This structure, which had been destroyed by the earthquake, reached to the today with all its fragments in ruins. The long and narrow structure entrance was made with two doors on the narrow side. The structure is divided into two, with a row of columns in a monolithic dor-style structure, made of travertine blocks, carrying a heavy roof. There is a canal which carries sewage water to the sewer in the street.

Latrina / Pamukkale - Hierapolis Ancient City

In Latrina in Hierapolis, there is a bench with holes on it to sit along the inner wall. There was a clean water channel for sanitary needs in front of the channel carrying the dirty water. The base is arranged with travertine plates carrying traces of use and abrasion. The building was built in the 1st century AD. For the date of the demolition and the date of the earthquake, the writing which was in the name of Emperor Justinianus with red paint on half columns has great importance.

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