Frontinius Street

Due to the architectural features of Frontinius Street in Pamukkale Hierapolis Antique City, this 14-meter wide street, which was thought to have been built at the same time as the gate, constituted the main street of the city. There is a sewer system covered with monolith capstones in the middle of the street. There are shops, warehouses, and houses on either side of the street with a total length of 170 meters.

It was built in the late period (V – VI century). There are numbers of places on the street. The street was demolished and the width of the street is reduced by 8 meters. The surface of the street (platea) was completely covered by the limestone layer (at a height of 2 meters) due to the source waters. In order to reveal the ancient road from the limestone layer, the compressor was used.

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