written in Latin and Greek, dedicated to Emperor Domitian. Because of this writing, it is called the Domitian Gate or the Roman Gate. It is known that the gate was built by Asian Proletarian, Julius Sextus Frontinus in 82-83 AD. For this reason, the door is also called Frontinus Gate. There is the North Byzantine Gate, which dates back to the 5th century AD, at the point where the road towards south from this gate intersected.

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