One of Turkey’s most popular destinations, Sakarya nature in the famous town of Sapanca things to traffic too many alternatives on locations does now not offer momentary holiday and the best day out the trail with weekend getaways.

Istanbul, Izmit, Bursa, and Eskisehir in close proximity to cities such as Sapanca’s nature, you can spend time with the interior. You can enjoy walking around Sapanca Lake, enjoy village breakfast and trout in Maşukiye, revel in a picnic in Sapanca’s lush forests and springs, as properly as snowboarding in Kartepte Ski Center, which is located close to the season.

For a lengthy time, I have been capable to make the plans a bit delayed if I graph for a great weekend in Sapanca. On my return trip, I determined to create a mini-list of places to visit in Sapanca in order to be useful to those who have made comparable plans.


Where to go in Sapanca?

Overall a small region in Sapanca. For this reason, the wide variety of locations to visit is truly limited, as I said at the beginning, however it has all the vital amenities for a peaceable weekend. Especially because of its proximity to Istanbul and its geography full of greenery, it is the tackle of temporary getaways. Some locations in our listing of locations to remain in Sapanca are located in the vicinity of the district center. If you are in a position to travel to Sapanca with your personal vehicle, you can explore the region more comfortably. Here are the loveliest locations you should visit in Sapanca.


Sapanca Lake

Sapanca is a quite small place. Many of people who come here for having a relaxing time can do it easily. The lake is 16 km lengthy surrounded with the aid of forests. The central part of Sapanca Lake is perfect for hiking. You can attain the facet of the lake via following the “Beach” arrows in Sapanca center. There is an exceptional place where you can stroll along the coast. There are many cafes along the way. If you want, you can sit down against the lake view. On the seashore, there are parking plenty for both your municipality and some cafes. Add this seaside to the first location on the list of locations to visit. If you want to have breakfast with views of Lake Sapanca, you can also test out Kırkpınar Beach.

Sapanca Lake

Rüstempaşa Mosque

The Rüstempaşa Mosque, positioned in the center, was constructed in 1555 with the aid of Rüstem Pasha, the lieutenant and sweetheart’s mother of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman. It is positioned in the core of the mosque built via the architects Mimar Sinan’s students. From the Sapanca shore, you can reach a quick time here.

Rustempasa Mosque / Sapanca

Byzantine Sarcophagi

There is a region where you constantly get out of your way when you do a search for places in Sapanca, the Byzantine Revelation. In all sources, there are four sarcophagi in front of the authorities building, two of them have been found close to the village of İlmiye in 1976 and the different two have been located at some stage in the construction of the 1987 E-5 motorway. I am nevertheless looking for the sarcophagi around the governor’s office, even though I discovered it, but I am still no longer sure that what I found is the proper component.

Vecihi Gate

The Vecihi Gate, another historic monument like the Byzantine Revelation, is also one of the most important historic monuments in the search for locations to go to in Sapanca. According to the proponents, this shape used to be determined on the Silk Road. It is said that Mimar Sinan is the artifact with no clear information. The building, which has been repaired many instances for the duration of its history, used to be originally constructed in accordance with the Yanyan Vecihi Orhan who was once the Directorate of the Township in Sapanca in 1905. I did now not see any instruction on the map or map of Vecihi Gate. I have not been capable to find many times, so I am adding it to the listing as information.

Vecihi Gate / Sapanca

Rahime Sultan Mosque

The Rahime Sultan Mosque, placed outside the center, was once constructed by way of the spouse of Sultan Adbulmecit in 1892. The mosque was once repaired in 1967 and the minaret was once damaged in the earthquake of 17 August. The mosque is now in the restoration process. Although you do no longer want to go to see the mosque, in particular, you can also choose to cease by way of right here on your way back.

Rahime Sultan Mosque / Sapanca


Maşukiye or Mashukiye, which is related to Kocaeli’s Kartepe district, is located about 20 minutes away from the core of Sapanca. Maşukiye has the largest varieties of trees and flowers of Turkiye. Mashukiye mainly famous for its trout and breakfast options. You can additionally find all the important points about Maşukiye in the spelling of locations.

Maşukiye / Sapanca


Especially famous in the winter months, Kartepe is positioned about forty-five minutes away from the center of Sapanca. Green Park Hotel is located at the peak of Kartepe and has a lovely ski resort. In the spring and summer time months, you can devour at the trout eating places in Kartepe towards the view of Lake Sapanca.

Kartepe / Sapanca

Hasan Fehmi Paşa Mosque

Hasan Fehmi Pasha Mosque positioned in Mahmudiye Village three km away from Sapanca was once built with the aid of Hasan Fehmi Pasha, one of the Ottoman viziers, in 1885. The interior decoration of the glass is pretty beautiful. If you fall to Kırkpınar you can stop by on the road.

Cami Cedid Mosque

This building was built in 1895 in Sapanca market. The mosque has turned into a beautiful building after successful renovations in recent years.

Cami Cedid Mosque / Sapanca

  • Kırkpınar: Situated on the edge of Sapanca, Kırkpınar is famed for its famous sights, greenery, and lush greenery. Kırkpınar, which hosts popular places, is like a summer resort. Especially on the short side, there are many beautiful services that you can consume and drink right on the shore of Lake Sapanca. If you can now not locate the vicinity on the map, you can take the “Atatürk Caddesi”, “Bagdat Caddesi” outside Sapanca.
  • Derbent: It is located 20 km from Derbent İzmit, which is linked to Kartepe district. The place located 10 minutes away from Mashukiye is intertwined with nature.
  • Aygır Creek: There are many guides you can hike in the location well-known for its lush inexperienced atmosphere.
  • İstanbuldere: Istanbul is surrounded with the aid of trees, every other choice for those looking for sparkling air and peace.
  • Plateaus: It is feasible to add extra springs to the listing of locations to visit. Some of the most famous springs in the place are Katirözü, Sağucak, Sultanpınar, Çiçekli, Hamzapınar, Dikmen and Soğucak.

Kartepe / Sapanca

Kuzuluk Spa

Kuzuluk Spa, which is said to be good at many things ranging from joint disorders to heart disorders, is located in Kuzuluk township of Akyazı district of Sakarya. Kuzuluk Holiday Village and Kuzuluk Thermal Hotel belonging to İhlas Holding are located 178 km away from Istanbul.

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