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Selime Monastery

I know you can’t see the ending of the bewitching beauties of Cappadocia. Selime, Güzelyurt is one of the places you shouldn’t leave without seeing in this unique town. Calling both types of people who are embracing history and can’t leave the nature, this place will take you far away and make you forget all of the hustle and bustle of daily struggles.

Selime Village / Güzelyurt / Cappadocia

Selime, which hosts thousands of tourists every year, is just around the end of Ihlara Valley. One of the first names that can be written under the title of places to visit in Cappadocia is in this region. Selime Village, which has adorned itself with many fairy chimneys on a steep slope, also has a cathedral in the form of a basilica. At the same time, Selime Sultan Tomb is located in this region. The mausoleum belongs to the Seljuk period and is also the owner of the name Selime Village. It is one of the rare beauties that make Selime home to history with its castle-carved churches.

Selime Monastery - Güzelyurt / Cappadocia

Güzelyurt is 45 km from Aksaray and 15 km from Ihlara Valley. Selime is among the places that are considered to be the backbone of Cappadocia with its witnessing natural beauties. Güzelyurt has become such an important place that there is a great labor of Naziandos Gregorius who is a cleric who worked to spread Christianity in ancient times.
I have said that the region is home to many churches. The High Church, Silvişli Church, Red Church, Ram Church and Ahmatli Church are also worth seeing. In addition to these, a building that was used as a church in 1891 and is now a mosque is also home to Güzelyurt, the pupil of Cappadocia.

Selime Monastery - Güzelyurt / Cappadocia

Selime Monastery (Cathedral)

Taking place in Cappadocia, the Selime Monastery, which comes out at the end of Ihlara Valley, welcomes 300 thousand tourists every year. If you look at the number of guests, you can understand that it is a place worth seeing.
The largest monastery of Cappadocia, which is bound to Güzelyurt district of Aksaray province, is located in Selime District. All of the locals and foreign tourists coming to the region meet the unique beauty fairy chimneys in the region.
Christians built many carved churches during the Roman period. They also worshiped in these hidden areas where they lived. However, Selime Monastery, which later became the home of the Seljuks, was used as the main fortress against the attacks of Mongols in Anatolia.

Selime Monastery - Güzelyurt / Cappadocia

Becoming more fascinating with the fairy chimneys, the town attracts tourists with its 100-carved space on the rock. With the number of foreign tourists around 300 thousand a year, you should see the unique beauty of the crowd never ending. In front of the Selime Monastery, there is the Selime Sultan Mausoleum which gives its name to the region. You can also go to the cathedral and the turban without having to go through the road.

Selime is perhaps one of the most important places that accompany history. Rome, Seljuk, Hittite, Persia, Asus, Byzantium Danish and Ottoman State living in the Selime at different periods left many traces. Those who had Orthodox beliefs lived here but were oblivious to every rule that would come from the Cathedral. It was like a sacred place for them.

Selime Monastery - Güzelyurt / Cappadocia
From the Ihlara Valley, you will see a caravan road leading up to Selime Cathedral, the most important work of Selime, which is spread over a 14 km area. The reasons for the increase in the level of the caravans from the point of view of the security of the cathedral is the market established in Selime. The upper part of this area that reaches to the middle part is reserved for those who want to worship. It is formed by the engraving of the rocks of the building, which is the fortified site and in the shape of a castle by the upper parts.

Selime Monastery - Güzelyurt / Cappadocia
The Selime Castle Monastery located in the Selime, Aksaray region has been a major factor in the cultivation of many religious men and has been the home of many. Another point you need to know is the first loud ceremonial monastery. The figurative frescos in the building have depictions such as Jesus’ coming to the sky, Mary and the Gospel.
Another highlight of the Selime Monastery is the kitchen in the Cathedral. The kitchen, which is located in the middle of the side rooms, is in the shape of a pyramid, and there are oil lamps for kitchen lighting. Selime Cathedral, which is a two stored building in total, also has a courtyard. In the past, it was said that the first voices and military meetings were held in this courtyard.

Selime Monastery - Güzelyurt / Cappadocia

Where is Selime Monastery (Cathedral) and How to Go?

We wanted to indicate a route for those wanting to know the place of Selime Monastery. The Selime Cathedral, located in the Selime district of Aksaray’s Güzelyurt district, is known as Cappadocia’s entrance. You can come to Aksaray and move towards Nevşehir for this work which is 250 km from Ankara, 172 km from Konya, 674 km from Istanbul and 721 km from Izmir. You will see the Selime plate on your right after about 11 km. The way to get to Selime after your deviation is extremely smooth, so it is very convenient to come with your individual vehicle.

Selime Monastery - Güzelyurt / Cappadocia

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