Ephesus Ancient City

Being an entirely unique city, according to ancient myths; Ephesus (Efes in Turkish), was established by female warriors known as the Amazon. The name of the city based on Apzas from a city in the kingdom of Arzawa, which means the Mother Goddess city.

Ephesus is one of the most important civilizations, culture, science, and art centers of the ancient world it is located on the borders of Selcuk county of Izmir. Each year, an average of 1.5 million people visited, is among the most beautiful ancient cities in Turkey. Excavations in Ephesus continue for over 100 years. There are the many attractive buildings in Ephesus such as Celsus Library, Slope Houses, Antique Theater, King’s Road and each one a magnificent architectural masterpiece.
During the visit to this area, you wil be able to see other important sights around Ephesus such as the Basilica of St John, Temple of Artemis, Isa Bey Mosque

Ephesus Ancient City

It was established in 9000 BC. The excavations in Ephesus show traces of Neolithic Age. In the antique era, the ancient city is located at a point where the East and the West juncture. With help of port city identity, political and commercial development became capital of the Asian state of the Roman state. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, Artemis Temple, placed in Ephesus. Therefore, the city attracted more visitors. Ephesus Ancient City has entered the UNESCO Temporary List of World Heritage Sites in 1994, and the main list in 2015. It is thought that the Ephesus, along with the UNESCO process, will be in the travel plan for more visitors.

Celcus Library / Ephesus

Where is Ephesus located ? : A Unique Ancient City

The Carian and Lelegians were probably among the first inhabitants of the city. According to the myths, the city was established the second time by Androklos, the son of Kodros on the shore of the Kayster River where they went to the sea, guided by a fish and wild pig on the advice of the priests. On the other hand, archaeological evidence shows that local folk lives in the region until the end of the second millennium BC. According to Hittite source, this place is probably Apazas the capital city of Arzawa, which can be matched with the Ayasuluk Hill. If this assumption is true, we should expect a regional power that is closely related to the Hittite Empire, although not much of the Aegean, Mycenae and Crete influences are mentioned. There is an observable increase in Greek influence in 100 BC and after. It is highly probable that the first colonists from the Greek island settled along the eastern shore of the Aegean Sea, in what is now called Ionia.

Ephesus Ancient City

The cities of Ionia develops after the Ionia migrations join a confederation under the leadership of Ephesus. During the Lydian Kingdoms, Ephesus became one of the richest cities of the Mediterranean world. Lydian king Croesus was defeated by the Persian king Kyros. This leads to the spread of Persian sovereignty over the entire Aegean coastline. At the beginning of the 5th century, when the cities of Ionia revolted against the Persians, they quickly separated from the rest of them and thus were saved from destruction. When Ephesus entered the period of fifty years of peace and tranquility, it was under the sovereignty of Persian until the rise of Alexander the Great in 334 BC. Lysimakhos wanted to develop the city which he called Arsinoeia after his wife Arsinoe. A new port builds a defensive wall on the slopes of Panayırdağ and Bülbüldağ, and the city moved 2.5 km southwest. In 281 BC, the city was rebuilt in the name of Ephesus and became one of the most important commercial ports of the Mediterranean.

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