Kuşadası: The First Tourism Destination in Turkey


Kuşadası is one of the first tourist centers of Turkey is a district in the Aegean Sea coast of Aydın. The region grew in a short period of time with tourism influx that started in the 1960s. Now, it has one of the first destinations to come to mind when it comes to cruise tourism.

In Kuşadası, there are Dilek Peninsula and Büyük Menderes Delta National Park where blue and green meet, blue flag beaches, vibrant nightlife and historical and touristic spots that bear the traces of different civilizations. At the same time with hundreds of accommodation facilities, the city stands out as a good alternative for those who want to vacation on the Aegean coast.

Places to Visit in Kusadasi

Kuşadası has dozens of alternatives in terms of places to visit. In the district where all kinds of expectations and interests are available, there is a need for transportation vehicle to reach different points.

  1. Dilek Peninsula and Büyük Menderes Delta National Park

Dilek Peninsula and the Büyük Menderes Delta National Park is one of Turkey’s hidden paradises. They are 27 km away from the town of Kusadasi center. The entrance of car is 10 TL. The park is one of the most natural points of the region with its unique plant and animal species. It has been rated as a national park since 1994. Activities such as picnic, hiking and swimming can be done in this beautiful place.

More than 1 million visitors come here every year. Especially in the summer months it becomes more and more mobile vibrant. You can get there from Güzelçamlı via Kuşadası and from the Büyük Menderes Delta via Söke. There is a military zone between both points. Therefore, there is no passage for civilians between the north and south of the national park. When you get to the park from Guzelcamli side, there are 3 different coves in the back, picnic, beach, toilet-shower, and cafe. Also, boat tours departing from the center of Kuşadası give a swimming break in the national park coves. Greece Samos Island’s the closest position with Turkey is in national park boundaries. This distance of 1675 meters is known as the point where the two countries come closer to each other.

Dilek Peninsula National Park

  1. Öküz Mehmet Pasha Complex

The Öküz Mehmet Pasha Complex is located at the entrance of the bazaar near Kuşadası Port. The historical structure was built in 1618; hence, it was restored in 1966 because of using maritime trade. The cannonball holes on the outer walls were built to protect against piracy attacks. Kaleiçi Mosque was also built in the same year as Complex. It is known one of the most important and oldest places of worship in the district. Complex or caravanserai was rented by the municipality. It is intended to be a center of attraction, being transformed into an attraction point for visitors.

Öküz Mehmet Paşa Caravanserai

  1. Güvercinada (Pigeon Island)

Güvercinada or Pigeon Island has given its name to Kuşadası. At the same time, it is one of the stops of visitors to the district. Güvercinada, which has a position in the edge of the gulf, has the citadel built by Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha and the walls built by İlyas Ağa. During the Mora Rebellion, the walls built against the sea attacks, and surrounding the island is still standing firmly with a height of 3 meters.

Güvercinada Pigeon Island

  1. Cave of Zeus

The Cave of Zeus is located at the entrance of the Dilek Peninsula and the Büyük Menderes Delta National Park in Güzelçamlı and is a very unknown beauty. The cave, which is located in a rocky area on the inner side of the main street about 150 meters, does not reveal itself from the outside. The cave has a magnificent swimming environment where the groundwater erodes the calcareous ground and the depth varies between 2-10 meters. In the cave, even in winter, those who come to swim, you may encounter.

Zeus Cave

  1. Kusadasi Bazaar

Kuşadası Bazaar is one of the most active points of the district. It stretches along the historical walls of Kuşadası, especially in the evenings. The bazaar is full of restaurants, cafes, clothing stores, and souvenir shops.Kusadasi Bazaar

  1. Bar Street

Bars Street is known as the meeting point of Kuşadası Bazaar at night because of being the point where the heart of entertainment is. Bar Street, where restaurants, bars, and nightclubs make live music are located, are among the most well-known entertainment addresses of Turkey’s tourism centers.Kusadasi Bar Street

  1. Kuşadası Ege Ports

Located in the top 3 of the busiest cruise ports in our country, Ege Ports is home to two edging with where cruise ships dock and a marina with a capacity of 650 yachts. There are cafes, restaurants, and shops around the port, where the Greek ferry to Samos Island is organized.Kusadasi Ege Port

  1. Kuşadası Marina (Setur Marina)

Setur Marina is one of the biggest marinas in the Aegean region by having 450 seas and 150 land yacht capacities. The shops, cafes and restaurants have transformed the marina into a living center. Summer-winter is a place where many people come to the county. There are also beautiful places in the marina.Kusadasi Marina

  1. Lady Beach

Lady Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the city center. Some people know it as the Sea of Women. With its sea and sandy beach which is generally silent and calm, it is one of the beaches that attract the most attention from the visitors who come to the district. There are many cafes, restaurants, and facilities around. The beach can be reached by bus from the center of the town, very crowded in summer.

Lady Beach

  1. Adaland

Adaland Aquapark is one of Turkey’s and Europe’s leading aqua parks. The aqua park, which has dozens of water slides in different categories, with its children’s pool, wave pool, jumping towers, and animation shows, is open to visitors from May to September. The aqua park can be visited between 10: 00-18: 00, and is located in Çamlimanı Region on the İzmir road.Kusadasi Adaland Aquapark

  1. Kurşunlu Monastery

Kurşunlu Monastery is located at an altitude of 600 meters, and away 12 km from Davutlar. About the monastery there is a belief that been built by Christian clergymen who came to Anatolia in the 8th century as a result of pressures in different parts of the world. The monastery has an impressive view.

Kurşunlu Monastery

  1. Pygela

Pygela is adjacent to the Kuş-Tur Holiday Village in the north of the district. It is an ancient settlement built on the site known as Eski İçmeler. Pygela is known for the first time by Geographika which Historian Strabon tells about the ancient Anatolian geography is known as a healing center where Agamemnon’s soldiers were treated to the buttock of the Trojan War. The city where there are ruins like a theatre, main street or stadium, is estimated to be a less populated settlement than the period.Kusadasi Pygela

Places to Visit around Kusadasi

Places to visit around Kusadasi include the Ancient City of Ephesus, Selcuk Ephesus Museum, the House of Virgin Mary, Sirince Village, the Ancient City of Magnesia, Bafa Lake, Eski Doganbey Village, Didim, Ancient City of Miletus and Priene Ruins.

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