Kuşadası, one of the leading districts of Aydın’s tourism area, offers many options for vacationers. With the beauty of the beaches, the diversity of nature and the ease of accessibility to other touristic places in the region, you can benefit from the list we prepared for you while you want to visit in the highlighted point in the town.


Places to Visit in Kuşadası

The list of places to visit in Kuşadası, which is believed of it history based on the Ionian civilization, is generated places that will spend your restricted holidays with peace and joy. You can reach the places on the list by short trips by land.

Kuşadası National Park

Kusadasi National Park, where 209 birds have lived, is located between Kuşadası and Söke. The national park, 28 km away from Kuşadası, attracts domestic and foreign tourists thanks to its coastal features including different coastal forms. The biological diversity is created by the sweet and salty lagoon system of the region, makes it particularly easy for nature photographers to capture beautiful photographs. In addition to the natural beauties, you can see the historical remains of the national park when you walk to the foothill of Dilek Hill.Kusadasi / National Park

Güvercinada (Literally: Pigeon Island)

On the Pigeon Island that constitutes the source of the current name, it is based on the Byzantine period and has a castle with the same name as the island. The castle, which was connected to the mainland with the work made in 1957. With the lighting system, in the Kusadasi coast provide a magnificent view for the vacationers. In the past, many birds, especially pigeons, have been hosted. You can watch the unique sunset as you drink in the tea gardens around the island and in the castle.Guvercinada - Pigeon Island

Öküz Mehmed Pasha Caravanserai

The Öküz Mehmet Paşa Caravanserai, where the holidaymakers who want to visit the historical sites in the Kuşadası, is located near the Port of Kuşadası. Built-in 1618 by the Grand Vizier Öküz Mehmet Pasha, Kursunlu Inn attracts attention with its appearance resembling a small inner castle. There are a hotel and souvenir shops in the building, which is completely constructed using stone materials.Okuz Mehmet Pasa Caravanserai

Zeus Cave

It is believed that this cave when Zeus teased his brother Poseidon and waited for calming down him, and it is located the entrance of the Dilek peninsula. The cool waters of the Zeus Cave, where the local people are used extensively in winter, and tourists are used in summer, are formed by the mixing of fresh water from the mountains with salt water from the sea. If you want to take the mud that the cave is believed to be good on the skin, you should dive at least 4 meters in the natural pool.Zeus Cave / Kusadasi

Ladies Beach

Thanks to the blue sea and the unique beach, it has received the Blue Flag award. The most famous beach of Kuşadası is located 3 km away from the town center. You can reach the center easily by using the buses. Ladies Beach can be accessed without paying a fee. You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas at the beach with a length of 1 km.Kusadasi - Ladies Beach


Davutlar Region, where the deep blue sea, green and untouched forests junctions, is located 19 km from Kuşadası. The natural parks within the region which the beaches into the sea and the hiking paths are attracting the interest of the vacationers throughout the year. In addition to the hotels in Kuşadası district center, you can also stay at the hotels in Davutlar.Davutlar / Kusadasi

Dilek Peninsula National Park

Thanks to the natural richness and historical ruins, the national park finds itself in the lists of places to visit Kusadasi of tourists who love nature and history. There are 804 plant species and 6 endemic species only in the world of such as Anatolian Parsi is a relict, which attracted the interest of nature photographers in the national park. You can cool off by swimming in the beaches of the national park located on the foothill of Dilek Mountain; you can reach the historical ruins of Ionian Civilization by walking on the paths.Dilek Peninsula National Park / Kusadasi

Kaleiçi Mosque

The Kaleiçi Mosque was built by Öküz Mehmet Paşa in the 17th century along with the caravanserai and baths. It is the oldest mosque in Kuşadası. It was built on 1.800 m² area using face stones. The main door of the religious building contains the delicacies of Ottoman woodwork. 550 people can worship in the worship section beneath the bullet-covered dome, which is shown as the most magnificent mosque in the province.Kaleici Mosque / Kusadasi

Kurşunlu Monastery

The Kursunlu Monastery has located 10 km from Davutlar. It is thought to have been built by the Byzantines in the 11th century. The monastery was built on a hill behind Davutlar because it was protected from attack and provided educational services. The view of the bay overlooking the bird’s eye is fascinated. It partially protects the integrity of its exterior walls. All parts of the religious building can still be seen in more detail.Kursunlu Monastery / Kusadasi

Didyma Ancient City

The name of the ancient city means “twin sister” in Greek. It is located in the Söke district of Aydın. After Alexander the Great’s victory in Persia, construction began. The ancient city dedicated to Apollo is known to be the most important prophecy center of its time. Holidaymakers who interested in mythology can reach Kuşadası by a short land walk. The most important structures that can be seen in the area are the Temple of Apollo, the bath complex, and the cistern.
Didyma Ancient City

Kustur Beach

Kustur Beach is one of the oldest and most interesting beaches of the county. It is located at the Selçuk entrance of Kuşadası. It is a beach where daily trips and tourists show intense interest. It is 600 meters long coastline has made of sand and stone. You can enter to Kustur Beach free of charge. You can rent chairs and umbrellas at low fees. You can also choose to stay at a high-quality hotel just behind the beach and have fun at Adaland Aquapark.
Kustur Beach / Kusadasi

Ephesus Ancient City (Daily Trip)

Ephesus Ancient City is located within the border of Selçuk County, 20 km from Kuşadası. Thanks to the history based on the Neolithic Age, holidaymakers who interested in history, find themselves on the list of “places to visit Kuşadası“. You can reach Kusadasi in 20-30 minutes by using the road. The ruins of the ancient city are spread over an area of 8 km. Ephesus is the first city in history to be made entirely of marble. For places of interest, you can give priority to the Temple of Artemis, the Library of Celsus and the Seven Sleepers.
Ephesus Ancient City

Şirince Village (Daily Trip)

You can visit Şirince Village in Selçuk from Kuşadası for a day visit. Selçuk district center is located 8 km away. The houses in the neighborhood do not close each other’s view. You can taste local delicacies in the restaurants and use boutique hotels for your stay. Viniculture and olive cultivation have improved. You can buy and taste delicious fruit wines at the local shops. While visiting the narrow streets of the village, you can visit the churches built by the ancient Greek settlers.
Sirince Village

The House of Virgin Mary (Daily Trip)

The house of Virgin Mary is located at Bülbül Mountain, 9 km from the town center. It is a historical and sacred place that overlooks the ancient city of Ephesus where it is located. It can be visited for 5 TL. The house, believed to have passed the last years of Mother Mary, has been visited by Christians since 1961 as a pilgrimage place. After visiting the church and its surroundings, you can rest in the cafeteria around. You can buy souvenirs from souvenir shops.
House of Virgin Mary / Day Trip

İsabey Mosque

In 1375, it was built by the architect Şamlı Ali by requesting Aydınoğlu Isa Bey. Isabey Mosque located between the Temple of Artemis in the Selçuk district and St. Jean Church. It is the most important and magnificent structure of the region 3dating from the Anatolian Beyliks. When you look carefully at the walls of the building you can see the architectural pieces brought from Ephesus and the Temple of Artemis.
Isabey Mosque

Other Places to Visit in Kuşadası

In the “Places to Visit Kusadasi,” we listed the most important places to visit in the city and its surroundings. Apart from these, there are plenty of places to visit in the center of Kusadasi and around. Travelers who are on the way can take a look at the following points:

The Temple of Artemis, Adaland Aquapark, Andes Castle, Aquafantasy Aquapark, Ege Port, Küçükada Castle, Millet Theater (Didim), Panionion,Aya Yorgi Monastery, City Bath, Büyük Menderes Delta, Değirmen Restaurant, Gazibeğendi Hill, Hagios Antonios Monastery, Hanım Mosque…


Where to stay in Kuşadası?

Many civilizations have been hosting since the first ages. Kuşadası is also enjoying the holidaymakers’ pleasure with the accommodation centers that stay as much as the places to visit. It attracts attention with its intensity in the center and its proximity to historic areas and beaches. Hundreds of high-quality service facilities offer exceptional services to guests.



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