Local Flavors You Can Enjoy During your Cappadocia Visit

Cappadocia Seki Restaurant

Cappadocia is one of the popular destinations located in the middle of Anatolia. Many people who want to explore cultural features of Turkey prefer to go Cappadocia. Cappadocia, which reflects the Anatolian culture completely to tourists, has many shops where you can buy local products. When you visit these shops and buy souvenirs, you will easily understand what has taken place in the culture of Cappadocia. To summarize, there are many places in Cappadocia where you can experience local details. In today’s article, we will explore the local delicacies you can taste thanks to a Cappadocia tour you will attend. If you’re thinking of taking a tour of Cappadocia and wondering what new experiences are waiting for you in Cappadocia, this article will be very useful!

1.      Pottery Beans

Cappadocia is a very popular region in terms of pottery making. The pot is used not only as a decoration material, but also as a kitchen tool. Carefully hand-crafted pots are excellent tools for cooking. These pots are often used when cooking in the oven. One of the vegetables produced in Cappadocia is dried beans. When all this is combined, an excellent meal can be eaten in Cappadocia: Pottery beans!

Pottery beans contain tomato paste, onions, meat and beans. Besides having a meal of watery bean pot, you can still eat rice, one of the local delicacies unique to Turkey. Usually restaurants serve these two dishes together. There are many restaurants in Cappadocia that serve local delicacies.

2.      Testi Kebab

Exploring the culinary culture in Turkey, the country is quite popular throughout the kebab must have heard. Flavoring of meats with a special cooking method and special snacks along with meat dishes are the basis of kebab presentation. This special taste that you can experience in Cappadocia tour will offer you an unforgettable experience in this respect.

Kebabs are a part of the food culture in Turkey is cooked with different methods in different cities. There is a special method of cooking kebabs in Cappadocia and therefore the kebab that you will experience here is called Testi Kebab. Butter is poured over the meat mixture and sauces are poured. The meat mixture is then allowed to stand for about 2 hours. In this way, kebab has a very tasty taste.

3.      Stew with Chickpeas

People who ask what should I eat in Cappadocia will often come across dishes with meat. Because cooking habits to include Turkey in the meat to eat meat dishes or as a main dish is very strong. Lamb meat, which is used after sacrifice especially during religious holidays, provides an environment for cooking meat dishes continuously throughout the country in certain periods. Stew with Chickpeas is a very nutritious and delicious dish with lamb and chickpeas.

Since this is a juicy dish, it is usually served with traditional buttered rice. Next to this kind of dish, you can prefer a handmade, cold churn buttermilk. In this way, you will experience a meal that completely reflects the Turkish culture and Cappadocian cuisine.

In the list of things to be eaten in Cappadocia, these types of stew dishes are also at the top of the list.

This dish, like many other dishes in Cappadocia, is cooked in pottery. In short, this food is also cooked in the oven and therefore has a different flavor than the food in other regions.

4.      Stuffed Quince

Dolma has a very special place in Turkish food culture. When you join Cappadocia tours, you will have the chance to experience this kind of food in different Cappadocia restaurants. Some restaurants, especially in the valleys of Cappadocia, make and serve such dishes with great care. This dish is made with quince and the mixture to be placed in the quince is prepared with great care. There are some materials such as rice, meat, parsley in this mixture. Quince fruit is fully combined with this mixture when cooking, resulting in a perfect taste.

The preparation process of the mixture is quite long. Adding rice and meat to the mixture at the desired level is very important for the food to have a high flavor. Therefore, it is important to eat this meal in a fine restaurant.

5.      Ağpakla

Many people who research local cuisine in Cappadocia may not hear the name of this fine dish. Cappadocia, around the Goreme region, many restaurants, this meal includes menus. You’re going to like this when we tell you about this dinner. In many parts of Turkey, it is a known habit of mixing different vegetables with meat. Usually, this type of cooking method is called pottery dishes. Similar to this cooking method, the Ağpakla meal contains a mixture of bony meat, nutritious oil and white beans. The prepared mixture is placed in a tandoori and left to stand together for a while.

It is important that dishes made in Anatolia are kept for a while and thus mixed well with each other. In this way, a very tasty taste is formed in the food. This food is cooked in tandoor after waiting for a while. Serve after cooling slightly after firing. This dish is usually served with rice.

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