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The Best Places to Visit in Bodrum

Bodrum is an important tourism center not just for our country but also for the world with its natural beauties, historical buildings bearing the traces of different cultures, and festival activities. “Places to Visit in Bodrum” present different alternatives for local and foreign tourists.

Places to Visit in Bodrum

The charming town of Muğla is Bodrum; it is an unforgettable place for domestic and foreign tourists thanks to popular and natural beaches, peaceful nature, entertaining nightlife, museums and historical places. You can have a pleasant time with your loved ones by including the places we offer on our list of “Places to Visit in Bodrum”.


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Bodrum Castle

Bodrum Castle was built in 1522 as the castle of the Knights of St Jean, and it is a symbol of Bodrum. It was built on rocks surrounded by sea on three sides between two harbors and now is used as Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology. In the castle, you can see works belonging to many important collections which exhibited in sections such as Turkish bath, Karyan Princess Hall, Classical Period Hall, Amphora and Camlik Hall, offering clues about ancient periods.Bodrum Castle

Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology

Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology locates in Bodrum Castle, and it is one of the most important underwater archaeological museums of the world. You can add the museum, which has important works worth seeing, to the first place in the “Places to Visit in Bodrum” list. If you want to see underwater treasures, you can visit the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology, which is open every year. You need to pay the admission charge for visiting.Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology

Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, which is on the World Seven Wonders list, was built by his sister and his wife for King Mausolos. It was destroyed by earthquakes year by year. It is a large monument which carries traces of Greek and Egyptian architecture and has very magnificent architecture and that is really worth seeing this attraction. It is among the important destinations for tourists who are interested in the best ones. Today, it is known as an open-air museum and attracts a large number of visitors. In the mausoleum;  you can see various reliefs, historical remains and architectural fragments.Bodrum Mausoleum Halicarnassus

Zeki Müren Art Museum

The house, where Zeki Müren spent the last days of his life in Bodrum, has been serving as a museum since 2000. The lower floor is decorated in the same way as the artist used it. And the upper floor is used as a museum. In the art museum, you can see Zeki Müren’s stage costumes, special items, awards, and fans’ letters. You can visit the Zeki Müren Art Museum, which serves the whole week except Mondays, for a little fee.Bodrum Zeki Muren Museum

Ancient Theatre

The Ancient Theater is the only structure in Bodrum that come from the Classical period. It is one of the oldest theaters in Anatolia. It has been restored in the 60s and has a capacity of 13 thousand people. The Ancient Theater hosts several festivals and concerts during certain periods of the year. You can find traces of history in  the Ancient Theater. Also, it was used to sacrifice for Dionysus in the ancient times.Bodrum Ancient Theatre

Rabbit Island

The Rabbit Island, surrounded by Gumusluk Bay, is among the destination points that you must put it on your list “Places to Visit in Bodrum” for its unique nature and perfect sunset moments. You can reach the island by walking from the King’s Road within the sea from Myndos Ancient City. The Rabbit Island, where you can have a pleasant and peaceful time, can be reached by walking from the sea and this makes your experience fun.Bodrum Rabbit Island

Bar Street

Bar Street, located in Bodrum Gumbet, is the most popular center for nightlife. The places, music, colorful and lively atmospheres are among the most convenient destination for tourists who like the nightlife. You will have a good time by having a break at Bar Street, where you can have fun during your vacation.Bodrum Bar Street

Bitez Beach

If you are looking for a beach in Bodrum that provides all facilities, you can choose Bitez Beach as the best option. Bitez Beach, which is mentioned in songs, is fascinating to visitors with lush trees and a clear blue sea. In Bitez Beach; you can sunbathe, swim and  have amazing days.Bodrum Bitez Beach

Myndos Gate

It is one of the entrance gates of Halicarnassus and is estimated that it was built in 360 BC. Myndos Gate reveals the history of Bodrum. You can visit the area around Myndos Gate where the Turkish graveyards and vaulted graves belong to the Hellenistic and Roman periods.Bodrum Myndos Gate

The Ancient City of Pedesa

It is one of the cities of Lelegians and is reached today by protection. The Ancient City of Pedesa is located near Bodrum. Even if there are no historical structures from the ancient city, you can visit it during the Bodrum tours if you want to go to Pedasa which reflects the historical texture of Bodrum.Bodrum Pedesa Ancient City


Yalikavak, a charming neighborhood in Bodrum, is now considered one of the most important tourist attractions of the county. You must spend time in Yalikavak, which offers nature, windmills and sunsets with unique beauty.Bodrum Yalikavak

Bodrum Maritime Museum

The Bodrum Maritime Museum, which has exhibited documents and objects belonging to Bodrum maritime history since 2011, gives hints about Bodrum’s maritime culture. The exhibit of boats and sea shells can be seen in the museum every day except Mondays and you can have a pleasant time in the museum.Bodrum Maritime Museum

Yalıkavak Marina

It attracts attention with luxury options. Yalikavak Marina has restaurants, cafés, entertainment areas, shopping malls, and art galleries with luxury shops. You can visit the Yalikavak Marina if you are one of the people who are interested in stylish and elegant spaces.


Güvercinlik is located about 20 km away from Bodrum and is placed among the major touristic areas of Bodrum. If you want to visit Güvercinlik, which is a charming fishing village, you can go on a day trip or spend a few days enjoying the scenery. If you want to spend a quiet and peaceful time away from the city complex, you can add the Güvercinlik to your travel route.Bodrum Guvercinlik


Türkbükü, which is another neighborhood of Bodrum, can be considered one of the important holiday resorts, especially for yachts. The popular resort town, which is often preferred by yacht owners because it is surrounded by hills, hosts many vacationers every year. You can enjoy the fun atmosphere of the island by visiting Türkbükü, which is prominent with its private beaches and many hotel options.

In the “places to visit in Bodrum” article, I shared information about the most important places to visit in and around Bodrum. Time is not a problem in your Bodrum vacation, you can add the following destinations to your list; Kargı Bay, Hurma Beach, Gümüşlük, Bardakci Bay, Bargilya (Eski Tuzla), Rock Tombs, Çifıt Fortress (Aspat), Adliye Mosque, Dibeklihan and Mustafa Pasha Mosque.Bodrum Türkübükü

Where to stay in Bodrum?

To accommodate in Bodrum is one of the most difficult problems you will see. There are many facility options from luxury boutique hotels to holiday villages for staying in the region. You can choose whether 5 stars hotel or a village house, you will spend amazing times by discovering Bodrum.

In the “Places to Visit in Bodrum”, I tried to share information and photos about the most beautiful places you can see in Bodrum and around the most beautiful and famous holiday points in our country. This post is a useful resource for your Bodrum vacation. I wish you have a pleasant holiday in Bodrum.


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