Aspendos Ancient City

The Ancient City of Aspendos, known for its rich history, is one of Turkey’s most important cultural sites. It was founded by Achaeans in the 10th century BC. The ancient city is located in Belkis Village of the Serik district of Antalya. As it is located on the trade route, it has always been a very important place. Aspendos Ancient City consists of structures such as agora, theater, stadium, bath, cisterns, and shops.

Aspendos Ancient City
The most famous structure of the ancient city, where most of the structures can remain until today, is the ancient theater with a capacity of 12 thousand people. Built in the 2nd century AD by Roman Zenon, this ancient theater is one of the earliest examples of theatricals. Every year, it is visited by domestic and foreign many tourists. The Ancient City of Aspendos also hosts activities such as theater and concert.

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The History of Aspendos

It is one of the first cities in Anatolia to coin on its behalf. According to Greek legend, Aspendos was founded by Argive colonists who came to Pamphylia after the Trojan War. (See Troy Ancient City)
Aspendos, which has an important position with the help of Köprüçay (Eurymedon River) and trade routes it is located, has been occupied many times throughout history. The city, which was under the rule of Alexander the Great for a time, lived its most glorious days during the Roman period. In the Roman period, a huge theater and aqueducts were built in the ancient city.
It is one of the best preserved ancient theaters in the world. The Theater of Aspendos was built on the slope of a small hill in the area. The building, which was built by devoting to the gods and emperors of that time, was designed by Zenon, the son of Theodoros. This magnificent theater, attracting attention with its awesome acoustics, has a capacity of 15-20 thousand people.

Aspendos Ancient City
Around the theater, there are agora, basilica, monumental fountain, parliament building, monumental castle and tak (ornaments used in special events), street and Hellenistic Temple and these are the other structures that should be seen in the ancient city.
The most important structure after Aspendos City is the aqueducts in the city. These aqueducts, which bring water from the mountains to the north, are 1 km long. Today, the vast majority of buildings are revealing the engineering skill of the times.

Aspendos Theatre
The ancient city of Aspendos, which carried on its existence in the Byzantine Period, was used as a caravanserai in the Seljuk period. The ancient city, which was visited by Atatürk in 1930, was restored upon request of Ataturk and opened to the public.

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Visiting Aspendos

It is one of the most important cities in the ancient period. Aspendos is open every day except for the first day of religious holidays. The ancient city can be visited between April and October between 08.00 and 19.00, between November and March between 08.00 and 17.00. The Müzekart (museum card) owners can visit for free. Those who do not have it, to enter the antique, can buy tickets for 25 TL.

Where is Aspendos?

It is located between Alanya and Antalya. Aspendos is located next to the Köprüçay River, which begins in the Taurus Mountains and poured into the Mediterranean.

How to go Aspendos?

Aspendos has located about 50 km from the center of Antalya. Buses are available from the Antalya Bus Station to go to the ancient city located at Serik. You can go Serik with these buses. After arriving at Serik, you need to take the minibusses to Aspendos. You should get out this minibus in front of the Aspendos Theater. It is also possible to reach the ancient city by car. The ancient city is 18 km away from Belek, 36 km away from Side and 94 km away from Alanya.
Visit the Ancient City of Aspendos, which has a history of about 2000 years to discover Antalya’s cultural richness.

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