Maiden’s Tower

Maiden’s Tower, which has been a supply of idea for splendor and poetry with its beauty, is one of the most beautiful constructions of Istanbul in phrases of architecture. The moving history and unique view of the tower, in which all sorts of legends are derived, make at least as fascinating as the Topkapi Palace and the Blue Mosque. Let’s talk about the details of the building earlier than extending it further.

Maiden's Tower

Information About Maiden’s Tower

The tower is built on a small island, is about 18 meters. The building is composed of 5 floors, the last ultimate Byzantine structure in Üsküdar District. In the ancient times of the tower, Damalis, the spouse of the King of Athens, Chares, was named. The tower, which was once stimulated through the legend of the “Tower of Leandros“, was once named as “Arcla” (Small Castle) in the Byzantine period. Those who gave their identity to the historical structure today became Ottomans.

In the past, earthquake catastrophes and the tower, which has been in a state of affairs that cannot be used many times, Mahmud was the result of the restore work throughout the period. Even at some point of these works, the Sultan’s brick was introduced to the entrance of the constructing together with an inscription.

Maiden's Tower

History of Maiden’s Tower

Historical sources for the first time in his identify BC. The tower, which was once spoken in the year 410, was built by Athenian Alkibiades to control the ship traffic in the Bosphorus and to receive taxes from them. In 341 BC, Chares positioned a sarcophagus for his wife, which became a vital manipulate factor thanks to the chain drawn from Sarayburnu Beach.

During the Roman period, the constructing commenced obtaining its current appearance. The tower, achieved by the order of Emperor Manuel Comnenos, used to be made to help shield the city. The historic tower, which has been devastated many instances over the centuries, grew to be a refuge for the Venetian fleet to store the town from the Ottoman siege in the late Byzantine times.

Maiden's Tower

Following the capture of the Ottoman city, big renovations had been carried out in the building. In this period, though the constructing defense function used to be not lost, it used to be often used for the demonstration of the Mehteran Team.

During the Republican era, the tower used to be predominantly served via government groups such as the Naval Forces Command, Maritime Businesses. The constructing has been used for a long time as a station for more than a few purposes and has been taken to a large-scale restoration manner between 1995-2000. The building, which is opened to the public after the completion of the works, is now being operated as a restaurant and museum by means of a personal company.

Maiden's Tower

Legend Of Maiden’s Tower

Even though it is in the center of a big metropolis like Istanbul, it is a place where people can not reach easily, inflicting the emergence of many myths that lead to the work over time.

The most famous story about the tower is about the daughter of the emperor. According to rumors, it grew to be a daughter of the Byzantine emperor. The happiness of the emperor who celebrated the birthday and the birthday of the princess did no longer closing very long. Because the oldest of the scholars, the mighty ruling daughter said that she would be bitten by a serpent earlier than 18 and die. On top of that, the emperor placed the daughter in the tower, restoring the midst of the sea. However, the princess who lived in impervious surroundings for a while, should now not break out fate and was once bitten through a snake that got here to the island in the fruit basket.

Maiden's Tower

After the death of his daughter, the emperor was once very sad and prepared a coffin for the princess. Then he put the coffin on one of the high partitions of Hagia Sophia so that the snakes would never reach his daughter. It is believed to be the job of the serpent, who, after the loss of life of the two delicacies on this coffin you can see at some stage in a visit to the Hagia Sophia Museum, does not depart at the back of the princess.

Another legend that is regularly informed goes via the Ottoman period. Battal Gazi, who came to besiege Istanbul with his army, set up his shore and stayed right here for seven years. In this case, the emperor’s daughter and his valuable treasure had been blanketed by way of the tower. Battal Gazi, who discovered about this situation, went to the tower quietly one night time and ignored both the prince and the treasure the place he was in love. Then he jumped to his horse and rapidly moved away from the area. I have heard that this story is believed to be the beginning factor of the phrase “The horse crossed Üsküdar“.

If you want to research any other story about Leandros, who falls in love with Hero, about the constructing that flips each night time to get to your liking, you can test out the article about Galata Tower.

Maiden's Tower

Maiden’s Tower Restaurant

Situated shut to the Marmara part of the special Bosphorus Strait, the Maiden Tower has a restaurant and bar serving 7 days a week. In the evenings, you can revel in scrumptious foods with your buddies in the metropolis view, and there is additionally a sunlight hour breakfast and lunch provider in the restaurant. Breakfast begins at 09.00 on weekdays and starts at 10.00 on weekends. It ends at 13.00. The lunch provider starts at 12.00.

The restaurant dinner menu consists of 2 exceptional options. The most favorite location in the menu of Kız Kulesi Restaurant, which is amongst the places I choose to have fun on special occasions, is that it has wealthy content in each option. You can check the restaurant’s menu and fees by entering the restaurant’s website.

Maiden's Tower

The Kulede Bar, which welcomes its visitors with a 360-degree view of the Bosphorus, is equipped to be arranged in a number organization. The bar, the place distinctive programs can be presented on request, is reachable between 20.15-00.30. You can locate unique facts about the restaurant and bar at The site also offers online reserving for users.

Where and how to go to the Maiden’s Tower?

You can reach the tower by the boat from Salacak or Kabataş. When I do no longer prefer to lose a lot of time, I choose the ready lines in Salacak Shore. The shields from Kabataş provide passengers a chance to breathe their throat air. From the date of 09:15 to 18:30, the ring constructions of the historical building from Salacak leave each 15 minutes. The flights from Kabatas start at 12.00 on weekdays and start at 10.00 on weekends. The last cease of the cars going from Kabataş every forty-five minutes is 19.00.

Maiden's Tower

Maiden’s Tower Visiting Days and Hours

Both museums and restaurants can be visited from 09:00 to 19:00, 365 days a year, which is a historic building. It is not necessary to make a reservation in order to take advantage of the fields in the daytime except breakfast.

As an entry fee for the tower, which is an indispensable part of the list of places to visit in Istanbul, 20 TL per adult, 10 TL for students.

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