Maşukiye, a city of Kocaeli’s Kartepe District, is one of the most popular places in latest years with its wealth of places to go to and its nature. The region, which is 20 km away from Izmit, is specifically recognized by using the wealthy who flock to the place on the weekend. There is a dazzling nature in Maşukiye the place Lake Sapanca is in the north and Kartepe is in the south. You can hear to your head and revel in scrumptious tastes, mainly in the vicinity well-known for its natural sprinkled breakfast and trout amenities protected with waterfalls.


Places to Visit in Maşukiye

Maşukiye, previously recognized as Voçbe Hable, used to be centered by way of the Circassians who settled in the location after the end of the Caucasian-Russian wars ending in 1864. The mind-blowing nature of the Black Sea with its incredible vegetation-like greenery. The name of Maşukiye comes from “Mashuk” which capacity “in love“. There are many matters you can do in Maşukiye, one of the most famous destinations in the latest years, mainly among the most popular weekend getaways. You can start the day with a delicious breakfast, go for a nice walk in the woods, hire an ATV or bicycle, walk down to the shore of Lake Sapanca in the immediate vicinity, and have dinner at famous restaurants for its waterfalls. If you are visiting Maşukiye in the winter months, you can go to Kartepe and revel in the snow on the pinnacle of the ski resorts.

What are the well-known locations you can see around Maşukiye?


Maşukiye, Center

There is now not an awful lot in the region, without for the restaurants, though the first location on the listing of locations to go to is sincerely central. You can go to the cherry gardens in the location famous for cherries. On the other hand, you can go to the fruit and vegetable market in the center rectangular on Sundays and buy sparkling produce. Directly contrary to the market there are mini-shops referred to as small crafts markets.


Alabalık Restaurants

Meat is mean organic sprinkled breakfast and trout. The best location for them is the trout restaurants spread in the center of Maşukiye. The greatest feature of the restaurants is that they are all in harmony with nature, with many small waterfalls within a few of them. Many of the restaurants in the center are in this building. If you head out to Kartepe, you will reach the more traditional restaurant-style facilities but with a view. If you will be staying in the area for at least one night, you may have traveled to different places by eating your breakfast and a separate preparation on a separate basis. There are many restaurants in Maşukiye.

Masukiye Fish Restaurant

The most famous restaurants in Maşukiye: Hidden Garden Restaurant, Vadi Restaurant, Deep Irmak Breakfast House, Yesilkoy Sapanca Restaurant, Green Blue Restaurant, Pınar Trout, Cansu Trout, Ottoman Garden, Acacia Trout.

There are more facilities like these restaurants. It would be wrong to say the most beautiful. The good thing is that the service can be bad. This is why you can conduct a brief survey of restaurants before your trip if you are skeptical about the facility. If you do not notice, you can stop by the Vadi Restaurant for the first time. Do not forget, restaurants are famous for their natural beauty. Trouts do not have a tasty promise, but the quality of service or something you have a great anticipation.


Do not come back without visiting Sapanca, right beside Maşukiye. Especially, do not leave the area without taking a walk on the beach in the center of Lake Sapanca, or even riding the sea bike. Kırkpınar, located on the road from Maşukiye to Sapanca, has very nice facilities where you can eat and drink at the side of Sapanca Lake.

Sapanca Lake
Sapanca Lake


Kartepe, which is well-known for ski tourism close to Istanbul, is placed about 16 km from Marşukiye. The journey takes about 25 minutes by using a car. The 1601 m high mountain is the second perfect mountain in the Marmara Area. At the peak of Kartepe, there is a facility known as Green Park Hotel. There is a beautiful ski lodge in the hotel. You can continue to be at this hotel, as nicely as pay at check-in and inn facilities. You can rent ATVs, bicycles, and ski in the hotel, consume and drink at the sausage house and different cafes. Besides ski tourism, Kartepe is a location to be seen. There is a tremendous nature. When you go to Kartepe you can see many eating places around. Especially if you favor to sit down in opposition to Lake Sapanca and devour something, you can select one of these restaurants.

Kartepe Ski Center
Kartepe Ski Center


There are many important highlands in Maşukiye, famous for its magnificent nature, where you can live in calm. Kuzu Plateau and Kirazlı Plateau are the most famous ones. Apart from these, Çiğdem Plateau, Soğucak Plateau, Menekşe Plateau, Sultanpınar Plateau, Dikmen Plateau are beautiful places you can see around.

Menekşe Plateau in Maşukiye
Menekşe Plateau in Maşukiye

How to go to Maşukiye?

Located 129 km from Istanbul, 36 km from Kocaeli and 13 km from Sapanca, Maşukiye has a wealth of transportation options. You can reach the area by E5 or TEM motorways. Go from Istanbul to İzmit direction and exit Izmit East exit and go towards Adapazarı towards Sapanca. After this point, you will see the Masked Plaques. From Adapazarı, you can follow the directions of Kartepe and Maşukiye signs from there. If you prefer E5, go 7-8 km from Izmit then go to Sapanca, 7-8 km to Maşukiye.

Although it is a bit complicated to say, it is actually very convenient to reach Maşukiye. Open your maps from your smartphones, you can reach the region without the nerve stress.


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