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Historical Sights of Istanbul (Best of Them!)

One of the destinations come to mind first when you think Turkey is Istanbul. Istanbul is known as the only metropolis in Turkey. Istanbul, which connects the Asian and European continents and has won the title of the most special metropolis in the world, has hosted dozens of different civilizations for centuries. Even in the modern age, the strategic difference brought by the location of Istanbul is of great importance in determining the fate of the world. Since Istanbul is home to many different civilizations, it has important works in terms of historical architecture.

There are many churches, many mosques and different cultural and artistic structures in different parts of Istanbul. Istanbul is a city that is popular not only for its historical beauties but also for its excellent Bosphorus view and artistic activities. Many foreign tourists prefer to come to Istanbul especially during the new year’s eve and prefer to have a pleasant time with the wonderful entertainment concepts of this place. We, as Toursce, offer you both the historical Istanbul Tour options and we create Istanbul new year programs for those who want to visit here within the framework of a certain concept. If you want to get detailed information, you can contact us through the communication channels on our website.

In today’s content, we will mainly talk about the historical features of Istanbul and the historical structures that you must see here. Among these structures, there are both large structures representing the Ottoman Empire and magnificent structures representing different cultures such as the Byzantine Empire. Therefore, it may be a logical idea to create a travel route within the context of this content.

Best Places To Visit in Istanbul

Here the best places to visit in İstanbul that you have to see definitely! Let’s see the top list!

Hagia Sophia Museum: Hagia Sophia, which is in the shape of a mosque today and still used for worship on special days, is also a museum. Users can visit here by buying tickets. But the access to the areas used for worship is prohibited. These bans were imposed for religious reasons. When the history of the Hagia Sophia Museum is examined, you may realize that you are actually built as a church, not a mosque. The Hagia Sophia Museum was built during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Justinianus after the order of the emperor.

When it was first built, this building was asked to serve as a magnificent church. This structure, which was built in the 6th century after Christ, contains very impressive artistic elements. These elements are generally composed of symbols of Christianity. But centuries later, with the conquest of Istanbul by the Ottomans in the time of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, this structure was started to be used by Muslims. During this period, many artistic images were added to the building, which can be considered a symbol of Islam. This is why you come across many Islamic items while visiting the Hagia Sophia Museum today.

hagia sophiaThe architects of the Hagia Sophia Museum, built on the basis of Byzantine architecture, are known as Anthemios, Isidoros. This interesting structure is quite envious. You should definitely visit this building located in Fatih district of Istanbul.

Topkapı Palace Museum: If you want to get to know Ottoman History closely and discover the culture of these lands, the place to go is definitely Topkapı Palace, decorated with oriental features. This palace is an excellent architectural work that was opened in 1475 and has witnessed the most magnificent times of the Ottoman Empire. When you visit this palace, the thing that will catch your eye is probably the size of the palace. This work, which has a very wide structure, was a place where the Ottoman sultans and the harem of the sultan lived, where the most valuable and private state people lived. 4000 people could live in the palace at the same time. A large number of rooms and social spaces in the palace are so interesting that you can rediscover the culture of the Ottoman Empire.

Topkapı PalaceTopkapı Palace continued to be used by the Ottoman Empire for 400 years. When each sultan died, the person who came to his place continued to use this palace. The palace was seen as a symbol of the unique majesty of the empire. It is possible to say that the palace was built on the basis of Ottoman architecture. Researches revealed that the architects who built the building in question were Mimar Sinan, Sarkis Balyan, Davut Ağa and Acem Ali.

Maiden’s Tower: Now we will examine a building in Istanbul that is located in the middle of the sea between the two continents and is therefore very interesting. This structure currently serves as a restaurant and is a place where the most important romantic marriage proposals are made. Therefore, we can also recommend you to visit here for an elegant and special dinner experience during your Istanbul visits. Transportation to here is done by special boats.

Now let us come to the historical importance of this tower if you wish. This tower is a tower built in the Byzantine period and located in the Üsküdar region. This tower is thought to have been built for surveillance. Opened in 1725 and continued to be used by both the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire for many years, this tower has a very impressive appearance. The length of the tower is exactly 9 meters. The construction of the tower started in 1110 and the construction process continued for a very long time.

Maiden's TowerGalata Tower: Galata Tower, located in a very central point of Istanbul, is a 67-meter high historical tower that requires visitors to reach the top of the stairs. This tower can be quite crowded especially on weekends. It is known that the tower was opened in 1348.

galata tower


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