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Places to Visit Around Izmir

Izmir, where the vacationers come from all over Turkey, especially in the summer months, is a city where history is mixed with nature. Izmir, which decorates many people’s dreams of retirement in our country, hosts so many places to see around. As a person living in Izmir, I know the value of dozens of places that I can reach every 1 hour when I want.

Alaçatı has become a brand in Turkey. Çeşme is home to the most beautiful beaches of our country. The first quiet cities in our country are Seferihisar and Sığacık. Ephesus Antique City and Seljuk are the most beautiful works of antiquity that can be seen. Şirince is a charming village. The city of Pergamon, the firsts have done in here. Karaburun has untouched virgin coasts to the consumer culture. Foça is the Aegean town, which is named after the seals. All these are just a few of the places to visit around Izmir.

Touristic Places Close to Izmir


Alacati has been the ear of tourism in Turkey in recent years. Alaçatı, a neighborhood of Çeşme, is home to one of the most important windsurfing trails in the world. Alaçatı has a traditional stone house, elegant shops, charming taverns, cafes, restaurants and dynamic nightlife. Therefore, it is a center where local tourists visit frequently during the summer months.

There is no sea in the center of Alacati. However, the concept is considered among the hotels offering the best accommodation experience in our country with its boutique stone hotels. Each of Alacati Hotels has more than 400. Also, they have own spirit and story. Alaçatı tour starting from the windmills continues through Kemalpaşa Street and Hacı Memiş Neighborhood. When talking about this area, there are full of restaurants, cafes, boutiques, design workshops, and souvenir shops. Alacati is an hour away from the center of Izmır by private car.Alacati

  1. CESME

Çeşme was once one of the two most important destinations of summer tourism with Bodrum. Although Çeşme has lost this interest to Alaçatı, it is important to note that Alaçatı is a part of Çeşme. Located on the coastline that spans 29 km, Çeşme hosts numerous beaches, each with its own unique texture, thermal facilities, historical and natural beauties.

In Çeşme, you should visit the bazaar, the marina, and the historical Cesme Castle. Çeşme’s world-famous Ilica Beach is an ideal place for families with children with its shallow sea and golden sandy beach. Yildizburnu, which gives its name of Ilica, offers a tremendous swim experience at a point where the hot water spring meets the sea. The beaches of Deliklikoy, Altinkum, Ciftlik, Diamond, Ildir, and Sifne are full in summer. It takes an hour by car from Çeşme to İzmir.Cesme Izmir

  1. URLA

One of the closest loophole points to Izmir city center is Urla. It is known as the district where Klazomenai, one of the 12 Ionian cities, was founded. The history of this region, which dates back to 400 BC, was also an important point in the Mediterranean sea trade. Excavations in the region revealed olive oil amphoras. This proves that Urla olive oil was exported to different parts of the world. If you want to learn about this great journey of olive oil, visit the Köstem Olive Oil Museum.

Urla is located on the seafront and is mostly preferred by the people of İzmir for their weekend breakfast. The city is 40 km away and the highway connection makes it easy to reach Urla. Urla Artichoke Festival is held every year in Urla, due to famous for its artichoke. Kum Denizi, Güvendik, Altınköy, and Demircili beaches are among the most preferred beaches in Urla. Urla’s famous flaky pastry is cooked with, mince, herb, cheese, eggplant, potatoes or cheddar in crispy dough similar to hotcake. The villages of Barbaros and Bademler of Urla are among the places to be seen on the link route.Urla


Karaburun is one of the quietest and most peaceful resorts in Izmir and is located on the peninsula that bears its name. In Karaburun, which has a population of 10 thousand in winters, the population increases by 5 times in summer, but it is not as crowded as other popular holiday destinations. In the Karaburun, which has dozens of unspoiled beaches and coves with its crystal clear ice-cold sea, the Aquarium Bay, Boğabağı Bay, Kaynarpinar, Mordoğan, Ayıbalığı and Ardıç beaches are among the holidaymakers’ route.

In dozens of villages on both sides of the Karaburun Peninsula, traditional methods are used for agriculture. For those who are interested in ecotourism and want to visit the typical Aegean villages in Izmir, there are countless stops on Karaburun-Ildır Highway. Daffodil flower (in Turkish, Nergis), named after the mythological character Narcissus, is one of the most important brands in the Karaburun Peninsula. If you come in the harvest of daffodil flowers, do not forget to smell the flower.Karaburun Izmir


In Turkey, the first settlement in Cittaslow is the Seferihisar. It also serves as Turkey’s representative about Cittaslow. Seferihisar is also famous for its beaches as well as historical and tourist stops. Many movies and series were taken in the streets of Kaleiçi Streets. Therefore it resembles the film store. These streets are also housed. That is why the houses, whitewashed walls and colorful flowers with beautiful photo frames give life.

The producer market, established every Sunday in Kaleiçi, is a place where handmade foods are sold and organic vegetables and fruits grown in this region are sold. The Ancient City of Teos addresses history enthusiasts. On the other hand, Akkum and Akarca beaches appeal to sea lovers. You can also visit this beautiful island of Greece with ferries from Teos Marina to Samos. Seferihisar is away from 45 minutes from Izmir.Seferihisar Izmir


One of the most important ancient cities in our country, Selcuk is home to the ancient city of Ephesus. Selcuk Ephesus Museum and the Temple of Artemis are two of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. Also, there is the Isabey Mosque which is one of the most beautiful mosques of the Principalities Period. In addition of them, there are some important faith tourism routes such as the monument of Saint John, which is of great importance for Christians, and the Virgin Mary House on the pilgrimage route of Christians. Finally, Selcuk Castle is some of the places that can be seen in the district. It is 1 hour away from Izmir.Selcuk


According to the Mayan Calendar, Şirince came to the forefront on 21 December 2012, which is considered as a Judgment Day. When it was announced as one of the two places in the world that would not be affected by the apocalypse in the world with the village of Bugarach of France, it had suddenly been moved to perspective of the whole world.

This village has been on the weekend route of Izmirs for many years. And it is known for its beautiful boutique hotels, fruity wines, the Nesin Mathematics Village, the Theater Madrasa and Nisanyan Mansion. Olive and fruit production is an important part of the people of the village, also engaged in tourism. While traveling in the streets of Sirince, you can taste the Turkish coffee cooked in the sand. It is 1 hour and 15 minutes away from Izmir.Sirince

  1. BIRGI

Birgi was the capital of the Aydınoğulları Principality in the Principalities Period. Now, it is a neighborhood of Ödemiş district of İzmir. Birgi has been able to reach the Ottoman and historical traces from the Principalities Period to the present. There is a chance for the feature that you can experience the rural life of the Aegean traditions and lifestyles.

In Birgi, which is located in the shadow of centuries-old plane trees and walnut trees, the most important representatives of the Ottoman architectural tradition, Çakırağa Mansion, Aydınoğlu Mehmet Bey Mosque and wooden houses on the streets are some of the places to see. It is 1.5 hours away from Izmir.Birgi

  1. FOCA

Foça’s name was taken from Mediterranean seals. It is located in the north of Izmir and 60 km from the city center. You can catch the traces of a quiet and peaceful life on the coastline, which is located on the coastline of stone houses. Foça is considered to be one of the few settlements in where tourism has started recently.

The coasts of Foça, where the majority of the people live with tourism, maritime and agriculture, are home to clean beaches and bays. On the way to the Foça district center and Yeni Foça, beautiful bays are arranged. Kozbeyli Village of Foça is famous for its dibek coffee. If you go to Foça, stop at Kozbeyli. When you go to Foça coast, don’t forget to taste the ice cream of Cretan Nazmi Abi. It is 1 hour from Izmir.Foca Izmir


Dikili is the northernmost district of Izmir on the Aegean coast. In the district known as the most beautiful sunsets of the sun, there is a 40 km coastline from north to south. Dikili is one of the most popular holiday spots in North Aegean, all of which are surrounded by blue flagged and clean beaches.

Dikil’s Bademli Village and Kalem Island are the favorite places for boat tours with turquoise coves. The beaches of Denizköy, Hayıtlı, and Çandarlı are among the points worth trying. Çandarlı is one of the places you should discover in Dikili with its castle, which has the ruins of the ancient city of Pitane and is very well conserved by the Genoese.Dikili Izmir


Bergama (Pergamon) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a Multilayered Cultural Landscape Area and is located in  geography that hosts many firsts of the world. Pergamon is the world’s first gift to the world, pharmacy icon, double-headed snake, the steepest ancient theater, parchment, and the sound of human life.

There are also some places you should visit such as Asklepion, the Ancient City of Pergamon, Kızılavlu, Tarihi Kale Neighbourhood, and the parchment workshop in Bergama. The main ruins of the Altar of Zeus in the ancient city of Pergamon and the theater considered the steepest ancient theater of the world are located in the ancient city of Pergamon. Going to the ancient city with a cable car is a very different excitement. Bergama is 1.5 hours away from the city center.

Places to visit around Izmir have great richness in nature, culture, history, and gastronomy. The history of İzmir dates back to 8,500 years ago. At the same time, it carries the traces of different civilizations, nature and peace with the city center as well as its surroundings.Bergama

   12. KONAK

Konak is the heart of Izmir which has a huge square called “Rebuplic Square”, a great place to relax with friends and learn about the country while traveling.  In addition, there is a symbol of Izmir that is located in the center of Rebuplic Square; the Clock Tower was a gift from the German Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II. On the clock, you can see the signs of Ottoman classical architecture.

Another attraction is one of the beautiful mosques which is called Yalı Mosque nevertheless It is known as Konak Mosque. Despite its relatively small size, it is considered one of the city’s landmarks due to its distinctive octagonal shape and elaborate tilework.

Konak - Watch Tower


By being one of the most attractive places in Turkey, Ephesus has history more than 8000 years. This unique ancient city had been chosen  one of the participants of World Heritage List in 2015 by UNESCO. Excavations have revealed grand monuments of the Roman Imperial period including the Library of Celsus and the Great Theatre. Little remains of the famous Temple of Artemis, one of the “Seven Wonders of the World,” which pulled pilgrims from all around the Mediterranean.

You can easily visit Ephesus Ancient city with us. Ephesus tours will help you to explore there in the easiest way.

Ephesus Ancient City - Library


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