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The location of the hotel is the first thing that comes to our minds before going to Cappadocia. Since we want to be sure to make unforgettable memories in this land of beautiful horses. We will mention the most desirable centers which have mostly tourist attractions either natural or historical. We will take a peek at the best locations for making the best memories in this article.


We can say that the Göreme destination has the best tourist attractions in Cappadocia. Göreme is the center of the Cappadocia but it is not like the other city centers. Its beauty is really different from other cities. The Göreme destination is covered with fairy chimneys whose bodies are thick and whose edges are sharp.

If you would like to spend your night in a stone hotel, you must choose this area. The main reason for that is that most structures in this area were built with no harm to nature. The other reason is this the Göreme is the best option for watching the balloons while they are flying. Balloon watching tour is one of the most favorite activities which is can be done in Cappadocia. The valley where the balloons take off is the Göreme Valley and you are able to watch the balloon flights from the terrace of most hotels in Göreme.


By being one of the centers and the biggest residence in Cappadocia, Urgüp is one of the most preferable areas. This area is full of conventional mansions that you will be fascinated by. Alongside the mansions, there are shaped Stones and churches which will take you back in time. 

Another feature of urgüp is that Urgüp is the most famous in Cappadocia in means of nightlife. There are pubs, restaurants, wine houses, and cafes. You will see this side of the Cappadocia in Urgüp as well.

Another factor for choosing Urgüp is that it is full of tourist attractions and museums. You should put on your list these museums like Urgüp museum and Cappadocia Art & History Museum.


The Uçhisar area is the highest distance in Cappadocia which is why it is chosen by the people who want to watch the most beautiful views and take fascinating photos. The best activities in Uçhisar are watching the view of Cappadocia and taking a rest watching the Sunset times in Cappadocia.

Uçhisar Kalesi is known for its highest in the area. It is located in the center of Uçhisar and consisted of two fairy chimneys that are so close to each other.

Another main feature of The Uçhisar is that this area is not crowded like Urgüp and the Göreme. You can take a sip from your tea or coffee while feeling calmness and serenity.

The hotels are traditional-oriental and are located next to the Uchisar Castle highly recommended by us.
You can visit the Uchisar Castle by booking our Cappadocia tours and visiting Cappadocia


Ortahisar is one of the small and calm areas like Uçhisar. That can be the main reason for choosing this area.

The Ortahisar distance is one of the oldest residences when we look at the history of humanity that is why we can find out that the people who lived there once upon a time were living in cave – houses which had been shaped of stone.

If you choose Ortahisar, you will lot of chances to see traditional houses, Ethnographic museums and more…..

Except for hiking and visiting the museums, you can find easily restaurants & cafes for taking a break and having some wine or coffee or food. Ortahisar distance is really close to the center of Cappadocia Likewise Göreme, Urgüp, and Uçhisar.

In the final stage, each area has characteristic features and wherever you stay in Cappadocia will be the center of Cappadocia and you will visit the historical places and natural attractions without any issues. If you want to stay in the most touristic region of Cappadocia, I recommend Goreme and Urgup. These two are the most ideal and most preferred regions not only in terms of tourism but also in terms of alternatives such as food, drink, nightlife, and shopping opportunities in Cappadocia.


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