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Soğanlı Valley

Cappadocia, which is one of the most special and favorite places in our country, where each region is distinctly famous, has given the world thousands of years of history, nature, and scenery. That’s why hundreds of thousands of visitors are hosted every season. When people see this place, they can not believe how such a wonder of nature can be realized, how such a beauty isn’t revealed, it is fascinating! You should be sure to visit the famous Cappadocia, which is accompanied by giant balloons, with fairy chimneys, underground cities, antique churches, exquisite landscapes, and many other beautiful things, and with respect to the history there you have enough time and plan to have a proper trip plan between these beauties will be Soğanlı Valley.

Güllüdere Valley, Güvercinlik Valley, Bağlıdere Valley, Soğanlı Valley and other places to live in different scenes with the pleasures of nature lovers with both the most enjoyable activities for those who want to escape from the noise of the city and the most enjoyable activities promises peaceful moments. In addition to these, Avanos, Goreme, Ürgüp and other famous areas are appealing and waiting for the visits from tourists.

Soğanlı Valley / Cappadocia

While it is perfect to witness beautiful things in these famous areas, it is necessary to go through the areas that are less known but also hosts very special formations. Soganli Valley, which is one of those provinces, is one of the places that should be added to the excursion route and the domed stone made churches should be seen. Because it is less touristic, it gives you the opportunity to listen to your mind and see different beauties you see every visitor to Cappadocia.

Soğanlı Valley of Cappadocia

Cappadocia – Soganli Valley is located in an area connected to the Yeşilhisar District on the Kayseri border, allegedly showing great similarities with the Ihlara Valley. The valley, which is 15 km away from the center of Yeşilhisar, is spread over a 25 km wide canyon, which is not a small area at all. As mentioned earlier, besides the domed rock churches, we all attract attention because there are places where cloth babies, which are memories of everyone’s childhood, also appear.

Soğanlı Valley / Cappadocia
In the vicinity of the region, there are still 15 churches open to witnessing. There are building where Byzantines settled in the 6th and 7th centuries, and 50 churches still believed to be missing. Soğanlı, which was taken from the Byzantines between the 12th and 13th centuries and became a Turkish village, is a settlement area of Turkmen origin and formerly connected to the castle district.

Soğanlı Valley / Cappadocia

The fairy chimneys, which are famous in Cappadocia, still survive by showing a little difference in this region. This village, which is very small and cute with a population of 300-400 people, has been affected by earthquakes or rattles during the periods when Erciyes, Hasandağı, and Güllüdağ were active and led to the formation of valleys and plateaus. There are many graveyards and churches belonging to the Roman and Byzantine civilizations on these valley slopes.

Soğanlı Valley / Cappadocia
Soğanlı cloth babies can be seen in the entire area and often have a colorful vibe. Since the touristic density of the region is not as high as in other parts of Cappadocia, the most important of these livelihoods are these dolls. In addition to dolls that are planted with make-up, the village women are using these dolls as a way of living, as well as the sculptures, carpets, and socks that Turkish motives dominate. In order to give a trip, you can create a delicious mealtime with pastries prepared by the villagers again.

Soğanlı Valley / Cappadocia
The Domed Church, located on the north side of the valley, is one of the most famous and special places of the region. The construction of the domes was done with great skill in a gigantic fairy chimney, which is one of the most special qualities that make this church even more unique. The Domed Church, which looks just like a labyrinth, is a very exciting and mysterious place with rock-cut tunnels, stairs, and corridors. One of the reasons that make her even more mysterious is the different acoustics that does not allow you to understand where the sound came from. The Domed Church, known for its final shape in the 14th century, is decorated with frescos, as we are often accustomed to the two-floored inner churches.

Soğanlı Valley / Cappadocia

In the past, churches or monasteries used as buildings and ruins of the spill or no longer will be used in some places such as doors and windows are usually made into pigeon houses. In fact, pigeon clans are found in the region much more than churches, underground cities, and graves, and they are also found in Soganli. The reason why the pigeon houses are so much is that they are usually used to get fertilizer to strengthen the weak land.

Soğanlı Valley / Cappadocia
It is known that there are around 200 monasteries and 850 churches, and it is known that we only have access to about 50 of them. Tokalı Church, located 2 km away from the village, is noted for its high vault and spacious architecture.

It also has three abscissas and three naves connected to each other, and the church can be reached with 50 steps. Karabas Church, another church in the region, is also known to have been built in the 6th century, consisting of four parts, bearing the traces of the Roman era. The Seljuk and Byzantine motifs depicted in the churches show important times of his Jesus’ life, such as the birth, baptism, crucifixion, and the paintings of the saints of the 12 apostles adorn the church walls. For this reason, it is known that this church is one of the highest artistic values of the region. The building, which is located on the lower floor of the small domed church with four cemetery niches on its walls, is also called the Saklı Church. To enter the Soğanlı Valley, you only need to have a Museum Card.

Soğanlı Valley / Cappadocia

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