Şile is one of the best destinations for tourists located in the Black Sea shoreline of Istanbul. It is about 60 kilometers away from Istanbul and for this reason, those who come on weekdays are in excessive demand via those who stay here. The identity Şile means wild plant life in Ancient Greek. Şile is one of the best spots for people who want to get rid of the noise of the city. It offers a relaxing time in a green nature.

Şile / Istanbul

The history of Şile goes back to ancient times. The archaeological research in the region exhibit that the Şile used to be settled in the post-Polished Stone Age and the Glacial Period. Along the coastal strip, it is believed that settlements of many colonies existed in the past. There are additionally traces of Roman period and Seljuk Turks in Şile.

Not solely the center, the proprietors, and forests, however also a necessary tourism vacation spot with the surrounding villagers Şile. The Akçakese, Kabakoz and Agva Sile are amazing environmental sites.

Places to Visit in Sile

It is a natural paradise with its forests masking 80 percentages of Şile and its immaculate sea. In the summer season, you can go to the sea in long beaches, you can take long nature walks in the garden. Although it has a dense rainfall and gives a favorable environment for growing mushrooms in the forests, we propose that you stay away from mushrooms that you do now not know. According to the seasons and times, there are warnings on some seashores that it may additionally be unsafe to get away after a certain level of the sea. It is useful to consider these warnings, as the waves can be very dangerous, specifically for those who do now not swim, and that many swimmers disappear through now not following this warning.

Şile / Istanbul

Besides this herbal beauty, Şile additionally has a historical background. The investigations exhibit that there is life in the Şile at the Polished Stone Age, and many caves discovered in the Sile have validated these investigations. Cave trips as an alternative Şile excursion can be a choice as well, by using being capable to find underwater caves and caves in the wooded area/hills through asking villagers and fishermen living in the Sile.

Sile Castle

The castle, which is located on the Ocaklı Island, consists of this title at the same time; Ocaklı Island Castle. It is an exceptionally properly host to you in the sight of beneficial beauty. It used to be made via the Genoese and later used via the Ottomans. Şile Castle, which is used for coastal surveillance against the assault that may show up throughout the building period, nonetheless continues its significance with its history and its existence.

Şile Castle

After a current refurbishment, the castle, equivalent to cartoon personality Sponge Bob, is 100 rectangular meters broad and 12 meters high. The harbor is on the facet of the castle. For the residents of the port and its surroundings, the citadel and sea view create photographs that will continue to be in the minds of the Şile.

The castle, which is one of the symbols of Sile, also factors to other monuments in the surrounding villages of Sile. Some of those; Heciz Castle positioned close to Green Valley and Sarıkavak Castles located in Hasanlı Village.

Sile Lighthouse

Şile Lighthouse is Turkey’s largest and the case is currently the 2d greatest lighthouse in the world nevertheless active. The lantern, which can be visited today as a museum, used to be built via Sultan Abdülmecit I.

Şile Lighthouse / Istanbul

It is perhaps the largest symbol of the lantern Şile, which has a charming appearance. The lantern, which overlooks the Black Sea, influences now not solely its personal shape but also its view of the sea. Even on a rainy winter day, taking coffee and sitting at a stove in a Şile’s restaurants that is in a lane is sufficient to get away from the urban stress of Istanbul alone.

Akçakese Village

This village, barely in advance of Sile, welcomes many visitors in the summer season thanks to the shallow and calm sea. There are many special bays along the coast. If you have a car, it would be very great to cease in this nook and have a warm drink towards the scenery. Accommodation picks are available, however, if the season is suitable we advocate tenting in one of these places.

Akçakese Beach / Şile

Searches conducted with the aid of the Mineral Research and Exploration Institute have determined gold dirt on the seaside that has no financial value, and this research exhibits why the beach is so vivid in daylight from the sun. Is there a lot of gold dirt on this seaside or we do not be aware of the supply of this research however amongst the rumors there is gold in the forests and creeks in the villages and in the villages, so the “treasure hunters” often visit and the villagers are very bitter? Some vacationers who have been asking for the caves to go to even grew to be villagers complaining about the gendarmerie.

Where is Şile?

Şile is on the Black Sea coast of Istanbul near Anatolia. It is ahead of Şeritte Riva, who follows Anatolian Kavağı and Anatolian Lighthouse.

Şile / Istanbul

When should I go to Sile?

Şile’s summer-winter and spring-autumn are beautiful from every other. Although the cloudiness price is high, the iciness season does now not go very hard. Air temperature winters do no longer see poor ratings. Because it is at the seaside, the northern winds are very heavy in this season.

It is underneath the effect of northern winds when it is on the Black Sea coast. Especially with strong winds, rain is greater visibility. Autumn and spring months are the stages for smooth transitions.

Şile / Istanbul

In Şile, summers ignore with stable temperatures no longer exceeding 30 degrees. It has a summer local weather that does no longer grow to be overwhelmed through the mild breeze of the wind, so the beaches and seashores of summer are crowded.


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