Galata Tower

Galata Tower, one of the oldest structures in Istanbul when it comes to Istanbul, is considered amongst the world’s oldest towers. With its imposing structure, which has been staring at the metropolis for lots of years and which is instructed about the stories about it, gives its guests the privilege of obtaining facts about Istanbul’s history as nicely as seeing its unique view.

Galata Tower / Istanbul

Information About Galata Tower

One of the must-see places to visit in Istanbul is 69,90 meters high. The thickness of the partitions is 3.75 meters and the internal diameter of the hull is 8.95 and the outer diameter is 16.45 meters. It is the idea that the weight of the shape built the use of unprocessed particles is about 10 thousand tons.

It is believed that the names of the Byzantines’ Megalos Pyrgos (Great Horoscope) and the Genoese’s Christtea Turris (Jesus Tower) were derived from the phrase “gala” that means “milk” in Greek. There are additional opinions that the name of the shape may be Thalian foundation or Italian.

Galata Tower / Istanbul

Just like the Yerebatan Cistern and the Maiden’s Tower, the human beings of Istanbul have derived legends for Galata. This city, which has been spreading to giant masses over time and increasing the pastime in the structure, is on the marriage of the legends.

It used to be believed that if you have been the first man or woman among the people, the first time you went out with the people you loved, you would definitely marry that person.

Another legend tells the love story between Galata and the Maiden’s Tower. According to the grandfather, the sleek Tower of the Girl who is squeezed from the lonely in the midst of the sea, sees the handsome Galata and appears at the city and is held to him. After that day, if the two employers are making the embracing of the increasing love, they fall to the Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi. When the skipping day arrives, the lieutenant Ahmet Çelebi Galata whispers the name of his far-off love and asks him to fly to him and omit poems he writes.

Galata Tower / Istanbul

History of Galata Tower

Galata Tower, which is one of the most fascinating structures of Istanbul together with Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapi Palace, and Sultanahmet Mosque, was first built with the aid of the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius Oilosuz. When it was once executed in 528, it was used as a lantern tower from the timber structure. However, the catastrophic fireplace catastrophe has made it totally unusable.

Galata Tower / Istanbul

When the calendars exhibit the year 1348, the Genoese constructed the tower from scratch the use of stone piles. The iconic structure, which was used for a longer length of defense, began to serve for unique purposes after the Ottoman Empire in 1453. Galata was once transformed into the “Mehteran Ocağı” at some point of the sixteenth century when the shipyard prisoners informed the night of the 18th century while the bar was once at the bar.

The tower, which was once commenced to be used to inform the fires coming out of the city from 1874, was repaired periodically for the duration of the duration under Ottoman sovereignty. Because of its location, it has an amazing share of the possibility to have a look at the total of the city. Galata Tower, which gives the appearance of contemporary works, II. It used to be realized all through the Mahmut period.

Galata Tower / Istanbul

The surrounding location is usually crowded and the tourism used to be obtained in 1967. Many shopping and ingesting and consuming places have been opened around the Galata tower which is a customary spot for the neighborhood and foreign travelers.

Galata Tower Restaurant

You can also visit Galata Tower Restaurant to observe the cityscape or to enjoy an enjoyable dinner with your loved ones, aside from increasing your date information. The menu at the restaurant on the 9th floor of the building is composed of unique tastes of Ottoman and Turkish cuisine.

Galata Tower Restaurant

The occasional intense interest of local and foreign tourists reduces the likelihood of having a free table at the restaurant. You can make a reservation from Beltur’s call center, which is the owner of the restaurant, to avoid being affected. Beltur, an affiliate of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, has a customer service number 444 66 44 for detailed information.

Galata Tower / Istanbul

Where and how to go Galata Tower?

The ancient constructing that offers panoramic views of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus to its traffic is positioned at the pinnacle of Karakoy. The location, which can be considered as the middle of the bank near the banks of the Bosphorus, the place the leisure venues are hosted by way of the beautiful buildings from the architectural point of view, makes transportation very easy.

If you favor going to Istiklal Street (the most famous street in Taksim) through the foot, you need to turn left before the tunnel and comply with the street going down. Those who favor reaching Galata by using Eminönü need some effort to spend high-quality hours and to climb the slope. On this route, there are retail outlets where you can buy souvenirs.

Galata Tower / Istanbul

The best way to reach the Galata Tower is using the metro line. After you stop at Metro Şişhane Stop, you should go up to Refik Saydam Caddesi and go for a short walk of about 300 meters. Especially in the evenings, you can catch a glimpse of the spectacular view of the bay when you take your steps on this road.

There are lots of parking lots in the area. So you can reach the tower with your own vehicle before you worry about parking problems. Tarlabaşı-Taksim direction The route required for those who want to go to Galata with special vehicles.

Galata Tower Entry Fee 2018

Foreign visitors were being charged 25 Turkish Liras. For Turkish people, it is 10 Turkish Liras. For children between the ages of 0 and 4, the families did not have to pay. Galata Tower, just like Dolmabahce Palace, is a place where the practice of “Müzekart” is not valid.

Galata Tower / Istanbul

Galata Tower Visiting Days and Hours

Visitors to the tower are welcome each and every day of the week. The historic building, which can be visited from 09:00 in the morning, is stored open till 19:00. The restaurant, where you can have a quality nighttime meal, starts to serve at 20.00 after the closing of the bar.

Galata Tower / Istanbul

During your visit, do no longer forget to seem at the one-way signposts when you get to the viewing terrace the place the depth is elevated especially at some point of appropriate weather.

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