Konya has deeply affected me with thousands of years of history (yes, a history dating back to 7000 BC), historical mosques, delicious dishes of Konya, Konya breakfast, sympathetic Anatolian people. I had long researches before going to every city; I knew what I was expecting me before I set off yet.

Konya is a capital city of Mevla (I will tell so much about Mevlana Mausoleum), Seljuks, Çatalhöyük, history, art, and culture. It will not be a city that I can explain in 5 minutes. Believe me, while you reading a lot of things in this article, the words “Come on” will get out of your mouth; When you hear the beauties and values of our country, you will begin to plan as soon as possible. You ask why? Let me tell…

1. Beginning of Konya

I’ve taken lessons that I never liked all my life. I hated to go to the school. I do not understand history. I could not learn. I did not want to learn. Because I did not want to let confusing of my mind the information which I forgot for 5 minutes after I finished the exam. It had to be another way to learn, to understand, to research! Feel, touch, see, explore …

I have noticed something since the day I started writing a blog: History is beautiful. Instead of what I was trying to learn was the history dictated by the forgotten educational system, the history that I learned, liked and wondered about, and explored on the travels is so amazing.Konya

After I went to Konya, I noticed this. While Çatalhöyük which hosted almost 10,000 years of historical beauties, and more importantly, was taught by the books, I realized that our children who have not had a chance to see them on their places once. While stirring the notes on the flight, I was trying to watch the wings that gently carved the clouds from the non-misty parts of the glass.

After hearing the words of the pilot, “We are starting to land to Konya!”, I suddenly got excited. Mevlana, Seljuk, Shams-i Tabriz were felt on this land how people do not get excited! Konya travel notes start…

2. About Konya

Konya, as you know, is located in the Central Anatolia region. The population of Konya, which is more than 2 million, the first name is called “Icon”.

The history of Konya, which has changed its name many over the time; It is known as an important place throughout the prehistoric period, Roman period, Seljuk period, Karamanoğulları period, Ottoman period and Republic period.

Konya is such a big city; its neighbors are Ankara, Aksaray, Niğde, Mersin, Antalya, Eskişehir, Isparta and Afyon. Located in such a large area, Konya is known as the 7th most populous city in our country.  Considering the land, it is not really crowded. By the way, Konya is placed in a flat zone. Everywhere is lowland.Konya

When it is placed in such a large area, it hosts many beautiful things. For example; Lake Beyşehir which one of the most beautiful lakes of our country hosts the blue waters; Salt Lake which the second largest lake in our country; Aksehir and Ereğli Lake are also hosting about 15 lakes. Of course, I will tell you the places to visit in these lakes.

By the way, because Konya has the continental climate, winters can be cold, and summers can be very hot. Before making a plan to Konya travel, I definitely recommend you go to Konya, taking into the seasonal conditions.

Another name is Konya is Grain Storehouse. Since many cereal productions in our country are made in Konya, this name has been taken. Are we shocked! Of course, not.

In Konya, which has such a wide area, the industry has also developed a lot. There are 4 organized industrial sites. Factories that trade in more than 100 countries, especially the machinery industry, serve in Konya.

3. Konya Travel Guide

Let’s come to our favorite part. I would like to summarize how you can visit Konya more easily, along with explaining the places to visit in Konya. Now:

Konya is a city visited by nearly 2 million people a year. In fact, I am going to give a little bit of information before: Mevlana Museum located in Konya where the most tourists’ influx to after Haghia Sophia, Topkapı Palace, and Ephesus Antique City.Konya

When so many tourists come, the Municipality of Konya has worked hard and public transportation has also improved. Especially with the tramway, you can reach many places. With your own car, you can travel easily in 4 or sometimes 6 lane roads. In Konya, where there is almost no traffic, you can reach the city center in 20 minutes. The beauties that are given to us living in Istanbul…

4. Transportation to Konya and Transportation in Konya

If you are asking how to go to Konya: The most beautiful way is the flight (I tell you to go to from Istanbul). The airport is already in the heart of the city and the heart of Konya is known as Konya Province.

There are 3 districts in Center of Konya: Selçuklu, Meram and Karatay districts. If you want to arrive at the center of Konya from the airport, you can get the city center from the airport in 20 minutes. It takes 50 minutes from Istanbul to Konya by plane.

Transportation by plane to Konya: Konya Airport is located almost in the heart of the city. Especially, daily flights are arranged from 2 airports in Istanbul.

You can find flight tickets at prices changing from 150-300 TL round-trip from both Istanbul and Izmir. After arriving at the airport, you can go to the city center with Havaş, which serves every half hour, for a charge of 10 TL. You can arrive at the city center by taxi. It will probably cost about 40-50 TL on average.

Transportation to Konya by train: You can go to Konya in 1 hour and 15 minutes by high-speed trains between Ankara and Konya. I guess there are no train lines from other places. Konya train station is also in the heart of the city. Even by walking, you can go to many places in the center of Konya.

The high-speed train serves between Konya and Ankara.

Transportation to Konya by bus: People may come from almost all the provinces to Konya Intercity Bus Terminal; from the tramway which is placed just outside the terminal, you can reach the tramway where you want.Konya

Konya city transportation: Tramway. The best option would be to use the tram. Even more, information is to you: In Konya, trams serve 24 hours a day. I’m surprised. You pay 1.80 TL as the charge. In Konya, you can look at Transportation in Konya link to see all the maps about transportation.

5. Accommodation in Konya

There are also many options for accommodation in Konya. You can find hotels on almost every budget.

6. Entertainment-Nightlife in Konya

How is the nightlife in Konya? Where to go for fun in Konya? I will tell you: In Konya, nightlife means sema-like demonstrations. The place where you will see the sema-like demonstration is, Mevlana Cultural Center.

The Mevlana Cultural Center, which is located on a total area of 100,000 square meters, is organizing the sema-like demonstration every evening. On Saturdays, there are free shows of sema, other days are paid and the admission charge is 7-10 TL. If you come to Konya, I suggest you to never come back without joining the sema-like demonstration.Konya

For shopping, you can visit 7 shopping malls in Konya. Or you can walk around in the Historical Covered Bazaar. There are 2,618 shops here. You should not, of course, come back to Konya until you buy Mevlana candy.

In the evenings, you can want to chat in some cafes. Then, you can go to the city center.

7. Which meals are eaten in Konya?

What to eat in Konya? What rich dishes! Especially meat-based cuisine in Konya; you can eat famous meat-bread (quick bread with ground meat layer on top), oven kebab, okra soup, yogurt soup, tirit(some kind of dessert) in Tiritçi Mithat before you come back.Konya

As a dessert, it is also eaten as Zerde(saffron and rice dessert). I like to hear you say “What about Konya restaurants?”. Let me tell:

8. Restaurants to eat meals in Konya

I told the dishes. Which restaurant in Konya is the place to eat? I am very selective about food; I want to list a few restaurants in Konya that I like very much about myself.

First of all, you can start to eat from Tiritçi Mithat with its tirit. Actually, I could not taste this. It’s such a pity! I went to the door but turned with empty hands. Unfortunately, it finished. If you go; I would like to say that you will pay 26 TL for tirit and 5 TL for Zerde.Konya

Another suggestion is the Mevlevi Sofrasi. In the Mevlevi Sofrasi Restaurant which I tasted exquisite Konya dishes; the okra soup was great and the price was 9 TL. The meat-bread after it is crunchy and I tell the truth: We are not eating meat-bread in Istanbul.

The price is 12 TL. As a main dish, I ate tirit and it was also delicious. Price is 24 TL. It cannot be without ayran (a drink made of yogurt and water)! No way. Its price was 3 TL. In the view of the Mevlana Museum, I liked very much with the view of the Mevlevi Sofrası.

9. Places to visit in Konya

I can write long articles about places to visit in Konya. I have already told this historical city, which I cannot finish. So, if you look at writing a more detailed article entitled Places to visit in Konya, you can find every point to visit in Konya.Konya

In summary, places to visit in Konya are:

  • Konya Mevlana Mausoleum (Mevlana Museum)
  • İplikci Mosque
  • Şerafettin Mosque
  • Şemsi Tebrizi Mosque
  • Karatay Madrasa
  • Ince Minare Madrasa
  • Alaeddin Hill(Alaaddin Mosque – Alaaddin Mansion)
  • Konya Tropical Butterfly Garden
  • Sille
  • Mevlana Cultural Center
  • Akyokuş
  • Konya Archeology Museum
  • Çatalhöyük
  • Kilistra Antique City
  • Konya Meram
  • Tomb of Nasreddin Hoca
  • Salt Lake
  • Lake Beysehir

10. How many days should you stay in Konya?

There are so many places to visit in Konya. At least, only 2-3 days is not enough for the city center and Sille. So, even if it is not for all Konya, you can separate 2-3 days to visit the center of Konya and close places, I think.Konya

If you want to see places such as Beysehir, Kilistra Antique City, the tomb of Nasreddin Hoca which is located in Akşehir County, Yerköprü waterfall, I suggest you visit Konya for 4-5 days. It is necessary at least 3-4 days, even for touring Konya’s historical places.

11. What are the things to do in Konya before coming back?

  • Without visiting Sille
  • One evening at the Mevlana Cultural Center without watching the sema-like demonstration
  • Without tasting the delicious dishes of Konya
  • Without visiting the Konya Tropical Butterfly Garden
  • Without testing the fountain in Iplikçi Mosque
  • Without visiting at Konya Mevlana Museum
  • Without falling in love with the art of tile found in the ceiling of the Karatay Madrasa,
  • Without witnessing a unique sunset in Salt Lake, if you still have time do not come back 🙂

12. When should we go to Konya?

I think that although it is cold, it is necessary to go to Night of Union period (Şeb-i Aruz) (7-17 December). The main events are organized on December 17th, but the city becomes a very different mood. Mevlana’s death anniversary events are an event that everyone should see once in a lifetime. In Night of Union activities; there are sema ceremonies and hymns and prayed.Konya

Şeb-i aruz means the wedding night. The day is known as the day Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi died in Mevleviyeh. The reason for the wedding night is that Mevlana thinks that he would find love with God.

If you ask “What is another date to visit Konya?”; It is better to go in September-October or April-May since Konya has a continental climate. In that time the weather neither is hot nor cold, and I also think the city won’t be crowded according to other seasons.



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  1. An excellent Konya day tour… This one day trip to Konya was a perfect day! We explored a great part of the silk road and an ancient caravanserai where you still feel the vibrant atmosphere of old times before we headed to Konya. Ferhat, our guide, knows a lot about Rumis and Shams’s lives, their teachings, and anecdotes, it was so interesting to listen to him. We had enough free time to visit Rumi’s tomb and the ancient dervish lodge to know more about daily life there and how people could become dervish. Also, we visited a madrasa with one of the most beautiful entries in Turkey. The lunch was also great, we went to a restaurant with typical Konya food, excellent too! Since that was a small group, we could ask all the questions and not just learn about Sufism, also about Turkey in general. Ferhat, thank you very much for this unforgettable day in Konya!