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Top Places to Visit in Cappadocia

With fabulous charms, traditional dishes and offbeat locations, the landscape’s heavenly beauty makes Cappadocia a favorite among travelers from all over the world. Once in the Roman Empire, Cappadocia is really an incredible place crossed with valleys and dotted with dramatic mountain formations.

From an unfathomably rousing underground city to shocking perspectives seemingly within easy reach, this city offers an encounter that feels nothing not exactly enchantment. What’s more, to find the genuine appeal of Turkish magnificence, update your movement’s list of things to get with these best places to visit in Cappadocia to improve your general understanding.

If you are going to Cappadocia, it is best to get here by plane to Nevsehir, and then by taxi to the city of Goreme, which is 30-40 kilometers from the airport. Taxi drivers, as elsewhere-cunning, but the use of meters has not been canceled. The road to the city will cost you about 150 Turkish Lira.

Goreme is the center of the mountain, party, restaurant and cultural life of Cappadocia. Without hesitation, we recommend to “anchor” here. In addition to the close proximity of all major attractions, in the Harem you will find a greater choice of hotels, restaurants, tours, and other entertainment.

Göreme Open Air Museum

This is the first place that is definitely worth a visit. It is located a kilometer from the city, actually within walking distance. The Museum itself is located in the valley, wherein the IV-XIII centuries was concentrated all the spiritual and religious life of Christian Byzantium. Here lived the great Christian companions-Basil the Great, his brother Gregory of Nyssa, Gregory the Theologian. Do not miss the Church “Buckle”, which is located outside the Museum, on the road towards Goreme. The ticket to the Museum and the Church is the same.

Uchisar Castle

It is impossible to miss, as it is the highest point in all Cappadocia. The fortress was originally a high tufa mountain, but since the region was at the intersection of the interests of different States and peoples and it was often raided, the mountain was adapted as a garrison fortress and observation post.

The mountain is pitted with dozens of Windows, entrances, rooms, and passages. Most of the rooms are littered and inaccessible to visitors.

Sunset is the right time to climb to the top. Just do not rush down and wait for the end. Sunsets in Cappadocia are surprisingly varied. If you are fond of photography, the daily send-off of the sun “over the hill” will delight you with unusual colors of celestial flashes and a bizarre game of clouds. Again, for fans of photos especially the scenic view from the Westside during sunset; a set of Windows, doorways, loft. The entrance to the fortress is paid. You can take a Cappadocia tour from Istanbul in order to visit Uçhisar Castle in detail.

Pigeon Valley

The valley stretches for several kilometers from Goreme to Uchhisar. We advise you to get to Uchhisar and start the descent from its side. So you will be constantly going down, not climbing up.

Valley Of Love

Yes, that’s exactly what you’re thinking! A whole valley of monumental manhood. Both large and small. For every taste. Enjoy.

Start the route through the valley of Love in Cappadocia better side of Uchisar and finish a few kilometers from Goreme.

Paşabağı Valley

Those who lacked impressions of the monumental manhood of the valley of Love can get the missing here. The advantages are more stately and accuracy. Do not miss the cell of Simeon the Stylite in the center of a small valley.

Red Valley and Rose Valley

Stock up on water, power and a memory card for the camera. The valley is huge, winding, with several small rock churches, with beautiful views, steep climbs, picturesque tunnels, and colorful tuff stones-fairies. In three words: walk, watch, and take pictures.

The underground cities of Cappadocia

The exact number of underground cities in Cappadocia is not known, as some of them collapsed and some were never found. From open to visit 8 cities, of which the most popular Kaymakli and Derinkuyu. If you are traveling with children, we recommend that you start sightseeing with the cities-they will bring children to a real delight. Every city is unique. If you are in Kaymakli Underground City, you will notice the confusion and chaos of urban planning. If you reach Derinkuyu Underground City, by the way, the largest underground city, you will be amazed at its harmony and completely “urban logic” of planning. We will also talk about underground cities separately and in more detail.

Soganli Valley

Here you can get only by car or with a group. We advise you to go individually, for which you can rent a car for one day. On the way, there are special views, mountain and rock churches, many rock dovecotes and an amazing monastery at the very end of the road. There you will find six rock churches, some of which are covered with frescoes thousands of years ago.


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