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Grand Bazaar: Largest Shopping Center

The Grand Bazaar, with its magnificence in the foreground, is regarded as one of the most essential alternate centers of Istanbul, which is over 500 years old. With its content, the bazaar, which attracts the enthusiasm of shopping from all ages, also has a rich cultural heritage primarily based on Byzantium and developed in the Ottoman period.

Grand Bazaar / Istanbul

Information About Grand Bazaar

The past of the bazaar stretches lower back to the Byzantine Empire. At the core of this place, which consists of a collection of shops, there was a building known as Cevahir Bedesten (Bedesten-i Atik).

The first growth work in the Grand Bazaar, one of the oldest shopping locations in the world, took the region in 1460 with the order of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror of Istanbul. The bazaar, which began to be known as Çarşu-yı Kebir (Grand Bazaar) after its studies, has been built with a bedesten consisting of 15 sections.

Grand Bazaar / Istanbul

This bedesten started to be referred to as Sandal Bedesten (Bedesten-i Cedid) after the title of the material that was traded in its shops. The whole profits of the historical and new bedestens used to be transferred to Hagia Sophia in the order of the sultan.

During the reign of Süleyman the Magnificent, the bazaar has to turn out to be pretty magnificent. Following the growth of the woodworking materials, the bazaar has grown considerably. There had been 4,399 giant shops, 2,195 cells (small shops), 24 inns, 497 cabinets, 12mahzen, 10 mosques, sixteen fountains, eight wells and 2 fountains at the time of the day in accordance to records that may want to be accessed daily.

Grand Bazaar / Istanbul

The mosque, the shrine, the mosque and the capital of the empire, the metropolis of a separate metropolis inside a large phase of these buildings, the hearth of a range of dates and earthquakes were severely damaged.

Damaged wood structures, blanketed with lime due to mess ups III. It was once rebuilt as a masonry all through Mustafa period. The innovation that these studies brought to the bazaar used to be the entire closure of the roads. However, the bazaar was once almost unusable due to the amazing earthquake disaster that took location on 10 July 1894.

After the earthquake disaster that brought the trade to a halt, Abdulhamid’in money provided by the rebuilding process was completed with the bazaar, the appearance of today has gained.

Grand Bazaar / Istanbul

Sections and Streets in the Grand Bazaar

There are eight gates of the bazaar that I recommend to add to the list of places to visit in Istanbul, for these planning a culture and buying mainly. The most famous of these doors are “Takkeciler”, “Sahaflar” and Jeweler. At the door towards Beyazıt, there is the book “Elkâsib Habibullah” and the bride of Sultan Abdulhamid. At the entrance gate of the Nuruosmâniye Camiiyak, you can see a large-scale Ottoman State Armada.

There are a giant number of streets, streets, and hands underneath the 15 domes of the Grand Bazaar the place change can be achieved strictly according to rules controlled through a prayer led by using a so-called divine chief, which all tradesmen took part in in the past. All of these structures have been given names according to occupational organizations operating on or within them.

Grand Bazaar / Istanbul

In the past, there were dozens of professional groups such as conservatives, takkacs, furcurs on their streets; The Grand Bazaar, which is filled with shops, crockery, basketry shops, offers an environment where many different products can be found today.

In the world’s largest covered market, you can come across valuable precious goods while you walk through delicious delights, expertly crafted wood products, interesting decorations and shops selling healing herbal teas. The most interesting part of the bazaar where PTT and bank branches operate is Kalpakcılar Street, which is a jewelry store.

Grand Bazaar / Istanbul

You can find second-hand goods in “Bit Pazarı”, which is located just behind Sandal Bedesten, while the foreign exchange transactions realized in its place are home to Cemahan Han alem masters in Yağlıkçılar Street, the heart of the free economy in our country.

You can breathe in “Şark Kahvesi” when you are tired of walking around the bazaar, which is about 47 thousand square meters. If you are hungry, you can taste the delicacies of the Poolside Restaurant.

Grand Bazaar / Istanbul

Where and how to go to the Grand Bazaar?

It is positioned between the Grand Bazaar, Nuruosmâniye and Beyazıt Mosques and Mahmutpaşa Bazaar in the borders of Fatih District.

The dimension of the bazaar which is very shut to the Yerebatan Sarnici, the Hagia Sophia Museum and the Topkapi Palace, which is at the commencing of the structures that attract attention from the point of view of touristic, offers you get entry to specific places.

Grand Bazaar / Istanbul
Roof of Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

If you are coming by means of public transport, the most sensible approach is to use the tram or city buses. If you are going to use the tram, you need to give up at Beyazit Stop. Municipal buses grant get admission to Beyazit Square from many points in the city.

For coming from the Anatolian side, Marmaray is the best way to retailer time.

If you come to the location by your own vehicle, you can use parking spaces near Beyazıt Square or you can pick parking near Topkapi Palace’s Bab-ı Humayun Gate if you visit the locations around Sultanahmet.

Grand Bazaar / Istanbul

Grand Bazaar Visit Days and Hours

You can visit the Grand Bazaar, which you can add to the historical peninsula visiting list to enlarge your knowledge about Istanbul’s past and to have a pleasant time, every day of the week except official holidays and Sundays. The only exception for visiting the bazaar, which is open from 09:00 to 19:00, is on Friday during prayer hours.

The greatest cause of the restriction of visitation during prayer is spreading to the streets of the communal bazaar that does not fit the mosque.

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