Golden Horn

The Golden Horn is the cove, the internal harbor of Istanbul, that separates the Istanbul (old city) and Beyoğlu districts of Istanbul. In the Byzantine period, called Khrysokeras (Altınboynuz), additionally referred to as Halic-i Constantine in the Ottoman era.

Golden Horn / Haliç / Istanbul
Golden Horn view from Pierre Loti Hill.


The Golden Horn word means bay at the mouth of the river. It is a natural inner harbor between Istanbul’s Sarayburnu Peninsula and the city’s Beyoğlu settlement area. The Byzantines were Chrysokeras, the English were Golden Horn, the French were Gorne d’Or, and all three words are “Golden Horn“.

The Golden Horn is located between the two rivers, between Sarayburnu and Tophane. It extends 8 km long. The widest location is seven-hundred meters between Kasimpasa and Cibali. The depth is so small as to make it hard to the manner the steamers upwards. And this reduces is speedy filling because of the alluviums brought by means of the deeps. In the lower section, the depth is over. Under Unkapanı (Atatürk) bridge, 40 meters beneath Karaköy bridge and 60 meters.

Golden Horn / Haliç / Istanbul

In the Ottoman era, there were mansions between the vineyards and gardens around the city districts of Eyüp and Kasımpaşa and other places in the Golden Horn, where the walls of the city of Istanbul, which have been in the south, have been visited and they visited Kağıthane with boats.

Throughout history, Istanbul’s improvement has been as lively in the Golden Horn as an herbal and very confident port, as well as its geographical location. The port divides the European continent into two. It is about 8 km lengthy and the widest vicinity is the entrance to the Bosphorus.

In the Byzantine era, the chain stretched into the entrance avoided enemy flanking. The Golden Horn shores were connected with the aid of bridges, some of which were army time. Currently, the 5th bridge is deliberate for the metro. The ferry services to the Asian side, the Bosphorus, and the Adalar are handy at some point of the day.

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