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Paşabağı Valley

We will now take some time to tell you about one of Cappadocia’s unique beauties, Paşabağı Valley. Also known as Priests Valley, it is one of the must-see places in Cappadocia.

Fairy Chimneys in Paşabağı Valley

You may have heard of the fairy chimneys that have built the throne within the borders of Cappadocia. Because even those who do not see themselves, the fairy chimneys are among the worthy occurrences. How do the fairy chimneys create a visual feast with their tiny sizes?

Fairy Chimneys in Paşabağı (Priests) Valley - Cappadocia

These formations, which is as a result of the erosion of the tuff structures by the violent effect of the flood waters and the wind that flow from the slopes of the valleys, have conical bodies. Reminiscent of a roof or a mushroom by the hill parts, the rock blocks on the tops of these works vary in diameter from 1 meter to 15 meters. Each formation that fits these dimensions is a fairy chimney, and why the upper parts are less abrasive is a question mark on our heads. However, the materials found in the lower parts of these formations have more easily abrasive properties.

Fairy Chimneys in Paşabağı (Priests) Valley - Cappadocia

The hat on the top is less worn and is less shaped. As the tuffs are impermeable, you can see them in the Priests Valley, which has been continually eroded to take this appearance for centuries.
Both the Paşabağı Valley and the Priests Valley, which have been preserved for hundreds of years, are in a state of grave ornaments and they welcome all visitors. It is thought that there are millions of people who come to see the unique beauty of the vanguard from one side of the world. The most famous of the valleys in Cappadocia, the Paşabağı Valley takes its place in the most important position in the region.

Fairy Chimneys in Paşabağı (Priests) Valley - Cappadocia

Paşabağı Valley is the most characteristic area belonging to the Cappadocia region. There are many places to see in this area for tourists coming from every nation every year, even the many churches in the region.
There is a rumor that the monks in the area were retiring in this place very long ago. While this information is only a rumor before you come to this region, you realize that you have entered the Priests Valley and that it has a lot of truth. Because this region of Cappadocia is the quietest and peaceful region, it guarantees that you will be able to sit for hours without even talking here.
There is a gendarmerie district at the entrance of the Paşabağı Valley. But the place where the gendarmerie is located is also in a fairy chimney. In other words, the region has been fully adopted and it is desired to be conveyed to other people. At the entrance of the valley, it is possible to come across the tour buses in the big size at the parking lot of the cars. Especially tour companies come here frequently from the Eastern countries.

Fairy Chimneys in Paşabağı (Priests) Valley - Cappadocia
After the tourists have started to travel in the valley through the travel guides, there is an anticlimactic retreat corner. After this chapel, the valley is separated into different roads and the fairy chimneys are waiting for you everywhere, which are impossible to catch your eye.
Well, during this wonderful trip, you will become hungry and your eyes will look for something to eat after some time. We will lighten you immediately. At the entrance to the valley, you can have a nice breakfast with toast and pancakes in the tea stoves. Besides, there are exhibitions selling touristic goods that you will be able to examine right after you eat.

Fairy Chimneys in Paşabağı (Priests) Valley - Cappadocia
The remaining grape clusters and logs, which are in the valley, attract a great deal of attention in the presence of bird sounds. It is also possible to see lots of beekeepers in the area. When you travel, you can eat plenty of mulberries from mulberry trees. Even thinking that you are living in the caves in the valley is enough to open the doors of the worlds to spend a few hours which you are totally at peace, away from the technology world we are living in.

Fairy Chimneys in Paşabağı (Priests) Valley - Cappadocia

Where is Paşabağı Valley and How to Go There?

Paşabağı Valley located in Nevsehir and Goreme national parks, which are located just before reaching Zelve when approaching from Goreme road. The name of the valley in Zelve Road is called the Zelve Valley.
There are two options to go to Priests Valley. The first one is when you approach from the Avanos side to Avanos- Çavuşin road and deviate to Zelve just before reaching Çavuşin, and the other road is simply following the Avanos-Ürgüp route.

Fairy Chimneys in Paşabağı (Priests) Valley - Cappadocia

Zelve Ruins is 5 km from Avanos and 1 km from Paşabağ. It is known as the area where the fairy chimneys are most frequently located in the Cappadocia region. The fact that the first religious seminars for priests are given in Zelve and that Christians make here the center of life make the region special. Zelve Historical Site opens its branches with unlimited beauties to all the visitors who come to the museum.

Fairy Chimneys in Paşabağı (Priests) Valley - Cappadocia

Paşabağı Valley Entrance Fee

Having a unique beauty, this place’s entrance fee is abolished and now free to enter. So you can see the valley without spending any extra money and listen to the bird sounds while having a feast for your eyes.

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