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5 Beautiful Sights of Cappadocia

Cappadocia is considered one of the most beautiful places in Turkey. Tourists from all over the world come here to see this beautiful area with natural volcanic sculptures and traditional settlements. People have lived here since the Bronze Age and left their mark on this strange lunar landscape by carving their dwellings into the soft rock.

The most beautiful sights of Cappadocia are the villages in the mountain slopes, the rock churches of the Byzantine era with magnificent frescoes and the labyrinths of underground cities where the first Christians hid from the invaders. This is a magical Wonderland, which can be appreciated by both nature lovers and connoisseurs of history offered by the Cappadocia tour packages.

1. The Village Of Goreme

The village of Goreme, which visitors find incredibly photogenic, is promoted by magazines around the world as one of the most beautiful villages in the world. Facades carved into the rock stone houses hide a maze of caves, where people still live. It is from here that most of the hot air balloon flight starts. Every morning, hundreds of tourists rise to the sky with balloons and enjoy the incredible natural scenery. In addition to the open-air museum mentioned above, you will see several beautiful churches as you move into the village.

göreme village

2. Goreme open air Museum

Outside the village of Goreme is a UNESCO protected area-Goreme open-air Museum. It is a group of monasteries carved into the rocks of churches and monastic cells with ancient frescoes. All these dates were when Cappadocia was an important Byzantine religious center. There are important churches and chapels that are worth a visit within the complex, but the most important are Elmali Church, the Chapel of St. Barbara with its interior painted in red ochre, the Snake Church with its wall paintings and the interesting fresco of St. Barbara. Onuphrius, beautifully restored frescoes of the Dark Church, and cave with wall paintings. The Museum is one of the main monuments of Turkey and the most famous landmark of Cappadocia. Some of the frescoes were badly damaged as the chapels were not guarded or maintained until 1964.

göreme open air museum

3. Kaymakli Underground City

The underground cities of Cappadocia began to be carved out of the ground in the Hittite era of the Bronze age but became most famous in early Byzantine history (6th and 7th centuries). During this period, Christians began to arrive masse, fleeing from Arab and Persian invaders. The underground city of Kaymakli is the largest in Cappadocia. It is connected with a labyrinth of tunnels; rooms extend underground to eight levels. Four of them are open and can be explored by visitors

kaymaklı underground city

4. Zelve open-air Museum

With its mountain cliffs and numerous caves, Zelve is one of the oldest museums in Cappadocia, as well as a rock masterpiece of art. Due to erosion and rock fall hazards, Zelve was abandoned in 1952. Now the whole valley is a Museum. There are several interesting intact chapels, among which the best preserved Uzumlu Kilise (Grape Church), as well as a picturesque carved in the rock mosque. But the real joy will befall you during a walk along the slopes of the cliff, where you can explore the interiors of ancient dwellings and admire the surrounding countryside.

zelve open air museum

5. The underground city of Derinkuyu

The underground city of Derinkuyu is the deepest in Cappadocia. Just like the Kaymakli, it was used by the early Christians as a refuge from attack. The tunnels here are quite narrow, and the further you follow them, the more they narrow. In the labyrinth under the ground, there is a chapel, storage rooms, and numerous living areas. Special attention should be paid to the advanced system of ventilation shafts used by the inhabitants of Derinkuyu.

derinkuyu underground city


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