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Selime Monastry – Cappadocia

Cappadocia is one of the most important parts of the world. Here, you can found not only culturally different traditions, but also many different traces belonging to dozens of tribes. Known as one of the most protected areas of old life, Cappadocia is also a very interesting place with its nature. There are many fairy chimneys in Cappadocia with strange stone formations. There are many different structures carved into these fairy chimneys. For example, wine cellars, churches, houses, and dozens …

Selime Cathedral is one of these cultural heritages. Known as a castle, the cathedral contains many different natural structures and different productions made by human hands. So when you’re traveling around the world, this is one of the best places you can understand the past. Thousands of people who visit here experience special sensations after leaving here.

Selime Monastery - Güzelyurt / Cappadocia

Selime Cathedral in Güzelyurt

It is located to the south-east of Aksaray. Selime Monastery is located in Selime Town of Güzelyurt district which is 25km away from Aksaray. The monastery, located at the end of the Ihlara valley, hosts approximately 300 thousand visitors annually.

Selime Cathedral has a two-storey structure. It is considered the largest Cathedral in Cappadocia. Selime Cathedral was used between the 8th and 11th centuries. There are many old depictions in it. The most remarkable of these depictions are the ascension of Jesus to the sky and the Virgin Mary. These depictions are accepted among the most important symbols of the period.

Selimiye Cathedral, which is one of the most important places for the period of Christianity, contains many carved churches. The purpose of these carved churches is to carry out worship at that time, in secret areas, as safe. Later these hidden cavities were used for many different purposes. Selime Cathedral was used as a fortress to protect especially the Mongols from the Anatolian attacks.

Selime Monastery - Güzelyurt / Cappadocia

  • There are many interesting structures within the cathedral. One of them is the kitchen located inside the Cathedral. In the pyramid – shaped kitchen in the structure, there are lamps to illuminate the environment. This kitchen style is a special use from that period.
  • Selime Cathedral has hosted the following civilizations in history; Hittites, Selcuklu, Persians, Asus, Byzantine, Danisment and Ottoman Empire.
  • People of Orthodox faith respected and followed all the rules of this cathedral. This place was one of the most important places with Orthodox believers.
  • Covering a total area of 14 KM, this area is known as the place where many different events take place in history. There is a camel route located during the exit of Selime Cathedral. The reason the camels are there is because there was Selime bazaar here.
  • Selime Cathedral has many different features. It is one of the most important points of the world, with its location, structure and culture. Another characteristic of this cathedral is that many people who were important for Christianity were raised here.


  • The Selimiye Cathedral, known as the Cathedral where the first rites were performed, is the birthplace of many religious cultures. Known for the churches built into the rocks, the cathedral receives visitors at a very high loss every year. The cathedral, which carries many architectural traces, is reminiscent of Byzantine architecture. The Selimiye Cathedral, which is also a castle, is a very special place.


Selime Monastery - Güzelyurt / Cappadocia

What Can I Do At Selime Cathedral?

You can visit the old churches in Selime Cathedral and examine the pictures on the wall. You can visit the old stone structures and spend time here. You can examine the castle structure at the top of the cathedral.

Many monks and clergies have lived here. You can examine the structures in the area in detail to understand their lives. You can dine in different places in the area and have coffee in the cafes.

If you like to take pictures, there are many different and old buildings in the area. You can take a photo of them. It is possible to upgrade your photography experience to many different points in this region. To not spending your time with searching about location and transportation, you can join the Cappadocia tours of Toursce, and you can trip to Cappadocia with use to see Selime Cathedral.

Selime Monastery - Güzelyurt / Cappadocia

Selime Monastery Entrance Fee and Visiting Hours

Selime Cathedral has certain hours to visit. Here the visiting hours of Selimiye Monastery:

  • Morning 07:00
  • Evening Time: 7:00

The area is accessible by public or personal vehicles. For public transportation you need to use busses via Nevşehir Merkez or Aksaray Merkez.

One of the easiest ways to visit Selimiye Monastery is to join Cappadocia tours of Toursce. Toursce transports you here by VIP transportation and introduces you to the region.

For those arriving in the area, there are many dining options in the surrounding area. You can easily spend your day here. However, if you would like to visit other places, there are many alternative routes that you can go through Güzelyurt. Ihlara valley is the closest of these routes. To continue sightseeing, you can choose Ihlara Valley as your next stop.

Visitors wishing to enter Selime Monastery are required to pay 10 Turkish Liras. You don’t have to pay anything in this area except for this payment.

Selime Monastery - Güzelyurt / Cappadocia
Selime Monastery - Güzelyurt / Cappadocia

Selime Monastery - Güzelyurt / Cappadocia

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