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Istanbul Must Seen Social & Natural Destinations

Istanbul, with a population of approximately 16 million, is known as Turkey’s most populous metropolitan area. It is possible to say that the social, cultural and artistic activities in this city are quite diverse.

In addition to these activities, the entertainment culture in Istanbul is also very developed. For this reason, everybody’s eyes are turned to Istanbul both in the new year eve and the festival periods. It is possible to say that festivals with different concepts are organized almost every day in Istanbul.

Coffee festivals, cultural festivals, shopping festivals, touristic festivals, cinema festivals and much more make Istanbul a cultural center. People in Turkey are using the definition of cultural capital for explaining the importance of Istanbul.

In today’s content, we will talk with you about which destinations you should visit in a day when you want to spend social and pleasant time in Istanbul.

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1.      Big Island

Istanbul is a metropolis filled with natural beauty and has many islands. Even the people living in Istanbul go to these natural areas where they can have a pleasant time, to experience a weekend getaway. It is possible to say that one of the most popular getaway stops is Big Island. Big Island, which is far from the noise and intensity of Istanbul, where you can enjoy the sea, the sun, and cultural elements and have dinner in elegant restaurants, has an impressive bay. You will feel really rested while spending time on this island.

We can say that Aya Yorgi Church is the first structure visited by western tourists on Big Island. It is possible to say that there are many churches in this area, which was used very actively during the Byzantine period, and in the rest of Istanbul. So don’t be surprised to have a church here! You will feel really rested while walking to this church, which is located at a very high point of the island. Because the road is covered with greenery and forest. This church, which was built in 1751 and is a structure intertwined with monastery, is a very special church for Christians.

This building, which was visited intensely especially on the religiously important days of April twenty third and September 24th, has an extremely impressive architecture. The surroundings of the building are surrounded by greenery and trees. After walking up to this building, watching the impressive sea view can also make you very happy.

There is also a museum in Big Island. You should definitely visit this museum. Modern works are exhibited in the museum. Various instruments and objects that shed light on recent Istanbul history are preserved within this museum. Besides, other destinations that can be visited in Big Island can be listed as Virgin Mary Church, Muslim Cemetery, Hamidiye Mosque.

big island2.      Grand Bazaar

If you want to get to know Istanbul’s culture more closely, you should shop in Istanbul. But when we say shopping, we are not talking about classic shopping malls. We are talking about traditional markets that have managed to survive at the same points for thousands of years. It is possible to say that there are many historical bazaars in Istanbul. But the biggest and magnificent among them is known as Grand Bazaar. The number of shops in this area is quite high. It is known that there were 4,399 giant shops, 2,195 cells (small shops), 24 inns, 497 cabinets, 12mahzen, 10 mosques, sixteen fountains, eight wells and 2 fountains in the past. Many people who visit here wonder how many years this place has been serving when they see traditional shop buildings. Get ready to be amazed, because this market has been allowing people to shop for exactly 500 years in the same place, and today it is visited by thousands of people as active as the past.

If you want to buy souvenirs for your loved ones from Istanbul, if you want to buy traditional Turkish clothes and keep them as a souvenir, if you want to buy plates and trinkets decorated with tile patterns or other traditional Ottoman patterns, to buy desserts like Turkish coffee or Turkish delight. If you want this market will be a really great destination for you. Don’t forget to bargain a little while shopping here!

grand bazaar3. Taksim

Beyoğlu is one of the most popular districts of Istanbul. Taksim is located in the center of Beyoğlu. It is possible to say that Taksim is one of the spot spots of Istanbul that are crowded almost every hour. Especially Taksim Square and Istiklal Street are two points that are bound to this region and must be seen. In this article, we will talk more about Istiklal Street. Imagine a fairly long street, full of shops, traditional desserts, traditional gifts, museums and entertainment centers. Imagine a large number of street performers who constantly perform live music to the left and right of this street. Consider that the beginning of the street consists of a square and the end consists of a magnificent and historical high school. That street, which you dream of and has an excellent ambiance, is Istiklal Street. Every day thousands of people walk and shop here, meet something or meet with friends. The buildings, which were built in very old times and have excellent architectural features, are modernized and used by banks and corporate companies. It is possible to say that these buildings make the silhouette of the street completely different.



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