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Cappadocia balloon flight-what could be more romantic and mysterious from excursions in Turkey, if not this fascinating entertainment? Hot air balloon flight in Cappadocia is one of the most exciting sights for tourists who relax on the sea in Turkey or come to get acquainted with Istanbul, Ankara, the historical sights of this country. Such places as Cappadocia are almost nowhere else on Earth, the incredible landscapes of this area in Turkey are simply fascinating, you can travel around Cappadocia endlessly…

Getting to know Cappadocia by air is a dreamy hot air balloon flight over a quaint Turkish region. You will witness how the sun at sunrise will illuminate the unique rugged landscape with magnificent colors and create a shadow from your balloon. Swim through valleys, caves and fabulous “magic chimneys”(or stone mushrooms), enjoy Breakfast and champagne toast.


Description of the tour

A hot air balloon flight over Cappadocia is an unforgettable experience of traveling through Turkey in a large wicker gondola that is attached to a flying balloon hovering over the rugged red rock region of Cappadocia at dawn.

This area of Turkey is known for its unique fabulously formed magical stone landscapes, which are best viewed from the sky.

This 2.5-hour adventure begins with a hearty breakfast buffet, and then you’ll take to the skies for an hour-long flight through valleys, caves and fabulous chimneys.

Hot air balloon flying over spectacular Cappadocia.You can watch the giant balloons seem to come to life at dawn before you are carried away at an altitude of about three hundred meters above Cappadocia. All passengers on Board the gondola take your breath away from the incredible views, revealing the morning sun rising over the valley, so be sure to bring a video camera and keep it ready. As soon as you land, you are waiting for a delicious toast with champagne, which will be the finishing touch of the next adventure.


The ticket price includes: meeting at the hotel and a trip by minibus to the place of the start of the flight; Breakfast buffet before take-off, with coffee, tea and snacks; you will see some tricks that happen in flight; 1 hour balloon flight at dawn; champagne and toast upon landing; a commemorative flight certificate or medallion; insurance. An English speaking guide will also be provided free of charge.

Tickets will come in electronic form on a smartphone, or by e-mail. Instant ticket delivery. The price is 175 euros.

Instructions before starting

The tour operator will call you to arrange a transfer from the hotel after booking. Show your smartphone with an electronic ticket to the driver when boarding the bus. Be prepared to arrive at the bus at the agreed meeting time, late passengers are not expected.

Change or cancellation of your ticket: cancellation for this ticket is not possible, the date of the ticket may change.

Hot air balloon flight Cappadocia price 2021

The cost of a balloon flight in Cappadocia is starting 80 euros up to 500 Euro depending on the season and availability of balloon booking, group size, more flight time, private balloon flight.

Payment method

You can pay for flight tickets to fly over Cappadocia by one of the popular payment methods that are used all over the world like credit cards and e-payment methods. Some payment options depend on the language in which you book the tour and the combination of currencies you use to pay for tickets.

hot air baloon tourDo I need to print tickets?

You do not need to print tickets. All additional information on this subject is collected in the “Instructions” section on the tour page. Download the ticket seller app to access your tickets on your phone the app works offline as well.


The landing of experienced pilots is so soft that you do not even notice how you found yourself on the ground. On leaving the basket, travelers are greeted by team members, who treat the participants with a glass of champagne and make a joint photo for memory.

In the basket, tourists fly standing, there are special handrails for which you can hold on. At the end of the air tour, at the moment of landing, you will be asked to sit down.


If you are looking for a lower price for a balloon flight in Cappadocia, then do not rush to buy a tour. Upon arrival in Turkey, do not buy a ticket in the first available travel Agency. To clearly understand t of the prices, you need to walk around the Goreme, go to several firms and ask about the cost.

hot air baloon tourThen, with the knowledge obtained, go to the office, which is directly engaged in the organization of flights (a list of companies with their prices is given below).

The experience of tourists shows that the cheapest ticket you can buy only on the spot from the companies-organizers, and it is more logical to buy it in the evening, not in the morning, when the number of those wishing increases.

During the flight in the basket is quite comfortable temperature, which is provided by a gas burner that works throughout the tour. It will be cool only on the ground, so you can bring a warm sweater and wear it after landing.

The ideal months for a sight-seeing balloon trip in Cappadocia in Turkey are April, may, June, September and October. In July and August, we don’t prescribe flying, since it is blistering climate, which related to the gas burner on the ship will transform your old dream into torment. All things considered, in the winter months, there is a high likelihood that your air visit will just be dropped because of downpour or snowfall.

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