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Rumeli Fortress

Fatih Sultan Mehmet is the evidence of how serious the conquest of Istanbul is in Rumeli Fortress. Having watched the throat with a protector for thousands of years collectively with the twins, the fortress progressively left this obligation and grew to become an area where the humans of the area had been sheltered first and then the cultural businesses had been organized.

Rumeli Fortress

Information About Rumeli Fortress

The development of the military shape ordered with the aid of Fatih to be carried against the Anatolian Fortress in order to make sure the safety of the Bosporus began on April 15, 1452. There are exclusive opinions about when the building on the 30 acres of land near the narrowest point of the Bosphorus is completed.

Like the completion process, the identity differs according to the source. “Kulle-i Cedide” in Fatih foundations; Kemalpaşazade, Aşıkpaşazade, and Nişancı in the records of the “Boğazkesen Fortress” named army shape in the history of Neşri “Yenice Fortress” was once noted in the name.

Rumeli Fortress

The substances used in the building of the fortress have been brought here from various components of Anatolia like İzmit, Black Sea Ereğli. The piece stones had been dismantled from the Byzantine structures in the ruined state. Architect Ekrem According to Ayverdi, about 300 craftsmen, and 750 employees had been employed in the development of the fortress. In addition to this, about 200 caravans, transporters, and boatmen worked.

The internal section of the historical building, which was restored after the earthquake in 1509 and the fireplace catastrophe in 1746, was once as soon as filled with wooden houses. These houses were demolished in 1953 below the supervision of 3 Turkish woman architects appointed by means of President Celal Bayar, and the constructing was once given an ancient glory.

Fortress is used nowadays as a museum and open-air theater. The theater branch is in general host to domestic and overseas music organizations, particularly in the summer season.

Rumeli Fortress

Where and how to go to Rumeli Fortress?

The marvelous navy structure that gave its name to the mosque is placed within the boundaries of Sarıyer District, which arouses admiration for those who see it with its special texture. The Bosphorus on Yahya Kemal Street, which runs parallel to the Bosphorus, can be reached without difficulty with the aid of skill of buses, metro, Metrobus and sea buses that makeup Istanbul’s developed public transportation network.

Rumeli Fortress

If you are considering coming to Taksim or Besiktas, you can use 40T, 42T, 25E and 22 buses. If your choice is in this direction, you can get off at any of the Rumeli Fortress, Aşiyan and Rumeli Fortress Üstü stops. Also, if you use metro, you can without problems go to Bosphorus University and Etiler stations by the citadel.

Rumeli Fortress

Departments of Rumeli Fortress

Each part was once assigned to the manipulate of a pashant throughout the constructing process. For this reason, names of Saruca, Halil and Zaganus Pasha, who undertook the mission of supervising the 3 giant towers of the fortress, have been given. There is additionally a small tower in Fortress called Zağanos Pasha.

Saruca Pasha and Halil Pasha towers have been built with 9 floors and Zaganos Pasha Tower with 8 floors. Halil Pasha and Saruca, whose altitudes fluctuate between 22 and 28 meters, are 23.30 meters in diameter while the Zaganos Pasha Tower has a diameter of 26.70 meters.

Rumeli Fortress

The entrance to the constructing is supplied from 4 bases and 1 tally door. The fundamental gates are referred to through the names of Mountain, Dizdar, Fortresspece, and Sel. Tali was once given the name of the cemetery in the door.

There is not a closed exhibition location in the fortress. For this reason, the balls are exhibited in the gardens and a section of the chain believed to be used in the closure of the Golden Horn.

Rumeli Fortress

Rumeli Fortress Entrance Fee 2018

The entrance fee is 10 TL, you can visit every day of the week from 09:00 am beside Wednesday. On the first days of spiritual holidays, the historic constructing opens its doors at 13.00. The closing hours of the Navy building which witnessed the conquest of Istanbul have been determined as 19.00 between April 15 and October 2, and 17.00 between three October and 14 April.


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