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The symbol of this city is the love of Suleiman the Great to his wife Hurrem, who from a simple foreign concubine turned into the most influential woman at court in the history of Turkey, and the main attractions of Istanbul are dedicated to them. This city is a unique combination of Eastern and Western cultures.

Muslim mosques, pompous palaces and bright markets with spices as if just descended from the pages of Turkish fairy tales, and at the same time restrained Christian temples and fountains dilute their tranquility noisy and diverse Istanbul. You can contact us for a daily Istanbul tour.

1. The Walls of Constantinople

The walls of Constantinople are the most ancient landmark of Istanbul. More than 200 times this city tried to take different peoples, but it turned out to do it only from the Ottomans, and until then the walls reliably protected the family of the Byzantine Emperor. On the defensive fortifications even left traces of cannon shots, but the Turks themselves are not very sensitive to this monument-at night you can meet the homeless, and around the buildings are located greenhouses and vegetable gardens.

The Walls of Constantinople2. Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace covers an area of more than 170 hectares, which is divided into 4 courtyards. The living quarters, the bakeries and the Palace kitchens, the prison, the mint, the collection of arms, porcelain and frescoes are open to visitors daily, but the most interesting object of this Palace is, of course, the Harem. Concubine bedrooms, luxurious robes, and jewelry attract thousands of tourists to the Palace of the sultans. But it should be remembered that without a scarf on his head and in open clothes entry will be prohibited.

Topkapi Palace3. Palace of Ibrahim Pasha

The Palace of Ibrahim Pasha is remarkable not only for its decoration but also by the Pasha. This man, being the son of an ordinary fisherman, managed to win the friendship of the Emperor and obtain the highest office at court. He was married to the sister of Suleiman I, and the Sultan himself promised that Ibrahim would never be executed. But by order of the ruler, he was killed. Now the Palace has become a Museum, and within its walls are stored personal belongings of not only the Pasha but also the Suleiman I.

Palace of Ibrahim Pasha4. Dolmabahce Palace

The Dolmabahce Palace was built by Abdul-Majid under the impression of the architecture of the European States. The decoration of the Palace took more than 15 tons of gold, and the main decoration of the Palace is a chandelier for 750 candles weighing 4.5 tons-a gift from Queen Victoria.

In the exhibition hall “Treasury” are now paintings by the most famous artists, including Aivazovsky, who wrote about 40 paintings for the Sultan, and in the ” Salon of precious things jewelry and household items of the inhabitants of the castle of precious stones. Visiting the “clock Museum”, you will pass to the most interesting part of the tour-the Sultan’s chambers and harem, where once the ruler and his concubines had fun.

Dolmabahce Palace5. Beylerbeyi Palace

Beylerbeyi Palace is the summer residence of Turkish sultans, which is not so popular among tourists. But the marble Palace in the neo-Baroque style is not inferior in its beauty to the rest, and there are almost no queues. The building has 3 halls and 26 rooms, where pompous chandeliers, porcelain vases, antique clocks, and luxurious carpets convey the spirit of the time.

Beylerbey Palace6. The Ihlamur Palace

The Ihlamur Palace is another summer residence of the sultans. Sultan Abdul-Mejid could not imagine a holiday without this landmark of Istanbul in his time. He not only relaxed here, but also received important guests. Double staircase in the Baroque style, chandeliers of Bohemian glass and French furnishings make the Palace a majestic and unforgettable.

The Ihlamur Palace7. Rumeli Fortress

Rumeli fortress is an architectural masterpiece created to protect Constantinople from the siege. The fortress consists of 3 main towers and 13 additional towers connected by a battlement. The place for its construction was chosen very well – on the opposite side was also built a defensive citadel, as a result of which the narrow Bosphorus Strait protected the city from attacks from both sides. You will be able to appreciate not only the power and scale of the fortress but also to visit the Museum of Artillery, which houses a collection of weapons and uniforms of different eras.

Rumeli fortress8. The Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque is known throughout the world as the Ahmed mosque. By order of the ambitious Sultan, who wanted to surpass the greatness of Hagia Sophia, the construction of a new Shrine began. Above it rose 6 minarets, which caused discontent among Muslims – because before only in Mecca there was a mosque with 5 minarets.

To solve this problem, the Sultan had to complete two more towers to the temple in Mecca. When all questions on construction were solved, the young ruler at the age of 26 years died of typhus. In addition to the temple itself, you can visit the caravanserai shed, hospital, kitchen and schools that surrounded the building.

The Blue Mosque9. Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar is considered to be a landmark of Istanbul it is one of the largest indoor markets in the world. Its area is almost 30 thousand square meters and is a maze of 60 streets, 5 thousand shops and 40 hotels. Here it is easy to get lost, because it is visited daily by half a million residents. Tourists in this market are usually bought Oriental sweets, spices and tea. Everything else is better to buy in other cheaper markets.

Grand Bazaar10. The house-Museum of Ataturk

Ataturk house Museum is dedicated to the man who stood at the origins of the Turkish Republic. The exposition Fund of the Museum is represented by personal belongings, military uniforms, awards and secret documents of the President. The interior of the house has been restored and now everything is in the position that it was during the life of the revolutionary, when he lived here with his mother and sister.

The house-Museum of Ataturk


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