Troy is a one-word equivalent of a legend that started in Çanakkale and spread all over the world and shed light on different civilizations for centuries. The 5000-year-old antique city, which has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1998, is preparing to raise awareness on a global scale as of 2018. Troy, which has been written and filmed for a number of books, is still being transmitted from generation to generation. In addition to its thousands of years of history, it offers its visitors unique opportunities with daily tours. When you get there, you can shed light on the darkness of the past.

What makes Troy one of today’s most valuable cultural assets is that the famous historian Homer who lived in this land during the War of Troy, which he described in the Iliad and Odyssey epics. The Trojan War is one of the rare battles spreading to all continents and books all over the world. This war is believed to change the course of world history. Many of the world-renowned artists have been inspired by the warriors from Greece to besiege Troy, and have done so in their immortal works. The ancient city is full of traces of 10 layers and dates back to the Bronze Age. The ancient city dating back to 3000 BC; it is also the home of Greeks, Romans, and Byzantines. Troy is so secure that it is safe to be protected from the sea raids and is also in an ideal position to benefit from sea trade. Troy’s relations with culture, art, and history are so powerful; For Çanakkale, managing this world-famous brand is of great importance for tourism. In this way, both Çanakkale hotels and many other tourist attractions in the city are waiting for great interest. In honor of the 20th year of Troy’s ancient city’s UNESCO World Heritage List, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced 2018 as the Year of Troy. In the 2018 Troy Year, various cultural, artistic, scientific and sporting events, as well as international collaborations will take place. 2018 During the Troy Year, the cultural values of the region, historical sites and all the natural beauties, Troy, which is one of the oldest ancient settlements in the world, and other historical sites will be the introduction of the ancient city. The ancient city of Troy, which dates back to 3000 BC, is an undeniable fact. Together with Homer’s Epic of Iliad, Troy Epic comes first among our cultural values.

It offers an opportunity to recognize the lands that witnessed history in the cultural sense that you will make to Troy. Troy Day Tours, which can be done at any time of the year, will calm your soul with its unique beauties where nature and history combine. On the one hand you are lost in natural beauty, on the other hand you feel like you are a hero in the depths of history. All you have to do is make a reservation in advance for Troy Day Tours.

  • Troy Day Tour from Istanbul

    Troy Day Trip From Istanbul is the name of the tour we have prepared for you to visit Troy Ancient City in detail. Our tour, which will start from Istanbul, ends with our return to Istanbul.

    Çanakkale, Turkey is one of the most valuable cities in our county with respect to its historic character. The city has witnessed important events both during the First World War and since the ancient times of history. Therefore, we offer a large number of architectural and natural works that will enable us to examine various events.

    One of the most important features of Çanakkale is that there are many ancient cities in the region. We prepared a tour package for you to visit one of these ancient cities freely and in detail.

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  • Troy and Gallipoli Full Day Tour From Çanakkale

    By booking this amazing tour, you will have a chance to explore the ancient lives in Troy. And also, you will explore remarks of the WWI in the Gallipoli Peninsula.

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  • Troy Day Tour from Çanakkale

    If you want to visit the Troy Ancient City and staying in Çanakkale, this tour program will be the best option for you.

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