Information about Lake Salda, Mars on Earth!


Salda Lake has a charming blue color. It is among the deepest lakes in the world with a depth of 184 meters. The characteristics of Lake Salda are similar to some kind of rock in Mars. Salda, a crater lake, has one of the most impressive images in the world.

In Salda Lake, there are structures known as stromatolic rocks in science. Scientists found the same structures in Mars. The structure of Lake Salda is thought to resemble that of the red planet which generated millions of years ago. Scientists think that there might be many Salda Lake-like structures on Mars in the past.

The rock type in Salda Lake can be seen in two places in the world. One of these places is known as Salda Lake. It is often said that the structures found here may be the first example of extraterrestrial life.

What to do in Salda?

1. Take A Tour If You Want To Enjoy Salda!

With an excellent view of Salda Lake. It is one of the most fascinating places in the world with its unique appearance. You cannot see the scenery you see here anywhere else in the world. So make sure you take a long walk around this mystical place. This walk will give you peace of mind and give you the chance to see structures you’ve never seen before!

Salda Lake is around 44 km in diameter. There are bicycle rental places around the lake. Bicycles can be rented from these shops. On the roads around Lake Salda, there is no uphill. So cycling here is a very enjoyable activity.

2. Watch the Enchanting Sunset of Lake Salda!

Lake Salda is located at a very high altitude. 1880 meters above Salda Lake, you have the chance to watch all the cloud movements. Because of the high and open landscape, here is a great sunset view! Salda Lake is one of the top 5 places to watch the sunset! Be sure to watch this fascinating sunset view every day you are here. You can rest assured that it will provide you with an unforgettable visual feast throughout your life.

Of course, it is a good idea to have a camera with you for this beautiful view. In Salda Lake, you can easily take dozens of photos that will be the first in photo contests. Due to the structure of Lake Salda, you will be able to take photos that you have never had the chance to take before.

3. Discover the White Islands of Lake Salda!

There are 7 special white islands in Salda Lake. Visiting these places is quite enjoyable. If you come to Salda Lake, make sure you stop by these islands. To go to these islands you have to walk in the sea. The only chance to get to the islands is to walk, people love to experience it.

4. Eat Turkish Food!

In Salda Lake, there are many restaurants special to the region. You can enjoy Turkish dishes at these restaurants. The sights of the restaurants are quite interesting. At the same time, the restaurants have very good quality kitchens. Here you can find many Turkish dishes you want to eat.

5. In the Private Nature Park, Enter the Water!

In Salda Lake, it only uses certain areas to enter the water. Because swimming in Salda Lake can be dangerous because of its depth. So you can swim in the Nature Park, in the area marked by the local government. Swimming here will be a very special experience.

What are Salda Lake Properties?

1.) Lake Salda is the 5th cleanest lake in the world. The water here is very clear and has a special look.

2.) The depth of Salda lake is approximately 184 meters. It is among the deepest freshwater lakes in the world.

3.) Lake Salda is not only famous for its lake. One of the most famous spots here is the land! The land here is one of the most special lands in the world. Salda Lake, with its white soil, will impress you! The items you leave in the soil here can turn white!

4.) Lake Salda is home to endangered ducks. There are also 3 freshwater fish species in the lake. There are various animals in the region such as pigs, foxes, turtles.

5.) Lake Salda is a completely natural place. People didn’t build any buildings here. So this place has a very special look.

6.) Lake Salda is a tectonic crater lake. This place offers special offers for those who love their skin.

7.) Lake Salda is an ideal place for those who want to have a mud bath.

8.) It is possible to camp in Salda Lake, many campers come from all over the world.



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