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Kaymaklı Underground City

Cappadocia is the lookout for history and culturally intertwined, fascinating with its unique view, leading to exciting adventures with mysterious roots! In every season of the year, we host domestic and foreign tourists and provide them with the days that will be remembered in Kaymaklı Underground City by tearing them away from the lives that they have with our historical and unique natural beauties, which are tiring, abundantly running, stressful and increasingly depending on technology.
Cappadocia, which is usually not ending with one visit, has a different place to be discovered every time you visit, gives a great curiosity of the underground cities that transcend the face and allows to accompany the most mysterious life in the past. Located in the precious Cappadocia region of Nevşehir, Kaymaklı is restored and preserved until today, offering the most adventurous and exciting exploration possible. It excites, delights, amazes, offers a totally different world in its depths.

Kaymaklı Underground City / Cappadocia

In the past, there were no high-tech, advanced defense devices like the present, and wars and forms of protection were quite different. The underground cities were the best one of the structures that would provide the protection during these wars. For this reason, the 8-story underground city that houses close to 200 underground cities, with its giant slabs of stones, must-haves, narrow and mysterious corridors, makes us feel the closest to the previous centuries before Christ today.

If you have yet to experience the unique air of Cappadocia and wish to witness the history most closely, we must say that you need to take part in the Cappadocia Tours that are frequently organized by us ( and you shouldn’t lose more time to explore the hidden riches of our country!

Kaymaklı Underground City / Cappadocia

Information About Kaymaklı Underground City

Nevşehir Tourists coming to Cappadocia can witness many underground cities such as Kaymaklı which has a million years old on a journey. While many civilizations have enriched their historical features, they allow people to get very exciting information about their life at that time.

Kaymakli, which is one of the most interesting ones of the exciting underground cities, creates a terrific adrenaline, at exactly 20 kilometers deep on the 4th floor where the tours are hosted. It is breathtaking as an 8-story building with a size that allows 5000 people to live.

Kaymaklı Underground City / Cappadocia

The triangular-shaped linseed oil storing structures on the walls are frequently encountered as small cavities provided by illuminating the lamps. In addition to these lamps, which are named after the oil of the earthquake, they are also called Bezirhane (Linseed oil factory).
As you navigate the underground cities, you have to pay attention to the signs since you can easily go to the wrong side and thus you should avoid the difficult moments for you or other sightseers in narrow tunnels.
It is enough to follow the red arrows and the blue arrows when starting the exciting underground journey. Without the fear of disappearance on this vantage point, it is possible to witness the exciting traces of history and to visit easily.
If there are question marks in your mind about entering a place so deep, you can get rid of these questions by learning that the city has been placed with great success around the main ventilation and that even on the fourth floor no air problems are felt.Because animal farming was the major part of the livelihood in ancient times, people provided their food from animals. For this reason, the first floor in the underground cities was often used as a barn to have food supply while hiding. The reason for placing animal shelters at the top with extremely simple logic is that it is very difficult to carry animals to the lower floors.

Kaymaklı Underground City / Cappadocia
On the second floor of Kaymaklı Underground City, there are a church, baptismal stones, and a cemetery. The other structure that attracts attention with the church is also the slider stone. This bolt is fascinating with the hole in the middle and the weight of 500 kilos makes it easier to control the entrances and easily interfere with the strangers.
The tunnel is about 10 kilometers long, which allows the visitors to be connected to a settlement with Derinkuyu Underground City, which has plenty of visitors like Kaymakli. There are traps and dead-end tunnels and labyrinths built to protect the people living here during frequent visits by soldiers and enemies in this tunnel.

Kaymaklı Underground City / Cappadocia

The wine cellars, flour, and wheat hides, dining area are located on the third floor. This floor, which is wider than the other two floors, also seems to be used to break down the stone copper ore from andesite. Andesite, which is known to be much more durable than tuff, allows the processing of copper thanks to its cavities.
The most exciting and the fourth floor, the last floor of the trip, is entering a rather narrow tunnel. This tunnel, which is very low in order to slow down strangers during war and defense, is followed by an area that is understood to be used as a tandoor, a food storage, and a kitchen.

Kaymaklı Underground City / Cappadocia

One of the places wherein Cappadocia is a must-see welcomes its visitors as a very mysterious and magnificent place where you can travel around carefully but you will be able to enjoy lots of places and discover new points that you never notice.
As you travel here, besides the grandeur of the buildings, thousands of people are incredibly impressed by the fact that people in history share a life here, struggle with tough situations, pass the dark weeks despite successful ventilation.

Kaymaklı Underground City Entrance and Location

Kaymaklı Underground City, which is created with great workmanship, has the most remarkable clues about old life, gets its name from Kaymaklı Town on Ihlara Road which is 21 kilometers away from Nevşehir.
Bearing the traces of many civilizations, Kaymaklı is opening its doors for a great price like 30 Turkish Liras (approx. 6 American Dollars) for a very rich and fascinating underground city that is both historical and historical.
At the same time, Müzekart offers visits two times a year while you can visit everywhere unlimitedly if you are one of the Müzekart + users.
For your visits we believe that your visit will not be limited to one time because of these offerings of a historical beauty that can not be easily finished seeing, it is beneficial to have Müzekart + owner!
This underground city welcomes you at different times during different periods. During the months covering April and October, visits are held between 08:00 and 19:00 in the morning and between 08:00 and 17:00 in November and March.

Kaymaklı Underground City / Cappadocia

Should I Visit Kaymaklı Underground City?

The Kaymaklı Underground City is one of the most popular points of the Cappadocian travelers, which gives the opportunity to see the delicacies of history with the first 4 floors today going back to 3000 BC and having a development history of 1500 years. The underground city, which is used as the most important defense area during the wars of the Byzantine Empire, which is followed by many civilizations such as Hittites, Assyrians and Phrygians, connects with narrow and long tunnels to each other and witnesses more wars, especially when the Muslim Arab States try to occupy this region where Christianity is prevalent. The most interesting claim about there is that it was made by the aliens because the ventilation system and other details were positioned with great skill.

Kaymaklı Underground City / Cappadocia

The most beautiful underground cities are those that most closely testify to many things, such as the collapse of the Hittite Empire, the occupation of Persians, and finally the transformation of Cappadocia into the province of Rome as a result of the great wars of the Romans. The Arabs who attacked to prevent Christians from living here gives another depth to history here. It presents hundreds of underground cities and nice beauties like the Cappadocia Kaymaklı which is left to the Seljuks at the 12th century and enriched by them in terms of the historical beauty around Ottoman period.
The volcanic eruptions that contributed to the formation of these cities and the ash are transformed by the lavas into soft tuff layers.

Kaymaklı Underground City / Cappadocia

Even though people didn’t have the conditions we have today have no technology, it seems that they left the richly inherited buildings by working with the finest workmanship in the houses and churches which are created with possibilities they have in the stone age.

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