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Ephesus Ancient City History and Facts


Embedded in the western part of contemporary Turkey, the once-influential place of market and Ephesus Ancient City spirituality was considered one of the largest and most important centers of the Old Mediterranean world and is appreciated as one of the best-preserved ancient places in Asia Minor.

History of the City of Ephesus

ephesus-ancient-cityHere some information about the history of the Ephesus Ancient City:

There is no complete information about the origin of this city. The myth says that the city of Ephesus (also known as Ephesus or Ephesia) was built by Androclos, son of Krodos and King of Athens once he escaped Dor’s attack on Greece and founded a new place to settle. Androclos fled to the Oracle of Delphi and was informed that a boar and a fish would guide him. Many days later, while cooking, a fish fell, alarming a boar hiding. This boar fled, and Androclos followed and killed him, erecting Ephesus in the place where the animal was killed. Leaving aside the myth, it is believed that the city of Ephesus was created in the 11th century by the jonians. Years later it was expanded by the Romans and became the local Roman command location in Asia. Located at the end of the Persian royal road, the main road of the Roman extension in the East, the city of Ephesus was the western border of the East-West Market. The city was built near the Caístro River that was tracked to find a complete port that empties into the Mediterranean Sea and becomes a large pier, boasting of being the most significant marine port of the Mediterranean Sea for products coming from Western Rome, Greece and Italy.

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Some facts related to the ancient city of Ephesus

artemis templePlace of Wonder: The Temple Of Artemis, is known as one of the Seven Wonders in the world, was located in this city.

Library: In the city of Ephesus, there are notable relics from a library devoted to Tiberius Julio Celso Polemeano which was home to 12,000 to 15,000 Scrolls.

Dimension: The city of Ephesus was a coastal site with a population of ¼ million people. The city was considered the second city of the Roman Empire.

Antiquity: The city was discovered between 1500 and 1000 BC.

Restoration: The city was destroyed and cracked by a strong earthquake in 17 CE and then developed and understood by Tiberius.

Religious: The city was a fairly significant place for previous Christianity, and this is also the place where the third Ecumenical Council was held in ad 431.

Cosmopolite: The best place for Christians and pagans, the city contained the usual traps of Greek and Roman cities including the Odeon, Theatre, public baths, a state Agora and a huge monument to the leaders and emperors.

St. Paul: The city was the place of St. Paul’s Ministry for 3 years.

Today: The place today is called Selcuk, in the District of Smyrna near Kusadasi/Turkey.

City of Ephesus today

ancient ephesusAt this point, Ephesus is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. This is not only about historical facts and imposing monuments.

Many people have stated that this place is very holy and sacred because you can find many religious sites, including the Church of the Virgin Mary. Every year many Christians from all over the world visit this place to pray and worship the Virgin Mary and her son. You can see Ephesus Daily Tours see this magnificent place.


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