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The Turkish town of Goreme (Goreme) is located 3 kilometers North-East of Uchhisar and is the main tourist center of Cappadocia, partly thanks to the Goreme open-air Museum, which is located 2 kilometers from the road to Urgup, partly-thanks to the famous rock-cut settlements, where some houses still live people.

Arrival, excursions, and accommodation in Goreme

It is not difficult to navigate in Goreme, as the local bus station (otogar) is located right in the center of the city, where there is also unofficial tourist information, and to the right of it the ATM Vakif Bank. The post office is a 5-minute walk away in a North-easterly direction on the road to Avanos. Turning to her right around in front of the sign that says Goreme Open Air Museum.

Most of the guest houses have their own Internet access, and you can also use it in the Sedef restaurant, located right on the main road. Goreme itself is a small town, so the locals will be more than happy to show you the way to your hotel, which can be very useful if it is one of those that huddle in the narrow back streets.

Hotels, pensions, and campsites Goreme

Goreme boarding houses have long been chosen by young people who prefer cheap places with an unpretentious atmosphere, and despite the influx of tourists, the town does not disappoint them. In a small office near the bus station, you can get information about boarding houses, including prices and see their photos. In Goreme, there are several more expensive hotels, with good quality service. In many local hotels and boarding houses, the staff is mixed (Turkish-European or Turkish-Australian), and in purely Turkish establishments there are always employees who speak fluent English.

göreme otelsThe Goreme open-air Museum under the open sky

Goreme open-air Museum is open daily 8.30-17.30, in winter – until 17.00. It can be reached by walking from the city 2 kilometers up the hill on the road to Urgup. It is the largest, most famous and visited monastery complex in Cappadocia. In its churches, of which there are about thirty, preserved the most unique in the region frescoes of the period after the iconoclasm (2nd half of the IX century-the end of the XI century).

Most impressive is the beautifully maintained Church of Tokali (buckle Church), located separately from the rest, on the other side of the road, about 50 meters back towards the village. It differs in plan from other churches in the region, has a transverse nave and atrium, which was carved for an older Church called the “Old”. Immediately at the entrance, you are struck by the bright blue color of the walls, serving as a background for the frescoes. The frescoes of the Old Church, Dating from the second decade of the Tenth century, depict scenes from the life of Christ.

These are classic examples of the archaic period of Cappadocian painting, which is characterized by a return to the methods of image of the IV-VI centuries. The image is flat, but like the mosaics at Aya Sofia in Istanbul, the faces are created by paint with different color intensities. The frescoes of the New Church are the best examples of Byzantine art of the X century. They also testify to the appeal to archaic patterns, the figures are elongated and elegant, niches in the walls of the nave create a sense of depth in the images. The plot of these frescoes are also key moments from the life of Christ.

göreme open air museumWalk to Uchhisar

The most famous route in the vicinity of Goreme is a walk to Uchhisar (12 kilometers, 4 hours). It starts behind the Ataman hotel and runs through the Uzundere valley past rock-cut tunnels. Take care of good shoes, as the final descent to Uchhisar will take place on steep rocky scree with very narrow trails. It is better to go in a group or with a guide from the locals. The owner of the Kose hotel is a Tramp-Mehmed, who is most easily found at the Kapadokya Balloons office. For a one-day hike, charges 50€, which is quite tolerable for a small group.

uchisarRestaurants, cafes and entertainment in Goreme

There are many delicious food to experience in Cappadocia. Despite the large number of tourists, the quality, variety of dishes and prices in local restaurants are ideal in terms of price-quality ratio. There are many places with traditional Turkish food, and attempts to cook burgers, French fries, pizza and spaghetti, in general, can be considered quite successful.

1) Alaturca restaurant is probably the best restaurant in Goreme. Impressive portions of assorted meze, stuffed potatoes with spices for vegetarians and unusual meat dishes, such as Turkish chicken or “Beef for Pasha”. Original dining terrace, excellent service, a wide selection of local wines. The tightly stuffed cushions on the lawn below will delight your children, especially when paired with a chocolate milkshake. You can participate in Cappadocia Tours for different alternatives.

2) Restaurant Turca is an expensive first-class restaurant, like Alaturca, with great views from the dining terrace and a number of unusual dishes such as lamb shank with mashed potatoes and stuffed beef cheese. Dinner with wine will cost you 50 €here.

3) Dibek restaurant Is a Great, inexpensive place for lunch. Low tables Sofra are located in a cool basement with a vaulted ceiling. The fine home-cooked cuisine includes dishes such as Goreme, manti and guvec. No alcohol is served.

göreme restaurantNightlife and bars in Goreme

There are quite a few bars in Goreme. This is especially noticeable on Fridays and Saturdays when locals mingle with tourists and Turks who came here from Ankara for the weekend.

1) Flintstones Cave bar-Cinema, music, dance and local beer for 25 lira.

2) Bar Pasha is more of a disco than a bar, with Goreme’s largest dance floor nonetheless crowded at the weekend. Electronic Darts, beer for 35 lira and free nuts to boot.

3) The Red Wine House bar is a Pleasant old cellar with vaulted ceilings and a wide selection of Cappadocian wines. Beer, nargile and free movies (come early to put the one you want).

göreme bars


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